We are truly living in an age where there is always something new on the market that years ago would have been inconceivable. Some of it can be considered to be stuff of science fiction movies or even 007 fantasy.

I got an email today  introducing me  to what could be considered cutting-edge new face recognition technology, at least to the average bloke on the street. Anyway, it is now possible to access your PC as well as logging into Facebook, Amazon & your other favorite websites using only your face. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but the email from the guys at CyberLink.com – CyberLink Official Website, tells me they have a program that can do just that. It works by using your computers webcam and so I reckon most people these days could take advantage of it if they so desired.

Here are some of the features that you get with their revolutionary YouCam 5!

  • Use new Face Login to access your PC as well as Facebook, Amazon & other sites
  • Play with Augmented Reality, avatars, special effects, gadgets and more
  • Enhance all your webcam videos with with TrueTheater™ Technology
  • Create effective presentations and tutorials with a wide range of productivity tools
  • Download unlimited FREE special effects from DirectorZone

Here is an introductory video for YouCam 5

I haven’t availed myself of this product yet but I do own CyberLink’s PowerDirector video editing software and I am more than happy with it’s capabilities.

So, back to YouCam 5, does this sort of thing interest you? Also, after my post on Identity Theft do you think that perhaps something like this would increase your online security?
YouCam 2

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