Log Into Your Favorite Sites Using Face Technology

We are truly living in an age where there is always something new on the market that years ago would have been inconceivable. Some of it can be considered to be stuff of science fiction movies or even 007 fantasy.

I got an email today  introducing me  to what could be considered cutting-edge new face recognition technology, at least to the average bloke on the street. Anyway, it is now possible to access your PC as well as logging into Facebook, Amazon & your other favorite websites using only your face. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but the email from the guys at CyberLink.com – CyberLink Official Website, tells me they have a program that can do just that. It works by using your computers webcam and so I reckon most people these days could take advantage of it if they so desired.

Here are some of the features that you get with their revolutionary YouCam 5!

  • Use new Face Login to access your PC as well as Facebook, Amazon & other sites
  • Play with Augmented Reality, avatars, special effects, gadgets and more
  • Enhance all your webcam videos with with TrueTheater™ Technology
  • Create effective presentations and tutorials with a wide range of productivity tools
  • Download unlimited FREE special effects from DirectorZone

Here is an introductory video for YouCam 5

I haven’t availed myself of this product yet but I do own CyberLink’s PowerDirector video editing software and I am more than happy with it’s capabilities.

So, back to YouCam 5, does this sort of thing interest you? Also, after my post on Identity Theft do you think that perhaps something like this would increase your online security?
YouCam 2

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  1. That sound like something straight out of a science fiction film.

    I wonder what would prevent somebody from simply holding up a life size picture of you up to it and logging into your account…being that this is based on face-recognition technology…???


    1. I doubt a life size photo would do the trick Mark, it wouldn’t fool you and I doubt it would fool the software. I’m sure they would program it to tell the difference between a 2D image and the real thing.
      Sire recently posted…Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  2. I have never thought that people are already using this technology (i guess we’ll never be able to catch up to technology). This would definitely help you get more security over your devices and accounts. I’m checking it now.

  3. this is a really cool technology – very comfortable, because you do not have to remember passwords. these days everybody has so much accounts, the face recognition is a good solution and much better than complicated passwords!
    Steve recently posted…onTour: Hiking in La GomeraMy Profile

  4. This is fascinating on one front and worrisome on another. Using face recognition tech would seem a great way to increase security on many fronts, but how picky is it?

    I have a fingerprint scanner built into my laptop that allows me to log into my secured accounts with the swipe of a finger. Normally it works great. But if I’ve been working (I mean WORK working, not sitting at a computer working) my hands get roughed up, sometimes damaged. Then my finger print scanner refuses to recognize me and I’m back to having to remember my passwords for a few days.

    If you use face recognition software to secure things, what happens if you comb your hair differently or buy a new pair of glasses, or (gasp) develop a new wrinkle? How much “slack” does the software give you before rejecting your face as invalid?

    1. Good points Allan. I’m not sure if hair styles be an issue unless it covers a lot of your face as I’m sure it’s programmed to focus on the face. Having said that though I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to shave your beard :wink_ee:

      What I would like to know though is whether you could reprogram it for those times when you do decide to have a shave or change your glasses.
      Sire recently posted…When Will You People Get A Damn GravatarMy Profile

      1. I should think so, Sire. Fingerprints should not change much (long term) but people’s faces do. I’d think they would build in an “update” feature. This would have to be properly guarded to prevent me from swapping my face for yours if I stole your notebook, but some people I know have multiple pairs of glasses to coordinate with various outfits. They would need to update their security face scan on a daily basis.

        The software would probably be written to allow me to trim my beard, but growing it out or shaving it off would require rescanning my face to update the software.

        It would be interesting to know what the software keys on and just how “picky” it is in regard to changes. But, I suppose those items are guarded secrets to keep hacker in the dark as long as possible.

        1. Say you did steal my notebook Allan, if I had the facial recognition program installed you would never be able to get into it. :smile2_ee:

          1. They are doing astounding things with latex these days! :grin1_ee:

  5. Twitter:
    Hmmm… I figured something like this had to be out there and now the only question would be whether I’d want to use it or not. I’m thinking not at the moment, mainly because I don’t have my camera on that often and I’d have to keep it on continuously. That could mean forgetting I’m hooked into something and having some embarrassing things show up. You think I’m kidding but some minutes ago I realized I’d forgotten to iron a shirt and left the iron on for about 2 hours; ugh!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…10 Things People Do Wrong Concerning BlogsMy Profile

    1. Oh, GOOD point! Requiring that you leave a camera, whether add-on or built in, turned on all the time could well end up with something unflattering getting posted where you don’t want it.

        1. Yessir, I am not a bit surprised that it was you who recognized this danger.

  6. Sire,
    I’ve finally got some software that keeps my passwords. It makes things simpler but it still messes up sometimes. I’d be worried that this will malfunction. Or what happens when your webcam fails? I like technology and I sure would like simplification without losing security but I’ll let early adapters like you do it and let us know.

    1. Hey Ralph,

      how exactly does it mess up? I’ve been using mine for ages and it’s never messed up for me.

