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Learning How To Use Market Samurai

This is just going to be a short post about how far I’ve gotten with Market Samurai. Let’s just say that the answer to that is not very far, I’ve yet to fire it up, because I’ve been swamped with other things. Still having said that I have taken a bit of time to visit the Samurai Dojo.

The Dojo is the training facility where you learn all about keyword research and how to use Market Samurai. Not being the most technically minded person I’m happy to say they keep it very simple. Although they have instructional videos I much prefer to use the written video transcripts as it allows me to absorb it in my own time.

I just want to share with you something that I feel is very important when marketing your niche.

[highlight]Do You Know Your Niche’s Language?[/highlight]

I think this is very important because the knowledge may help you to target your niche with greater success than your competitors. In the dojo they used three examples, weddings, World Of Warcraft and golf citing words that others would not normally use but would be significant to those searching for products in those niches.

Let’s use our own example to illustrate the point. Let’s say that we had a niche site that sold mag wheels. I’d say that most people would use mag wheels, hot mag wheels or sporty mag wheels as their keywords. I think it’s safe to say that Mag Wheels as a keyword would be one that most people would use and so it would be pretty hard to rank on the first page of search engines for that term. Well what if you were to use fully sic wheels? Not one of the results on the first page were from anyone using this combination of words as their keywords. So if you were to target those words it wouldn’t be relatively easy to get on the top 10!

Of course the question one has to ask is how many people would use that combination of words because it’s also important to target words that people will use because that’s the only way to get traffic.

So, for all of those of you with niche blogs, have you considered your niche’s particular language?

Try Market Samurai now for free!

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  1. Yes in niche “buzz words” are “priceless” if targeted correctly and picked up.

    I’ve been playing with MS for a few months (got a couple of posts up) and it truly has become a MUST have

    1. Well, the least you could have done Donace was to tell me two months ago that I should be using MS, then at least I would have made some headway by now.

      Then again, it’s probably my fault for not visiting your blog more often. :smoke_tb:
      Sire recently posted…FlexSqueeze Latest Update Can Make Your Posts RockMy Profile

      1. Not two months sire think it was in feb I wrote the tutorial I linked above!

        Think I’ve had 3 updates this year so your not to blame ;)

  2. Once you know the exact niche you can do good things with your website, blogs or whatever.For Keywords, you can take the help from many sites like Google adwords Keyword tool or many others who can help you in deciding the niche keywords, by giving you the keyword search volume & other stats.

    1. Yep, and the reason I never did any of that was because it all seemed too tedious and tiring. That’s why I’m hoping Market Samurai will take the hard work out of keyword research.
      Sire recently posted…Don’t Mess With Mature WomenMy Profile

  3. Good to see you are exploring more and more of MS wonders. As I said before this is an excellent tool and probably the best I have seen so far when it comes to “hunting” down for those golden “keywords”. MS allows you to filter them by competition and then by strength, which I was not particular inclined to do before. Today, when I hunt for keywords, I use the “domain” feature and it works like a charm. Good for those who are in to Domain Investing.
    DiTesco recently posted…Become An Affiliate Marketing Ninja With These Free WP PluginsMy Profile

    1. I reckon I’ll be doing quite a few of these followup posts. I may even put them in their own category. Truth be told the more I look into it the more I like market Samurai.

      That domain feature sounds interesting too so I’ll make sure I look into that one.
      Sire recently posted…FlexSqueeze Latest Update Can Make Your Posts RockMy Profile

  4. I am a newbie when it comes to keyword research, and I must say that I have tried MS but I think I skipped to fast over those training videos, because I didn’t figure what was happening :D.
    Alex recently posted…Baby SitterMy Profile

  5. Congrats on purchasing Market Samurai. It definitely does help a lot when it comes to finding keywords to target. Plus the other tools are great, such as the search engine ranking checker. When it comes to keyword research, you do definitely have to look past your assumptions and look into stats of other keyword combinations. Of course, it’s not all about what keywords have the most search volume. You also want to be targeting very relevant keywords that are not too competitive.

