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Laughter Is Definitely The Best Medicine, Even When You Grow Old

If there is one thing in common that all my blogs have, apart from the best content :lol_tb: , its the fact that they all contain posts of my favorite jokes. The thing is that I just can’t help it, I love jokes and I love to tell them. According to my kids though, I should learn not to laugh at my own jokes but how can I not when that are so damn funny.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this blog will follow the general trend and it will have a ‘Funny Posts’ category. If you like a good laugh once in awhile, and believe me laughter is the best medicine, then I suggest you pop in once in a while and get that smile back on your face.

Todays joke is about three old codgers who are standing around discussing all the bad points about growing old.

The 80 year-old said, “The best thing that could happen to me would just to be able to have a good pee. I stand there for twenty minutes, and it dribbles and hurts. I have to go over and over again.”

The 85 year-old said, “The best thing that could happen to me is if I could have one good bowel movement. I take every kind of laxative I can get my hands on and it’s still a problem.”

Then the 90 year-old said, “That’s not my problem. Every morning at 6:00 am sharp, I have a good long pee. At 6:30 am sharp I have a great bowel movement. The best thing that could happen to me would be if I could wake up before 7:00 am.”

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  1. your blog is nice.
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  2. i love your sense of humour .. i wish i could inject jokes into my posts too but my niche just doesnt cut it ..

    1. I don’t know, you probably just have to think about it a little harder.

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