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Looking For US Citizens Who Buy Alternative Milk Products

Curse of the Lactose Intolerant
Image by bcostin via Flickr

We only found out recently that my daughter was lactose intolerant, which basically means that she is allergic to anything that has milk as part of it’s ingredients. Naturally that means she can’t have things such as milk, chocolate, ice cream, bread and stuff. The problem is we’ve also found out that milk is used in a lot of other products one wouldn’t expect to find milk in such as potato crisps. This means reading the labels very carefully. Consuming anything with milk in it causes her to get ill and that seriousness of the illness is related to the amount of milk in the product as well as the amount she’s consumed.

Seeing as how I’ve already got an interest in the lactose intolerance and alternative milk products I was intrigued when one of my affiliates contacted me as to a survey they are doing on this matter.

Before going any further I must stress that this is a US-only campaign. They are looking for 10,000 US residents age 18 and over who buy either alternative milk products (e.g., organic, soy, rice, lactose-free, etc.) or creamers at least 4 times per year. If this applies to you and you are interested in taking the survey simply Click Here

Even though this may not apply to you perhaps a family friend or member would be interested and you could let them know that it exists. A tweet would definitely let a lot of others know that this survey exists and I’m sure there would be many willing participants.

I’m not sure if the survey has anything to do with lactose intolerance or if they are just trying to gauge the extent that American drink alternative milk products, so if you do decide to take the survey I, and I’m sure many of the readers, would be more than interested in what it was all about.

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  1. The U.S. is the largest market for dairy alternatives. Growth in the dairy alternatives market is projected to be around 16 percent per annum over the next five years, with sales set to hit $3.7 billion by 2006,” according to a report by the International Market for Dairy Alternatives.

  2. Throughout life, not a day goes by when we don’t taste the ubiquitous milk in some form or another. We are convinced that it is a ‘complete food’ that takes care of all our nutritional needs. Yet, is it really so? Is milk and other milk products really all that healthy?

    1. Actually it’s a pretty important source of calcium and 9:54 AM 26/06/2010your cappuccino would taste pretty plain without it. :tongue_laugh_ee:

      I haven’t tried soy milk for years so perhaps the taste has improved. Maybe I should give it another go?
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  3. Its hard in the beginning, but becomes normal. i live that life with substitutes fpr 15 years now and it never had become a problem!
    @ LM: dont know what you try to say. ofc milk is good in different ways. but that isnt the issue here :)

    good look for you and your family. and keep in mind that most asians are lactose intolerant. and asians seems to be very smart ;)

    1. it certainly was a lot harder at the beginning and there are times when, if she’s forgotten her Lactaids, she will suffer the discomfort just so as to not be left out.
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  4. soya milk is way better

  5. I personally enjoy rice milk for cereal, soy milk for shakes / cooking, and occasionally almond milk for a little something different. There’s one ingredient that you have to watch out for – casein – that is in products that look like they are milk alternatives, but still have that hint of dairy. Fortunately, she is at least growing up in a world that is more aware of vegan products, so it should be easier to find things for her than it was when I was lactose intolerant growing up in the 80’s.
    Kristi recently posted…Does Size Really Matter?My Profile

    1. Hey Kristi, Nadia is 18 years old now and like I said in the post we only discover she was lactose intolerant a year or so ago. She was putting up with the discomfort for so long that she thought it was normal. Suddenly it got worse and we started looking for the cause. After a long period of trial and error we worked out what it was.

      Unfortunately she doesn’t like some of the alternate milk products. We did manage to find a lactose free milk that at least tastes like milk.

      It used to be worse when she’s out with friends and they stop for ice cream or cakes, until we found a product called Lactaid which we import from the States because it’s not available here. Now she can have her cake and eat it too.
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  6. That is my life! My dad’s side all has bad stomachs and dairy does not help. I’ve learned that mine is seasonal though, which sounds weird, but it’s true. When my stomach can’t take dairy… bad news. When I do have milk it is organic. I’m trying to eat as much organic food as possible now. I feel a lot better.