    By the way, love the holiday theme. Having 100 Santa heads looking at me out of the corner of their eyes really puts me in the Christmas mood :)

    1. I should have done it a lot sooner Jeremy and I am learning so much. Of course I new about relevancy but never applied it. That’s all going to change now that I have Market Samurai. I reckon it’s going to help me find the nugget amongst all the crap.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want Increased Income Chango Could Be The AnswerMy Profile

      1. Well I’m glad that you see the light. I think a lot of bloggers and website owners go through a similar phase of realization. You can post a ton of content, but if it’s not targeting some good keywords, you are missing out on a lot of traffic. Content and keywords aside, remember that it still mostly comes down to backlinks.

          1. There are countless strategies available for building backlinks. The links from blogs and forums are rather low value links, but they still contribute to a site’s overall link profile. It’s much better if you can do things that result in many links. For example, you can distribute articles to various article directories and then other sites republish those articles. The same goes for press releases. Or if you can come up with especially good content, you can create link bait that naturally gets links, especially with the help of some social bookmarking. Your competitors are also a great source of backlinks. Check what sites are linking to them to uncover links to copy or entire strategies to replicate.

            1. Yeah, I’ve written a few articles. I don’t really like going that route, but I may have to visit it again. Thanks Jeremy.

            2. Yes some people see those kinds of strategies as unnatural link building, but it sure beats waiting years for people to just link to your site on their own. If it’s not something you particularly like doing, you could try outsourcing that work. In the past I tried to do everything myself, but then I gradually learned that it is easier and more efficient to pay for some help.

  6. I’ve thought of this before. It’s basically use words with high competition but high traffic, or words with low competition and low traffic. Seems like they would both be pretty equal. But then again I guess you’d have to do some research on the amount of searches for your phrase and the competition of that phrase.

  7. I’m looking at this. It does look amazing. I’ll look around the Internet to see if I can find a testimonial or too about MS. At $149 it seems to be a good deal for the power.

    1. Jenny, if you think that $149 is a good deal then wait until you hear about their special offer. Go for the free trial offer then as long as you buy it before the trial is over you’ll get it for $97.

      That’s what I did and I reckon it’s a damn good deal.
      Sire recently posted…FlexSqueeze Latest Update Can Make Your Posts RockMy Profile

  8. Traffic must be targeted in first hand. It’s real increase sitiation with sale.

  9. Yes I have thought about my niche’s particular language. Every time I build a niche blog I try to determine the language of my niche.

    To me, the best way to do this is to head over to Google’s keyword tool, type in your main target keyword, and let Google tell you what are the keywords related to your main keyword.

    Using the example you gave, if one of these related keyword terms was fully sic wheels, even though not a lot of people will not use this combination of words as their keywords, fully sic wheels is highly targeted and the little traffic flow you would receive from this keyword term would convert pretty well.

    1. That’s the general idea John, it’s not about the volume of traffic but the quality, quality as in people looking for something to buy. As long as you have what they’re interested in then the chances of a sale is greatly increased.
      Sire recently posted…The Magical Garden And The Huge Boob BushMy Profile

  10. Wow! Glad it works for you. But I find myself wondering why you purchased it rather than trialling it for a week or so. ;-)

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Don’t know if it works Heather as I haven’t had the time to try it yet. Let’s get to your question.

      • Before buying it outright I did a bit of research and I noticed a lot of people saying how good it is in relative comment sections. There isn’t any reason for them to say that unless it was true.
      • I also figured the trial period wasn’t long enough to judge it realistically.
      • Because I could see the potential in being an affiliate. Did you know that once someone clicks on that, as long as they’ve never clicked on it anywhere else, the sale is always mine, even if they click a link on another site months down the track. Now that is pretty sweet. :drunk_tb:

      Sire recently posted…Do You Want Increased Income Chango Could Be The AnswerMy Profile

      1. Hey, that IS pretty cool! (I was just teasing you, by the way.)

        Also – I just realized that you’ve got your Christmas background on. I remember that from last year! Geez, was that really a year ago? Sheesh.

