I love jokes, especially laugh out loud jokes. Today’s Friday Funnies is hopefully filled with laugh out loud jokes that you will share with your friends.

Readers often ask me where I get this jokes from and the answer is always the same, they’re from emails I receive. I also use some of them to create laugh out loud jokes images using The Creator.

Laugh Out Loud Jokes Barry The Builder

Barry the builder was goi9ng through a house he had just built, with the woman who owned it. She was telling him what colours to paint each room.

They went into the first room and she said, “This room is to be a light blue.”

Barry the went to the from door and yelled out, “Green side up!”

As he went back inside she said the next room was to be red. Barry again goes to the front door and calls out, “Green side up!”

Once back inside with the woman she says, “I want you to paint this one tan.” Once again Barry goes to the front door and yells out, “Green side up!”

The woman, curious as hell, says to Barry, “I keep telling you different colurs but you keep calling out “Green side up!”….”Why do you keep saying that for?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that”, says Barry, “I’ve got a couple of Kiwis laying turf out the front.”

Our next laugh out load item is and America’s Got Talent act I found on YouTube known as Tape Face. If you haven’t seen this you have to watch it because its absolutely brilliant.

This next image is pretty funny too. Its one of the things that would happen if women ran the world.


As always I always link to my laugh out loud, really funny sports jokes for those of you who are looking for more laughs.

Remember to share these jokes with your friends and most importantly, have a great weekend.


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