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Making Money As A Lottery Affiliate

I’ve probably written several posts about being a lottery affiliate. I’ve also got a page on one of my lottery sites that shows some of the best lottery affiliates to join. Last month I did a post promoting the US Powerball. The reason for that was because the jackpot had reached a never before seen level. Over US$1.6 BILLION!!!

That stirred a lot of interest all over the globe of people wanting to purchase their US Powerball tickets online. The traffic to my two blogs went from twenty or so a day to close to 500 a day. The best thing is all that interest converted into new customers and a lot more cash.

Best Lottery Affiliate Sites

Lottery AffiliateProbably my best performer was The image above show my stats for the month of January. As you can see 38 new clients joined under me. They are now my customers for life and every time they buy a ticket I earn my commission.

My commission for January was £273 which is over AU$560. That’s the best ever performance I’ve had for a single month. While I don’t expect anywhere near that amount for this month I know with all those extra customers my sales will be better than previous months. In fact it’s already up  :drunk_tb:

You can join as an affiliate here.

Next we have figures from my earnings as a theLotter affiliate. Again notice that I recruited another 18 new members who are now my customers for life. Once again every time they buy a ticket I will earn my commission. My earnings from my theLotter customers was AU$232

You can join as a theLotter affiliate here.

lottery affiliate

Next we have my earnings as a Wintrllions affiliate. Only 8 new customers but that still adds to the ever growing potential of my passive income.

You can become a Wintrillion affiliate here.

Lottery Affiliate3

I’m not going to convert the dollar amount as I think you get what I’m getting at. Mainly that my becoming a lottery affiliate was a very good move. Who knows, with time I may actually be able to earn a living from home.


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  1. Twitter:
    That’s intriguing Pete; very nice indeed. Did it end up being your best month ever, for all time? Yeah, I played the billion dollar lotto… I didn’t even hit a single number… sniff… Were most of your customers Australian? Good job!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Bloggers Are Leaders Because…My Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Mitch, I have no idea where my customers come from. I’m sure some of them were Australians.

      As for my biggest month ever, it’s quite possible but I don’t know for sure.

  2. I tried this affiliate systems for Russia and Eastern Europe countries (with an LP which describes “the magic robot to win in lotteries”) and it worked wonderfully! A better conversion than binary options/gambling (poker/casinos)!

    But I don’t think (I didn’t tried for Western Europe, just my personal opinion) that it will really work in counrties as France, Italy or GB…

    Lotteries and gambling better work in countries where people are looking for a miracle

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