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Laughaholics Video Friday Funnies #75

]I usually don’t make my commentators jump through hoops to leave comments but I am making an exception for Friday Funnies. (Speaking of which, you’re going to love it this week because I’m introducing my Laughaholics video) The reasons for this are twofold. The first is that comments on my Friday Funnies posts were getting pretty bad and it was too hard to moderate them as you never knew if they actually read the post or not.

The second reason is I’m trying to build the FaceBook likes of my latest blog. So, to meet that end I will  require you to LIKE my Best Gifts Idea site and to leave a comment on one of its posts. Once you’ve done that you can leave a comment here. You’re only required to do this once so if you’ve done it on one of the previous posts feel free to comment away. If you leave a comment and don’t fulfil these obligations I will spam your comment.

Now, on with the this weeks Friday Funnies.

Getting The Wife To Orgasm

Some years ago, Paddy married an attractive woman, Maggie, half his age, in a small coastal Irish community. After several months, Maggie complained that she had never climaxed during sex and laughaholicsaccording to her Grandmother all Irish women are entitled to a climax once in a while. So, to resolve the problem, they went to see the Veterinarian since there was no trustworthy doctor anywhere in the village.

The Vet didn’t have a clue, but he did recall how, during the hot summer, his mother and father would fan a cow that was having difficulty breeding with a big towel. This would cool her down and make her relax. So the Vet told them to hire a strong, virile young man to wave a big towel over them while they were having sex. This, the Vet said, would cause the young wife to cool down, relax, then climax.

So the couple hired a strong young man from Dublin to wave that big towel over them as the Vet suggested. After many efforts, Maggie still had not climaxed so they went back to the Vet. The Vet said for her to change partners and let the young man have sex with her while Paddy waved the big towel.

They tried it that night and Maggie went into wild, screaming, ear-splitting climaxes, one right after the other for about two and a half hours. When it was over, Paddy looked down at the exhausted young man and in a boasting voice said: ‘And that, me son, is how ya waves a fukkin’ towel!’

Sexy Sals Blonde Pizza Joke

As usual, Sexy Sals outdone herself with this weeks blonde joke. Sexy Sals Blonde Pizza Joke1

Laughaholics The Video Of The Week

For this weeks video treat I’ve decided to do something different. Rather than search for ages for the funniest video of the week I decided to produce one myself. I did this with the aid of the Logo Creator, a 3D animation pack and [amazon_link id=”B009AYOZMQ” target=”_blank” ]Camtasia for Mac[/amazon_link]. I hope you like it enough to give it a thumbs up on YouTube.  :thumbup_tb: You’ll have to forgive my Aussie accent and I may let a few swear words slip. Oops, sorry.  :tongue_laugh_ee: Oh, and right at the end of the second joke it was all I could do to stop myself laughing at my own joke.  :doh_tb:

Don’t forget to share the fun with your friends  :smile:

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  1. Sire, I’ve got to admit that was a laugh out loud moment with that Irish joke, very, very funny and have shared it with some friends who like it too. :-D I think you might like my latest post which is an extract from Winnie the Pooh which made me laugh. Hope you’re well :-) Roz

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    Honestly, I can’t stop laugh when wiew your site.Sexy Sals Blonde Pizza Joke has a cool picture and it makes me laugh a lot

    1. The problem with you commenting is that you didn’t read the post, otherwise you wouldn’t have left a comment. Therefore the url to your site has been removed.
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