      Perhaps there is a way that lets you go back to using a password if the webcam fails. I’ll see what I can find out for you.
      Sire recently posted…How To Moderate Your CommentsMy Profile

      1. Right now I’m using Lastpass which has been pretty good although I now have multiple passwords for some sites because of changes. My problem was with a device that used my finger as a logon. When I used it , I lost the record of passwords and when it started to malfunction, it was a mess to get back in all my accounts. I’m probably less meticulous than most people but we are the ones most vulnerable to technology failures.

        1. That sounds like a bit of a pain Ralph. You would think that with these sorts of programs one would still have a master password that would override the system.

  7. It really sounds like a gadget from James Bond. I’m wondering how fast it works I thinks it’s faster to type in your credentials or even better save them in your browser.

    1. Sure, typing your passwords in manually may be faster, I won’t know unless I give it a test run, but I don’t think it is as secure.
      Sire recently posted…Building Your Brand With A Guest PostMy Profile

  8. The World is changing and always coming with new technologies, daily. It’s amazing! I never thought I’ll see this kind of technology for face recognition too soon, it’s really a “must-see” hehe. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this technology. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well Jared, don’t you worry, if I decide to buy it you’ll be hearing my views on it for sure.

  9. This is truly a cutting edge technology WOW!…. yeah a big wow for this one and thanks for sharing it to us. Otherwise we would have not known about it. I guess what makes this a cutting edge technology is the security it provides. Bye bye to the phishing links coz you’re no longer gonna type on keyboard inorder to log in. We just have to look at the camera and boom! Welcome to your account :)

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    Carlos recently posted…Breville Toaster Oven: BOV800XL The Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQMy Profile

    1. Yep, if it works the way it should and Internet sites accept it as a means of logging on it would make phishing a thing of the past.

  10. This technology has been out for a while, but I’ve never seen it being integrated with websites. Its definitely not for me though, I would just prefer the standard way of logging on, and plus it can be more of a security risk in my opinion, especially if someone is good at creating a picture photo that can be detected as the person. I’ve seen shows where they have demonstrated that it can be done with the right skill and knowledge.

    Jean recently posted…Used Tires Prices in New JerseyMy Profile

    1. Let’s be realistic here Jean, we’re talking about the average Joe here, no-one is going to go through all that trouble and expense to crack into our computers.

      1. Yeah you are right Sire, I guess I tend to overthink and worry too much!


  11. I gotta tell you, I have facial recognition software on my ASUS laptop. It is a pain! It never really works quite right and I end up just logging in manually.

    Additionally, I proved that you can use a photo of the person to unlock the computer, not very secure.

    I think in the future once this technology develops a bit it will be useful but in the meantime, it’s a bit of a hassle.
    Chad recently posted…Facebook Marketing Case Study – Part 2My Profile

    1. Hey Chad, that’s handy to know. Are you running the YouCam5 software?
      Sire recently posted…How To Save PetrolMy Profile

  12. Fascinating technology with that bit of science-fiction that makes it so cool. But as the poster above said, it does not look very secure. Personally, I wouldn’t feel so safe too. Maybe a good fingerprint scanner, already implemented in some pc, could be a worthwhile alternative.
    Sandro recently posted…Giorgia – Il mio giorno migliore (2011)My Profile

    1. Hey Sandro,everybody has to do whatever they are most comfortable with.
      Sire recently posted…How To Save PetrolMy Profile

  13. I do believe that will increase our online security and it’s not something that is too far from been reality. For example at my work we have to punch in with a software that recognizes us by placing our hand in the tool.

    1. I’m sure it would especially if works the way it’s supposed to.

  14. Whoa! Haven’t heard about that and thanks for sharing it with us. Yes!truly amazing on how people tend to think and create new things that was just on our imagination before.

  15. Using face technology is a smart way to login to your social network accounts. But I would think twice if the scanned results would be stored in their servers and not locally in my computer.
    I’m just a bit paranoid. lol!
    – John Sumner

  16. Personally, I don’t really think I can trust a site, a software or a plugin for any important login accounts that I have. I know this can be time saver for everybody, but the security is much more important for me than anything else. So I might think twice before availing this one… So may I borrow your thumb down smiley… :thumbdown_tb: LOL

    1. Are you worried that someone will steal and use your face Maria? :wink_ee:

  17. YouCam looks fabolous!!!
    I watched the video and I really enjoyed it.
    However, I am still skeptical with regard to technologies for access to the computer via facial recognition.
    If something goes wrong in the software, I am unable to access the information contained in my PC!

    1. Albert, if something goes wrong with it I’m sure it reverts back to the old password method. I’m sure that would reply if you were to ask them the question.

  18. Maybe stuff like this will become standard for laptops.
    Like the HP laptops with the fingerprint scanner.
    My neighbours have a door with a finger print scanner. Pretty cool. Probably doesn’t happen often that you forget your fingers and can’t get in.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

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