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Keyword Abusers Force Comment Policy Change

Isn’t it always the way, the actions of a few means that the rest of us have to suffer. Well, I’m sorry, but I reckon I put up enough with people abusing my good nature so I’ve had to make a small adjustment to the Comment Policy.

It’s not a major adjustment as I still want to reward my commentators. However in an effort to maintain a high quality of the comments I also want to deter those who think that they can just leave a comment with a string of keywords attached.

To achieve this I have decided to make an adjustment to what I will accept in regards to KeywordLuv, and I’ve edited the instructions posted at the bottom of the comment box, just so people can’t use the excuse they were unaware of the change. It now reads;

This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@Your Keywords in the Name field to take advantage. Any more than two keywords and your comment will be deleted.

So, my little spammers, pay close attention. You are to leave your name and no more than two keywords, and when I say your name I mean your name, not another keyword. Failure to do this and I will either delete your comment or send it to Akismet, depending on the mood I am in.

To the rest of my loyal commentators I am so sorry to have to put you through all this, but unfortunately there is only so much even this thick skinned Aussie can bear.

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  1. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    Darn, and just as I was going to try out actually leaving a keyword with my comments on a few friendly blogs, to see if it can help bring back traffic to a niche blog that I’m attempting to “revive from the dead”. lol, it’s all good though, I’m sure I can figure out two good words instead of three ;-)

    It’s a bummer that you had to take the time to make this change. I really, really, really dislike those silly “dofollow” lists … and I wish that none of my sites had ever been put on them. The purpose behind it is noble … but ignorant people will always find a way to mess up a good thing.

    Oh well, I guess that’s just life.
    .-= Todd@Earn Money´s last blog ..Dumping Ebay Partner Network =-.

    1. Hey Todd, I figured two words should be ample for most people. BTW, I didn’t know you had niche blogs.

      1. Twitter:
        Hi Sire,

        I thought everybody had “niche” blogs … lol, how else would we make money? :-D When I come to my friend’s blogs to comment, I’m not thinking about clicking ads (in fact, most time I don’t even notice them). However, search engine visitors who come to a site for a specific purpose do tend to click on ads … which let’s be honest, is what I’d prefer them to do, as opposed to say, leaving a comment.

        BTW, you have inspired me to create a comment policy on my todds tips blog … thanks for the inspiration.

        Catch up with you again soon.
        .-= Todd@Earn Money´s last blog ..Earn Extra Money Working From Home At Night =-.

        1. I’m glad I could inspire someone :thumbup_tb:

          As to niche blogs, I thought I had a winner when I chose Top Sexual Aids, but little did I know that for the most part Google only displays community ad on this type of blog. Oh well, reckon I’ll have to just pick the right products to promote. Blow up doll anyone :lol_tb:

          Stay safe mate.

          1. Twitter:
            Hi Sire,

            Yes, from what I understand that is a tough niche to compete in. That being said, if you are getting traffic, I would imagine that affiliate products would do much better than cpc ads on a site like that.

            1. Getting some but nowhere near enough, and because of the subject matter, it’s also hard to promote.

  2. I never use keywords [intentionally]. This would explain the low traffic numbers on my site[s]. No matter, I enjoy writing all the same. And to all you sucky people :nono_tb:
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..WOOF Contest 11/13 Winners =-.

    1. Anne, you have permission to use two keywords whenever you comment on this blog. :smile2_ee:

  3. Oh Sire! Spammers as usuall everywhere; blogs, e-mails, twitter! Spams suck! Anyway good that you mentioned this clearly in the KeywordLuv note bellow the comment box.
    .-= Hicham´s last blog ..Egypt under Cambyses II =-.

    1. You’re not kidding Hicham, I even get spam in my mailbox, and I’m not talking email :furious_tb: Still at least I can wipe my ass with those :laugh_tb:

  4. I leave keywords when I remember or if a site remembers them for me. Am I doing this SEO thing right? :)

    I fully support this new policy, spammers need to be inconvenienced as much as possible.
    .-= Ray´s last blog ..Commentluv & IntenseDebate BFFs =-.

    1. I don’t know Ray, I’m the wrong one to ask about SEO :lol_ee:

      Thanks mate

      1. We should write a guide. A big, long, expensive guide and then the last page would be a one-liner which reads “honestly, we have no idea what we’re doing so if you read through this whole thing our advice is to find someone who knows about this stuff“. We’d make loads!
        .-= Ray´s last blog ..Commentluv & IntenseDebate BFFs =-.

