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Las Vegas More Than Just Casinos

Yep, its time for another post on Las Vegas. If you remember the last time I wrote about Las Vegas Itold you about my experience with the Bellagio, well for this post I want to talk about some of my other experiences and naturally I will be sharing some photos with you. One of the things that I enjoyed so much about Las Vegas was there were so many photo opportunities. Almost everywhere we went I had to stop to take a photo, and a lot of the times, with a little effort you could almost imagine that you were somewhere else.

This is because a lot of the hotels in Las Vegas are built around a theme, ones that come to mind are Caesar Palace and The Venetian, both very remarkable hotels. sea horseThen again, it doesn’t matter which hotel you visit in Las Vegas, they all have something unique about them. That photo of the mythical sea horse was taken outside Caesar Palace. Caesar Palace has quite a bit to offer, more on that later, but one thing that I never forget is the meal we had on the first night there. It wasn’t anything flash just a clam chowder but the way it was presented in this hollowed out bread was to die for. I had others while in Vegas but the one is Caesar Palace was the best.

Something else we noticed in Vegas was there was a lot of people trying to make a few bucks off the tourists. In Hollywood they normally dressed up as movie stars or did performances on the sidewalk but in Vegas they were a different breed. Sure there were some who were showing their talent by playing a musical instrument or something, but in Vegas a lot of them just sat around holding signs. A sign might say something like; “Why lie, I need money for a Jack Daniels”. vegas parisAnother might say, “Why lie, I need money for a whore!”. I’m sure you get the idea. I couldn’t work out who would give money to these guys until someone sake me to take a photo of him and his girlfriend. I said, “NO worries mate, what do you want to use as a background?” Instead he lead me to one of this guys and posed next to him. I took the photo and the bloke them paid the one with the sign. Looks like there are money making opportunities everywhere, you just have to look for them. I’m sure we can apply this to blogging or just about any online venture.

You may remember that I mentioned the incredible size of these hotels, well it’s not too hard to believe when you take into consideration how competitive they have to be to fight for their share of business. They have to be more than just a hotel or casino, they also fight for the entertainment and shopping dollar. gondola singerThe more they can capture your attention they greater the possibility of removing some dollars from your wallet. Take this picture of the gondola singer, it looks like their outside doesn’t it? Nope, we’re actually inside The Venetian and those canals ran through it. Even though it seems we’re outside the ceilings were painted to look like the sky so rain or shine the customer is always protected. Not that I would imagine it raining that much in Nevada, Vegas being in the desert and all.

The arcades within the hotels were filled with shops and I have to say most of them were geared at the women. I reckon the ladies in Vegas had a ball, especially considering that it’s always been my experience most of them live to shop. We work our butts of to make venetian arcadethe money and they work theirs off spending it. As you can see in this next photo my wife is checking out some bags to add to her collection. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of bags and shoes women have to possess. It must have something to do with being brainwashed by Sarah Parker in Sex In The City. You may also notice from the photo it seems we’re outside, but again the ceiling has been painted to give that appearance and we’re actually inside.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are heaps of things to buy in Vegas, not just shoes and bags. There are heaps of designer shops selling all those expensive brands but we didn’t do much except window shopping, and near then end I waited outside as I soon tired of looking at crap that I had no intention to buy, not the wife though. Perhaps if Vegas wasn’t so stingy and let me win a few bucks instead of just taking it all. :tongue_wink_ee:

Here in Australia we have something that’s called a toffee apple. It’s basically an apple on a stick and the apple is covered with toffee. I suppose the idea behind it is that you stuff your teeth up by eating the toffee and then it’s the apples job to clean them thereby keeping the dentist away. :lol_ee: toffee apples Well, over in Vegas they had something along the same idea but as usual for those Yanks, they’ve taken it one step further. I have to admit though, they looked pretty yummy and the names were obviously meant to entice you. They had Thunder Crunch Apple, Chocolate Pecan Apple and Chocolate Walnut, just to name a few.

