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Link Removal Requests How I Handle Them

Have you been getting a lot of link removal requests? I know I have and I also know I’m not the only one. My mate Mitch has received so many he even wrote a post about it called Annoying Link Removal Requests! That post also has a video that I’m sure you will find interesting.

The reason your getting all these emails is because for one reason or another the sender of the email has upset Google causing them to receive the “Unnatural Link Warning” email. Here’s one I’ve received just the other day.

We’re seeking to address an “Unnatural Link Warning” that Google has issued to LINK REMOVED. As part of our exploration into this matter, we have discovered the backlinks sources found on your website might be faulty in some way and causing Google’s protocols to react with this response.  We kindly ask you to remove the backlinks listed below as quickly as you possibly can so that we may continue to work with Google in resolving the “Unnatural Link Warning” assigned to us.

Naturally the email may vary but they’re all asking for one thing, for you to remove the link to their site. If they’re smart they may supply the post where the link can be found, if not they expect you to find and remove them. If it’s the latter I simple ignore the email.

How I Handle Link Removal Requests

link removal requestsSo far the majority of links coming from link removal requests are found in the comment section. Personally I’m of the opinion that a lot of them came about because someone has paid somebody to leave the comments. Now for whatever reason these comments have come to bite them in the rear end, ergo the emails. Here is what I do, I send them an email in return.


There are no links to your site within that post. It’s quite possible the link appears in one of the comments. I can find and remove those links for a nominal charge of $10 which you can deposit in my PayPal account I have been forced to adopt this action because of the frequency of these requests and to compensate me for my time.


Even if they didn’t pay someone to leave the link it costs me time to remove it and time is money. At first I removed the links free of charge but when these link removal requests continued to come in I decided on this new pay to remove policy.

So far the majority have been quite happy to pay to get their link removed. In fact there is only one who hasn’t come up with the money and that involves several links to several different sites. That can only mean that they’ve been paid by someone to have their links removed and are not willing to minimise their profits by having to pay out.

Have you been receiving these emails? If so how are you handling the situation?


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  1. Twitter:
    Thanks for the highlight Sire, and as you know I’ve yet to have anyone pony up a single dollar. But that just saves me time so it’s on them. The only links I’ve removed without charging are those on articles that were guest posts; I’m glad to remove those links and not give them any credit anywhere for writing those articles. Otherwise… pay me! :-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Charles Gulotta & His Mostly Bright IdeasMy Profile

    1. With a bit of luck they will turn up soon Mitch. I reckon those that have paid are the ones that are really concerned about getting Google off their back and therefore are prepared to pay to get it done. They’re probably also the ones that have paid someone to do the commenting for them. Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes.
      Sire recently posted…Funny Monkey Friday Funnies #84My Profile

  2. Yes, I got a couple of link removal requests and removed the comment links. No one knows for sure what a natural or an unnatural link is, so I think it doesn’t matter if I remove those links. A competitor can send thousands of comment spam links to your site, and if that’s true that Google punish bad links, a lot of sites would have been hit by link attackers, but that’s not the case. I suddenly got ten thousands of unrelated backlinks to one of my websites, but nothing happend.
    Eric Luson recently posted…Password Protect Folders With Doc Lock – A Doc Lock ReviewMy Profile

    1. You’re correct, it doesn’t matter if you remove the links but why shouldn’t you be paid to do so?
      Sire recently posted…WassupBlog Too Sexy For GoogleMy Profile

      1. Here is some food for thought. Don’t you think that some of these people charging people a fee to remove a link could be the same ones that actually placed the link so they could extort money from people?

        I understand how it can be annoying but on the other hand your basically saying I know this link is hurting your site and your business but I rather extort money from people that post on my blog.

        1. Perhaps there would be some lowlifes that would do this, although I doubt they wold have the smarts to think it up. Nice of you to give them the idea though. :wink:

          As to the second part of your comment, I think the term extortion is a little over the top. To date I haven’t had one complaint from any of the emails I’ve sent requesting a fee to remove a link. To me that means they don’t mind paying for the service I am providing.
          Sire recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  3. No offence, but I think Charging to remove a link is unfair. As a blogger I always help out other bloggers and site owners and removing a link is not such a big deal for me. And I sure as hell don’t charge for it.

    1. Firstly, most of the links do not belong to bloggers. Secondly, I’ve it’s been my experience that they’ve paid someone to comment on my blog so I figure it’s only fair they pay to have me remove them.
      Sire recently posted…Why I Love WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

    2. If the person has supplied the url of where the link resides, I agree that charging to remove the link is bad form.

      The blogging world is built on community and we should try to help each other out.
      Stew B recently posted…SIA Training and BeyondMy Profile

  4. I adopted the same stance as you about a year ago. I politely inform them that I charge a fee for removing each link, a lot have then tried to THREATEN me with the Disavow tool like it will kill my blog – my blog is no-follow. :)

    If anyone is reading the post and wondering if they should charge or continue to remove links for free I say this – these people made this mess by paying someone to SPAM blogs like yours, why should you clear up their mess for free?
    Dean Saliba recently posted…Want More Comments? Here are 6 Ways That will HelpMy Profile

    1. Hey Dean, that’s exactly how I felt about it which is why I’ve decided to ask for a fee. If anything I’m the one who feels slighted because they couldn’t take the time to leave a comment and had to get someone else to do it for them.
      Sire recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  5. To me its unfair to charge for removing links. Aught to be free at least.

    1. Why? They paid someone to leave the link it’s only fair they cough up to remove it.
      Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  6. Well I didn’t received this kind of request, but I must admit I was sending the link removal requests to other bloggers because then (before around 2 years) I was novice at SEO so did bought many backlinks at fiverr and then when Google released the Penguin update my sites dropped a lot on rank positions so I was sending the mails to blog owners if they can remove these links. I was always kind and precisely described where exactly the links are made.
    I must say I rarely got reply from blog owner. In 90% cases they will ignore my emails..

    Thanks for this interesting post topic.

  7. Did you see an increase in the requests for removal around the time of a Google update? I like the idea of a paid-removal fee. I think it’s valid. If the removal is worth something to that someone, ten hey should be willing to pay for that service. Thanks!

  8. I never fiddle around when Google sends me a notice because I have been burned in the past by going against the grain. So, when the big G says do this, I simply get it done right away! It may be the soft way out but since my livelihood depends on it, I don’t argue anymore.

  9. If it was me, I’d also charge something. Well, I don’t think I would if it’s just one or two requests a day but if there’s quite a number of requests, it’s a different story. It takes up my time which I would have otherwise spent on something more profitable (or fun), so might as well charge something. :)

  10. I have not received any such e-mails yet from anyone for link removal. But one thing is for sure after reading this post, I now know how to handle these requests effectively. Especially the monetizing the whole link removal process.

    In a way I kind of agree with the fact that if we need to find the link from hundreds of comments then yes, we should ask for it.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.
    Will visit again.

  11. I have not got any link removal request yet. Can no follow help in this matter, Sire?

  12. I am still having these emails and I proceed to ask to be paid for my time. I determine if they paid anyone to leave the comment they can pay to have them taken off.

  13. last google update hurt my site pretty badly, I opted to simply delete and restart rather than trying to get all the bad links removed. Was much less stressful for me, and since the site was only a few months old, worked out just fine.

  14. Good call on charging to remove spam links. I’ve helped a few companies get their penalty removed from Google and I always wondered by folks didn’t charge for this. You’re right – time is money. Cheers.
    Lukas recently posted…Uniden HomePatrol-1 Desktop Digital Police ScannerMy Profile

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