    1. Strange how we came into this world drinking milk, but then that wasn’t cows milk. Hey, now there’s a thought, what if we introduce breast milk into the marketplace? :laugh_tb:

      1. I’ll see how it turns out for you and then I’ll think about it!

  7. I think that cows can be specially bred with added genes to produce special milk to suit people with health problems. Now this is off the the top of my head in peak hour, but i think I’m on ther right track here, Sire.


    1. I’ve heard that as well Pete. We’ve even got milk from one particular breed of cow that is supposed to be really good for you, but I’m not willing to try a new milk on Nadia when we’ve already found one that works.

  8. Tweeted!

    Poor Nadia.

    I do love a plethora of lactose products, and partake liberally and regularly. I take it for granted.

    I do like soymilk tho, the Silk brand chocolate is yummy, both cold, and heated! And it’s calcium and vita- mineral fortified.


    1. She’s OK now Jannie. She’s actually waiting for her next shipment of Lactaid pills so she’s hoarding the ones she has left.

      We try different products like cookies and chocolate and stuff, and while some are bland others are really good. I got told off the other day for getting into her chocolates. I thinks she’s forgotten who buys them for her. OK, OK, it’s her mom, but I supply the cash. Where’s Al Bundy when you need him :rolleyes_tb:
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  9. Italy and the UK have witnessed the highest growth in the non-dairy drinks market since the late 1990s. The British market is the largest in Europe, valued at €71 million. The Italian market, although it remains one of the smallest, has seen non-dairy drink volumes expand over ten-fold since 2000. Great post dude! Jerry

    1. That’s interesting Jerry, where did you get those stats from?

  10. I was drinking mostly soy milk, but now switch back and forth between soy and almond milk. I prefer the Vanilla varieties. My sister says rice milk is better than soy, but I have yet to try it. Coconut milk is okay, but kind of bland. And all of this from a girl who grew up drinking skim milk. Go figure! :blink_tb:
    Anne Bender recently posted…How My Daughter Brought Me to Tears, In a Good WayMy Profile

    1. We use a skim milk which tasted just like full cream. Nadia now uses a lactose free milk which is really quite good, I’ve used for the coffee when we’ve run out of ours. :tongue_laugh_ee:
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  11. I feel fortunate not to be lactose intolerant, but all the same, that survey is worth checking. Thanks

    1. Cool, if you take it I hope you come back to tell us about it.

  12. I have tried a bunch of different milk substitutes. I have yet to find one that I like. I have tried different brands of soy milk. I tried both the regular and the chocolate varieties. I am still looking.

    I actually love milk and I am glad I am not lactose intolerant. I do think that it contributes to a slight sinus issue that I have. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother looking elsewhere.

    I’ll checkout that survey.

    1. Cool, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of it.

      As to soy I know Nadia has a Soy Cappuccino when out with her friends and she’s quite happy with that.

    1. Yeah we were surprised as well, the thing is we’re not sure how long she was quietly putting up with the discomfort. Still, it’s not a major problem and we’re happy for that.
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  13. It’s so funny that you posted this now, my fiancee’s brother has that problem and just the other day he was upset because he wanted ice cream.

    1. Really? Give him a couple of beers and he’ll get over it. :tongue_laugh_ee:

      Just kidding. Maybe he should try some of those alternative products, either that or try some of those Lactaid tablets that my daughter uses.
      Sire recently posted…Reviewing MyLikes As An AdvertiserMy Profile

      1. One thing people has to watch is the distinction between a dairy allergy (which is usually to the protein in the diary) versus an intolerance which is usually a lack of enzymes. After we are little tykes we just arent made for milk drinking and many of us have bodies that stop making the enzymes (the same is true of cats and many other species). In that case, its an “intolerance” and the Lactaid tablets are awesome because the condition is not life threatening. Always have to find out first though whether someone is allergic (sorta rare) vs intolerant (sorta common) before picking solutions. Someone with an allergy cant afford the trip to ER they could wind up with!

  14. My daughter has never been diagnosed with lactose intolerance but regular milk based products do tend to upset her stomach. For that reason we buy soy milk and we shop at a natural foods store for other products that do not contain milk.

  15. If my other comment on this thread vanished, blame it on odd comment box behavior, lol. It wouldn’t let me have a comment box at the end until I clicked cancel on the one that auto-opened itself in thread after I’d finished making an inline reply. Strangeness.