While in Vegas and Hollywood we were never lucky enough to come across any celebrities but apparently they are well known to pop in, and I don’t just mean the ones working the shows. There was this one particular store that used to be a favourite of Michael Jackson. I remember seeing a show once where they filmed Michael walking through the store and as he walked through he was basically buying everything that caught his eye. I would have loved to take some photos of the inside of the store but venetianMJunfortunately that wasn’t allowed so you have to settle for this one of the store window display. In case you’re wondering we didn’t actually buy anything in that store because as far as we were concerned the prices were outrageous. I’m not saying the merchandise was overpriced, just that we weren’t prepared to outlay that much money, after all, I’m just a poorly paid blogger, I’m sure as heck haven’t got Michael Jackson’s pocket book.

If you ever make it to Vegas just make sure you take a camera with you. I took my Canon EOS 550D SLRDigital SLRs) but because I didn’t want to leave any of the lenses behind I brought my Lowepro SlingShot 202 AWCamera Cases) along. The Lowepro made it easy to carry all my camera gear including my digital camcorder and batteries.

I will be doing a few extra posts covering my time in Vegas but for now I will leave you with this photo of a ceiling in the Venetian. If memory serves me well that store that Michael Jackson used to frequent can be found right under this ceiling, just remember to bring lots of cash.

venetian ceiling2

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  1. The hotels are really incredible in vegas, you don’t really need to go outside. What about the nigh life in Vegas?

    p.s. yes, shoes are an important part of our lives because they make us feel pretty :), so sooner you realize this, the better will be for your marriage . LoL :)

  2. Woah! The Venetian canals INSIDE look insane!! I need to experience that next time I’m in Vegas.

  3. I wonder how well a banner on your site would work that said “Why Lie, I Need Money for Whisky” would do linking to a Paypal donation button? :)

    Vegas definitely has a lot to offer once you get beyond the gambling and the alcohol, including never ending photo opportunities between the architecture and people!
    Kristi Hines recently posted…5 Steps to Submitting a Guest Post & Getting It PublishedMy Profile

    1. Somehow I don’t think it would have the same effect. As to those guys in Vegas, I was never tempted by those signs because it felt too much like I was feeding their bad habits.
      Sire recently posted…Your Guest Poster Breaks The Rules! Now What?My Profile

  4. Since moving to Los Angeles, I have been to Vegas quite a few times. The first few times were pretty much just a mix of touristy things and maybe partying a little too hard.. However, it really is a great place to explore, which I learned on later visits. As you mentioned, the photo opportunities are endless, and there are also attractions not too far from the itself, like the Hoover Dam for example.

    It sounds like you were able to make the most out of your trip!

      1. “Sushi row” A.K.A. Sahara Ave. :) My favorite though is Yama Sushi off Maryland Pkwy near UNLV. All you can eat for $25!

  5. Hey Sire,

    I have never been to Vegas but my girlfriend is in love with that place (I wonder if she just wants to take me there to get me drunk and marry me lol)

    As I’m not a fan of sweets I’m pretty sure I would spend my whole time drinking and gambling although I think I actually need a “spotter” so I can manage to get out of there with enough money to get back home as well.

    Anyway back to business, I’m wondering how are you placing those Amazon links, you literally have to search exactly for the product and take the link out manually?

    I’ve been wondering if there is any other way I can manage my amazon products a bit easier.

    There are amazon plugins but really if there are plugins I’m pretty sure I can come up with something of my own but I’m really too lazy to go through APIs and stuff I just don’t have the time for it.

    The fountain video was amazing, thanks for that and I just remembered that my girlfriend talks about a men stripping ‘show’… I don’t really think I want to know how that goes.

    PS. Great, great pics Sire, I might get a Flickr account.

    1. Yeah, you got to watch out for these women Sergio, they always have a plan up their sleeve somewhere :lol_ee:

      As far as gambling goes I always set a limit to how much I can lose and I quit once that is reached.

      Now, regarding Amazon, what you see there is not a plugin, it’s one of their scripts. I love it because it allows me to promote up to 10 related Amazon produces at a time. You will find it in the widgets section of the Amazon dashboard. The widget is called the Carousel Widget. The beauty of it is you can search for different products without losing the ones you’ve already chosen. Drop me an email if you have any problems.

