I reckon almost everyone loves those little Johnny Jokes. That’s probably why there are so many little Johnny Jokes around. That being the case I thought I would dedicate this weeks Friday funnies to Little Johnny.

What’s really funny about little Johnny is that he really does get around. This particular one has little Johnny in an English school.

Little Johnny British Style

A grade three teacher Carol is giving a lesson on nutrition, and she decides to ask her students what they had for breakfast. To add a spelling component, she asks the students to also spell their answers.

Susan puts up her hand and says she had an egg, ‘E-G-G’.

‘Very good’, says the teacher.

Peter says he had toast ‘T-O-A-S-T’.


Johnny has his hand up and the teacher reluctantly calls on him.

‘I had bugger all’, he says, ‘ B-U-G-G-E-R-A-L-L’.

The teacher is mortified and scolds Johnny for his rude answer.

Later when the lesson turns to geography, she asks the students some rudimentary questions.

Susan correctly identifies the Capital of Canada . Peter is able to tell her which ocean is off Canada ‘s east coast. When it’s Johnny’s turn, the teacher remembers his rude answer from
the nutrition lesson, and decides to give him a very difficult question. Johnny, she asks,
‘Where is the Pakistani border?’

Johnny ponders the question and finally says, ‘The Pakistani boarder is in bed with my mother. That’s why I got bugger all for breakfast’.

You just have to love Little Johnny.  :lol_ee:

little johnny jokes

And, for this weeks funny video I thought I’d include a Laughaholics video about Little Johnny jokes.

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