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LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk 45492 4 Xmas

LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk 45492 4 Xmas

Every day this week I’ve been posting what I believe to be great ideas for Christmas gifts. So far all those gifts have had one thing in common, they’ve had something to do with technology. This one is a little different as you don’t have to plug it on or have batteries for it to work. Even so it does work side by side with technology  :wink_ee:

These days just abut everybody has some sort of laptop. The beauty about laptops is you can use them anywhere and most people will use them on their laps, whether there watching TV or just laying in bed. You’ve probably done this yourself haven’t you? That being the case you’ve probably noticed that while doing so you legs get rather warm. That can be uncomfortable, especially in summer, but what it worse is that it could be causing your laptop to overheat which could lower performance or even harm your laptop. This is because placing it on your lap usually blocks the air vents which are there to help cool it down.

This is why a computer LapDesk would make a great gift. As usual I did the research for you and I’ve decided that the best computer LapDesk out there is the LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk! Some of the important points to keep in mind when buying a LapDesk

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Is it big enough to hold your laptop and a mouse if you need one?
  • Is it suitable for left handed people?
  • Is there a ridge to prevent laptop from sliding off?
The biggest and most important feature seems to be the comfortability of the unit and LapGear Deluxe seems to have that in then bag. As usual I’ve choses Amazon for the source as they’ve proven to be very popular and because it gives my readers the chance to read real customer reviews. Naturally you may want to check out some other great online resources like ebaySears and Target.


Other LapTop Desks You Could Consider

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B002JF8PS8″ /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B0046EC19Y” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B001CCTPLK” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B002WTB34E” /]


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