    Lactaid is really the way to go particularly when eating out and dealing with sauces and whatnot that likely have dairy but you cant tell for sure.

    I have several lactose intolerant friends that have switched over to “raw”, that is unpasturized milk. Essentially that’s before they boil the heck out of it and kill its natural enzymes. A lot of my friends have done real well with it after the first couple days. Its terribly hard to find here in some portions of the states – but I know you Aussies got cows too! Don’t let the fear mongers of raw milk scare ya, its a lot more real and healthy than the stuff they sell in the store that’s for sure (down side is we get hooked on the taste of “cooked” milk). Just an idea if she is ever looking for another alternative.

    1. Yeah, that comment box does strange things on occasion. If you ever have any hassles just refresh the page.

      I’m pretty sure you can get the raw milk here as a specialty milk product but now that we’ve found the lactose free one we probably won’t bother trying it.

      The problem these days is that so many people are so used to the processed stuff they won’t like the raw stuff. The cream alone that you find at the top of the carton will put many people off. Weird really.
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      1. Yeah… but those are the same kinda people that the mass media has convinced that natural saturated fats are more dangerous for them… while they fill their faces full of “fat free” donuts, popcicles, white bread, etc. People are silly and media is biased and it makes it hard to tell fact from fiction some days. Caveat Emptor always!

  16. going to check out the survey. we buy a few alternatives and have recently fell in love with almond milk!!

    hope you find things your daughter can have and enjoy

    1. Yeah, we’re finding them slowly, but I reckon she feels like a guinea pig at times. Didn’t know they could milk almonds. :bigsurprise_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Reviewing MyLikes As An AdvertiserMy Profile

      1. lmao! Sire that emoticon is priceless!

        Basically its like a almond wash or almond rinse (after they’ve been ground up, probably simmered and then squished), kinda pale in color but sorta on the sweet side with most brands.

        1. Sounds more like a desert. I haven’t seen any of that around, but then I haven’t really looked. Reckon I will have to do something about that.

          Those emoticons are pretty cool aren’t they? I’ve got a pretty good collection :clap_tb:
          Sire recently posted…Reviewing MyLikes As An AdvertiserMy Profile

          1. Yup! Love your emoticons! :bigsurprise_ee:

  17. When my oldest son, now 25years old, was one he started wheezing and an old doctor with half moon glasses looked over them and said to me ‘darling, cow’s milk is for baby cows’
    It was an Ah Ha moment.
    My children were brought up without dairy but they all had their own favourites. It’s a matter of keep trying new stuff, making sure they are natural and not full of sugar.

    1. Yep, what is the world coming to Nicola that we have to scrutinize labels just to make sure we buy stuff that doesn’t have harmful ingredients.

      Thanks for the comment.
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  18. I couldn’t imagine being lactose intolerant. I grew up eating cereal every morning and consuming various other milk products on a regular basis. It must be very time consuming to always have to check ingredients and find alternative products. Hopefully surveys like this help towards making it an easier issue to deal with.

  19. Twitter:
    Me my wife and oldest daughter are lactose intolerant. My wife only found out a couple of years ago. I find that there is levels of it.

    I can’t drink milk , but I can eat cheese. Very strange indeed.

    1. Yes, that is strange, I think it has something to do with the cheese being processed or something.

      Who’s handling the situation better, the wife or the daughter?
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  20. So sorry to hear about your daughter. A friend of mine has a case where she have some milk products, but if she has too much of something it makes her violently ill. No extra cheese on her pizza! What do you suggest for alternative food choices? Are there any specialized stores that you go to?

  21. Being lactose intolerant seems to be very difficult. My cousin is lactose intolerant and whenever we’re with him or we have a family get-together, we are all prohibited to eat ice cream or anything that he can’t. We can’t afford to just let him stare at us while enjoying a cone of ice cream. Maybe it will be a good idea also if you post some alternative foods for lactose intolerance. :)

  22. I’ll pass this info along to a few of my buddies. I’m not a milk drinker, and I stopped using alternative milk products a few years ago. Besides water, I mainly drink fresh made juices and smoothies.

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