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Laughingbird The Creator 7 A Review

Laughingbird's attention getters design template

Laughingbirds Graphic Creation Software

This post is about Laughingbird’s The Creator 7 graphics software. As a blogger and businessman I’ve always stipulated the importance of investing more than just time in your venture, whether its a blog or an online business. That’s why I invested in Flexsqueeze, a professional theme. That’s also why I purchased, what I believe to be, the best graphics software.

I was tired of always searching the web for images and graphics for my blog posts. I knew the importance of images for SEO, but I didn’t want to fall into the copyright infringement trap. I also wanted my posts to be original with original images and not just the standard stock photos that everyone uses.

That’s when I decided to purchase the Laughingbird Creator 7 graphics software. It was the best ever investment in my online business. Not only do I now have original images at my fingertips, but The Creator 7 has also opened up my creativity.

The best thing about the Creator 7 is not just it’s ease of use, its the price. Laughingbird’s graphics packages allow you to pick whatever package is suited to your needs. No matter what package you choose, The Creator 7 software is bundled with it.

Recently I purchased the Attention Getters Design Package. Not only is it full of attention-getting templates it also has 7 folders of attention-getting elements. Some of which you can see in the image above.

Although years ago, 2014, I produced a video on how to make a reflection of an image using the Logo Creator, which is what it was called then, I’ve never reviewed the Creator 7. I resolved that issue today. You can see my video Of The Creator 7 Below. All the images in that video were created with the Creator 7.

Laughingbird’s Creator 7 Graphics Packages

The Graphics Creator7 Bundle: This package is the way to start your graphics design career. For a low price of only $37, you get four modules. The first module consists of Logo Templates. The Second module is full of business cards templates. The third module is a Character Mascot Creation Module. You’re going to love this one. The final module comes complete with 100 royalty free people images and 50 additional templates!

The Mockup Creator: You’ll notice in the video that I play around a bit with my latest purchase, the Mockup Creator. I love this package. I can see so much potential for it. I’ve been using it for my AFL Footy Tips posts.

The Comic Elements Pak: This would have to be the next Laughingbird purchase I’m looking at. I find that funny images are fantastic for adding a unique element to my creations.

The Mascots2Go Mega Collection: If this is anything like my Big Box Of Mascot that I purchased a few years back it will be full of cartoon images, both animals and people related. It has over 300 unique hand-drawn characters that are ideal for any marketing campaign.

The Design Elements Pak: is another must with over 650 high-quality design elements, including backgrounds, buttons, banners, speech bubbles and so much more.

Clicking any of the above links will show you in detail exactly what you’re getting. The good thing is you don’t need to get it all at once. You can add to your graphic design portfolio whenever you want.

Here’s the link to that post on creating a reflecion of an image.

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