  11. Twitter:
    I’m going to answer your last question because I think it’s interesting.

    I can’t necessarily say that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about particular language on any of my blogs, including my business and finance blog. However, I’ve always figured that because I do talk about only financial issues on the one blog that it should be working better than it does, and not fully considering the terminology might be what’s holding it back some. However, I really tend to believe it’s held back because I’m not supporting it communally as I do my IJS blog.
    Mitch recently posted…Blogging Step Seven – Staying MotivatedMy Profile

    1. It is an interesting question isn’t it Mitch. Now imagine if you were keeping the language simple for the average person when in reality there were a whole lot of people out there using more technical jargon and not really getting anywhere.

      If you were to research those words I reckon it wouldn’t take long to get to the top search pages.
      Sire recently posted…Twitter Is More Fun And More Profitable When You Follow The Right PeopleMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    That’s kind of the problem, Sire. Think about this blog; what keywords would you actually be trying to get to the top of the search engines for? I have that same issue with two of my blogs; no clue overall. The last one, though, financial commentary would probably be at the top of my list, yet I can’t continually write posts saying “this is my financial commentary” because I’d look stupid.
    Mitch recently posted…Don’t “Stink” Not Quite A RebuttalMy Profile

    1. I actually won’t be using market Samurai on this blog as it get’s enough traffic but if I was to use it I would use it on individual posts.

      Let’s say I was writing a post on an affiliate or product I was promoting, then I would use it to find the right keywords that would provide me targeted traffic to that particular post. I would then use it in the title, contents tags etc.
      Sire recently posted…FlexSqueeze Latest Update Can Make Your Posts RockMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Ah, so you’re not going to use it on the full website, but will use it on particular posts. Not a bad idea; then again, seems my “cleavage” post didn’t need any of that. :smoke_tb:
        Mitch recently posted…Using Your Website As A Marketing ToolMy Profile

        1. That’s because you don’t need any incentive to look at cleavage :devil_tb:

  13. I’ve NEVER heard of this software. I feel like putting the time in and researching that information yourself is important…and perhaps more reliable than a machine. But is it? I’d say thats a fair price to have your research done for you.

    1. Sure you can do it yourself, but that will only work if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t it’s more than likely that your results are all wrong and you’ve just wasted all that time. My time is too precious to waste and so if there is a tool that will help me to do it right then I will make use of it.
      Sire recently posted…Testing Market Samurai’s Keyword Research ToolMy Profile

  14. As what I have read from your article, it means you are not using keyword that is intended for the website? Instead you use keywords most people search? It’s quite a difficult idea cause I think goggle will surely make your website rank if you have quality back links with the use of specific keyword.

  15. Seems like MS is another way to rank in Google. But I’m a bit confused with what you’ve mention above about niche language. As far as I know, in order to rank in Google you have to use the keywords most people are using in searching for whatever product one is looking or selling.

    1. That’s exactly right Stephanie. In other words what I was trying to get at was that people who were searching for something in a particular niche would perhaps use language that is related to that niche. It could be slang, technical jargon or whatever, the thing is if you used normal language you would miss out.

      If on the other hand you were one of the few who used the language related to that niche, something most people wouldn’t do, you would more than likely rank very high for those terms.
      Sire recently posted…Be Creative- Be Innovative- Be Positive When BloggingMy Profile

  16. I’ve seen Samauri advertised and talked about in many places. It does seem to be very popular. I’m sure I will have to get into keyword research eventually, but I have the same feeling about this that I do about having a root canal done.

    You make a great point about using the language of the niche to rank higher in searches.

    This has always seemed like one of those “too hard” topics. Spending money on a tool I can’t figure out how to use is just silly. I’ll defiantely watch for your updates. Since you do not seem to be one of those SEO experts, your experience should prove enlightening.

    1. Hopefully not being an SEO expert I can also present the future posts in a language that others like us can understand. Either that or I’ll confuse the hell out of everyone :jittery_tb:

  17. Hey Sire

    Thanks for sharing this, I only just entered the Dojo a few days ago myself, there are so many videos to go through, but they are really simple so even a newbie like myself can follow them.

    I only have the trial right now, but if I get good results I wil certainly buy the full version.


    1. My problem is that I want to have some time with absolutely no distractions so that I can give all my concentration to the dojo. Unfortunately that’s rare so I’ve only seen the first couple.

      Still, even that was pretty impressive so I can’t wait to delve into it more deeply.
      Sire recently posted…The Good The Bad &amp The Ugly of Lists &amp List BuildingMy Profile

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