Have you been getting a lot of link removal requests? I know I have and I also know I’m not the only one. My mate Mitch has received so many he even wrote a post about it called Annoying Link Removal Requests! That post also has a video that I’m sure you will find interesting.

The reason your getting all these emails is because for one reason or another the sender of the email has upset Google causing them to receive the “Unnatural Link Warning” email. Here’s one I’ve received just the other day.

We’re seeking to address an “Unnatural Link Warning” that Google has issued to LINK REMOVED. As part of our exploration into this matter, we have discovered the backlinks sources found on your website might be faulty in some way and causing Google’s protocols to react with this response.  We kindly ask you to remove the backlinks listed below as quickly as you possibly can so that we may continue to work with Google in resolving the “Unnatural Link Warning” assigned to us.

Naturally the email may vary but they’re all asking for one thing, for you to remove the link to their site. If they’re smart they may supply the post where the link can be found, if not they expect you to find and remove them. If it’s the latter I simple ignore the email.

How I Handle Link Removal Requests

link removal requestsSo far the majority of links coming from link removal requests are found in the comment section. Personally I’m of the opinion that a lot of them came about because someone has paid somebody to leave the comments. Now for whatever reason these comments have come to bite them in the rear end, ergo the emails. Here is what I do, I send them an email in return.


There are no links to your site within that post. It’s quite possible the link appears in one of the comments. I can find and remove those links for a nominal charge of $10 which you can deposit in my PayPal account sire@theelusivepotofgold.com. I have been forced to adopt this action because of the frequency of these requests and to compensate me for my time.


Even if they didn’t pay someone to leave the link it costs me time to remove it and time is money. At first I removed the links free of charge but when these link removal requests continued to come in I decided on this new pay to remove policy.

So far the majority have been quite happy to pay to get their link removed. In fact there is only one who hasn’t come up with the money and that involves several links to several different sites. That can only mean that they’ve been paid by someone to have their links removed and are not willing to minimise their profits by having to pay out.

Have you been receiving these emails? If so how are you handling the situation?


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