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Kitchen Jokes Friday Funnies #332

This week’s Friday Funnies is about kitchen jokes, but before I get to my this week’s kitchen jokes, I’d like to apologise for missing last weeks Friday Funnies. I do have a perfect excuse though, its because I took my family to Bali so we could celebrate my 60th birthday. We all loved Bali, and I will be doing some YouTube videos of our time over there. You may want to subscribe to My Bonzer Channel, so you don’t miss out on those videos.

OK, onto my funny kitchen jokes.

Kitchen Jokes Sex In The Kitchen

There could be many reasons for having sex in the kitchen, but not many of them would be funnier than this one.

She was standing in the kitchen, preparing our usual soft-boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, wearing only the ‘T’ shirt that she usually slept in.

As I walked in, almost awake, she turned to me and said softly, “You’ve got to make love to me this very moment!”

My eyes lit up, and I thought, “I am either still dreaming, or this is going to be my lucky day!”

Not wanting to lose the moment, I embraced her and then gave it my all; right there on the kitchen table.

Afterwards, she said, “Thanks,” and returned to the stove, her T-shirt still around her neck.

Happy, but a little puzzled, I asked, “What was that all about?”

She explained, “The egg timer’s broken…..”

kitchen jokes

Kitchen Facts: Eating In The Fifties

While technically not a joke I’m sure you’ll find the humour in the following.

Pasta had not been invented. It was macaroni or spaghetti.

Curry was a surname.

Taco? Never saw one till I was 15.

All chips were plain.

Oil was for lubricating, fat was for cooking.

Tea was made in a teapot using tea leaves and never green.

Cubed sugar was regarded as posh.

Chickens didn’t have fingers in those days.

None of us had ever heard of yogurt.

Healthy food consisted of anything edible!

Cooking outside was called camping.

Seaweed was not a recognized food.

‘Kebab’ was not even a word… never mind a food.

Sugar enjoyed a good press in those days and was regarded as being white gold.

Prunes were medicinal and stewed.

Surprisingly Muesli was readily available. It was called cattle feed.

Pineapples came in chunks or were round with a hole in the middle, in a tin; we had only ever seen a picture of a real one.

Water came out of the tap. If someone had suggested bottling it and charging more than gasoline for it, they would have become a laughing stock.

There were three things that we never ever had on/at our table in the fifties, elbows, hats and cell phones!

And there were always two choices for each meal…

“Take it” or Leave it”

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