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Little Johnny Jokes Friday Funny #208

Everyone love Little Johnny jokes because he’s such a cheeky little kid. I got this email today that I think will become a classic of the Little Johnny jokes series. Especially because it comes complete with pictures.

Little Johnny Jokes Little Johnny The Artist

It was Friday morning, and that meant it was time for an activity that the teacher called ‘Add to the picture’. The teacher would call students to the chalkboard one at a time. The first student would draw an object on the chalkboard, and each following student would add something to the picture to make it a new picture.

The teacher called on Jame to get the ball rolling.

little johnny jokes

As James was returning to his seat the teacher called on Ernie to add his little bit.

little johnny jokes

Ernie returns to his seat and the teacher calls on Suzy for her turn.

little johnny jokes that make you laugh

Suzy promptly returns to her seat as the teacher calls Jerry to the board.

laugh at little johnny jokes

Then it’s Kim’s turn.

little johnny jokes
By now little Johnny is jumping up and down waving his arm hysterically. Knowing what little Johnny was capable of doing made the teacher a little reluctant to call on him for anything. She looks at the image on the chalkboard closely and decided there was no way that little Johnny could possibly do anything to make this picture dirty. So she called on little Johnny, and he literally runs to the chalkboard.

little johnny dirty jokes

Here is my latest Little Johnny jokes. I’ve scoured the net and compiled what I believe to be the top 10 funniest Little Johnny Memes. All thanks to the Creator.

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