      Say Sergio, if you really like that video I would really appreciate you using the YouTube ‘like’ link….. Thanks mate.
      Sire recently posted…Google +1 Showing Others Their Stamp Of ApprovalMy Profile

  6. I love Las Vegas, last time I was there I was pregnant with my fist child, just on the no fly boarderline of 5 months, loved the sights the climate and all that it had to offer, we stayed at the Mirage and although not the best themed hotel it’s very central to all the sights…

    1. Yep, we walked past the Mirage on several occasions but never actually went in. Unfortunately there’s not all that much you can do in two days.

  7. That town sure has changed since I was there last… well, in appearance anyway! Thanks for the travel update, Sire.

  8. Love toffee apples – remember the song?

    Toffee Apple
    Nice and Sticky
    One for Sam
    and one for Nicky

    something like that…
    Brendan recently posted…Windy Weather not MerewetherMy Profile

  9. I didn’t think that people can make money this way. I think i got an idea. I need to go and create a webpage that says “Why lie, I need money because i can’t make a buck from this website!!!”, do you think they will give me some? LOL :)By the way toffee apples are great!

    1. Sure they can Edgar, I saw them do it. As for it working on your website, somehow I don’t think it will have the same effect.

  10. What a very nice place! I am hoping I can have a vacation on that popular city… My friend already did and Im thinking to visit it by next year…

    1. Of you ever get there Kathy you’re going to love it.

  11. I had stayed in Venetian some years ago for a tech convention which had taken place in Hilton and I was in total awe not only because of Vegas but of the Venetian hotel in particular. The canals and the gondolas with their singing masters, the shops, the restaurants and the “St. Marks square” copy, all under a sky-like high ceiling was just incredible. Thanks for the photos Sire.

    1. It was unreal wasn’t it Steven. We had a gelati in St Marks Square and it was an extraordinary feeling. Glad you liked the photos.
      Sire recently posted…How Should You Treat Your Affiliates?My Profile

  12. I am going to have a vacation in Las Vegas together with my family…It is because of the influence from my friends…They told me I will really love it visiting there and it will be memorable one…

    1. Hey Evan, I’m sure you will love it, I did.

  13. Wow..Such a beautiful city. Never been there but I see that it will go into my list of future trips.
    Thank your for this post

    1. You won’t regret visiting Vegas Viktor

  14. Your vivid details of Las Vegas are more picturesque than your pictures! One thing that really got me bolted was the Venetian canals which seemed to be so blue and so real than the original one. It sure shows what money can do and the billboard holding guys is a clear depiction that there are innumerable ways to make money in this sin city! Hooked or crooked is not a matter of concern!

    1. Thanks Anny

  15. The restaurants and hotels alone are reason enough to visit Vegas. Also, if you like people watching, or just walking around, there’s enough sights to see to keep you busy for days.

  16. That’s incredible that the gondola singer is actually inside!!!! I am really impressed with what they have done, I wonder how deep that water is. It looks so inviting too! Oh and those apples… I dont think my teeth could handle them!! hahaha.


    1. It sure is remarkable, and I don’t think the water is any deeper than it has to be. As for the apples, they do look good don’t they?

      1. They do Sire! Much better than the candy apples we have around here. Like I said though not sure if my teeth could handle all that candy goodness!!!


  17. Las Vegas is indeed a beautiful place and every corner of it is extremely amazing. Thanks for posting the photos. The one with the boat and river in the middle of the city is like a place in Italy. You will really enjoy if you stay in Vegas.

    1. Yeah, that place would be Venice Linda. :wink_ee:

    1. Having a heavy wallet doesn’t make it any prettier Danny as it doesn’t cost you to look. Money will enable you to stay at more expensive hotels and take in a lot more shows.

  18. Awesome pics….I love Italy. I took my parents there for their 30th anniversary…..we could have stayed in Tuscany forever!!! Now, i may need to take them to Vegas for their 40th!!

    1. I’m sure they will love Vegas and Italy is next on my list for a holiday destination.

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