  5. Keywords are an important aspect of SEO and they should be used in proper manner. They should be promoted properly and its importance should be kept in mind.
    .-= Bollinger´s last blog ..Reliance Netconnect USB Modem =-.

    1. You forgot the most important aspect of keywords, ‘They should not be used to spam comments on the blogs of others’.

  6. I have started to get annoyed with the good people using like 3 or 4 word Keywords with this plugin. As if it’s not nice enough to offer it some dirtbag has to abuse it.
    .-= Extreme John@Extreme John Blogs and Business´s last blog ..Meeting Mr. Butch Patrick a.k.a Eddie Munster =-.

    1. Yeah low lives, not that it’s a problem anymore, now that I’ve taken control back

  7. You are right Sire, I am suffering from the same problem, I some times had to delete so many comments because of that, once I found 70 spamming comments in one day!
    .-= Hesham´s last blog ..7 Blogging Tips For Beginners =-.

    1. Yeah, what can you do Hesham? Unfortunately as bloggers we have to take the good with the bad. We enjoy the good and we Akismet the bad to spammer’s hell :devil_tb:

  8. I think it’s fair. I always only leave my name (and the name of my site, which can hardly be considered a keyword?)

    At my site I don’t even allow keywords as name, I simply remove them if I think the comment warrants to be approved, otherwise I spam/delete it.
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Caroline Wozniacki’s Breasts Are Really Popular =-.

    1. Hi Klaus, it will be interesting to see how many people disregard the new policy. I’ve got my delete, Akismet finger prime and ready for all those that do.

      I’m heading over to see your post. care of commentluv. It looks very interesting.

    2. LOL! Klaus’ latest blog post’s title does look very interesting!

      Sire, until this post I did not realize I could put keywords here. Guilty of just jumping right into the comment box after reading the post, but not caring to read the warning/notice prints in the vicinity of the comment box. I thought I already knew all about commenting policies. Turns out, comment policies differ from blog to blog.

      Would probably be taking advantage of this someday. However, the ‘two keywords’ limit (which I assume to be a keyphrase with only two words in it, [please correct me if I assumed wrong]) is something that can only be enjoyed by only a few I suppose. All my keyphrases (long-tails) have no less than 3 words in it.
      .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Open_Basedir Restriction In Effect =-.

      1. James, I quite enjoyed Klaus’ post, and I’m sure if you tried you would manage to fit it in two keywords.

  9. i still not have much problem with spam just yet.. but every time i comment i prefer just to write my name, because it ask for name, not your site name.. right?
    .-= izzat aziz´s last blog ..Four steps to great articles =-.

    1. That’s the way to go for most blogs izzat aziz, but I don’t mind you using a keyword or two as long as you follow the rules.

  10. nice comment policy, i personally never like keywords in the name field, really kills the community aspect of the blog… also with keywords and website names, its always hard to address the commentator,
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..How to Fix Windows XP =-.

    1. I agree, which is why I insist they include their names. There are rare exception that I allow, but then they are using a nick name, sort of like the way I use Sire.

  11. I think this is a wise move and only fair. There are many “people” who do nothing but abuse the luv a good blogger sends out and I do not think that you should be penalized by this. Two Keywords is actually very generous already if you ask me. I don’t even use it. I comment when I like a post and want to give my opinion or feedback. Very good policy and if someone does not like it, then to hell with them. I do see any reason why they have to use your keyword luv like a mini- Twitter box, hehe
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Make Money With Google – Increase Your Earning Potential With Ad Planner =-.

    1. Thanks DiTesco. I like you rarely make use of keywordluv on other blogs, but do offer it as a reward for those who wish to avail themselves of it’s benefits.

      If some commentators no longer wish to comment because of the change in policy, then I say good riddance as they were never interested in what I had to say in the first place.

  12. Exactly why I never installed the plugin. ;)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..IS An Advertising Page Really A Good Idea? An Interesting Opposing View… =-.

    1. That plus the fact that you’re too lazy to moderate the comments :laugh_tb:

      1. Hahahahaha you’d cringe at the moderation going on over here. ;)
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..IS An Advertising Page Really A Good Idea? An Interesting Opposing View… =-.

  13. It’s okay, I forgive you. ;-) I never did understand how KeywordLuv works, so I stay away out of fear. Now that you’ve explained it, I might be tempted to take advantage. But not in an overly advantageous way.

    Ah, the drama. Next time there’s drama over here send me an urgent notice! On Facebook or something! ;-)
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Thesis Options Frozen =-.

    1. Life just wouldn’t be worth living without your forgiveness Heather :wink_ee: , and you can take advantage of me anytime.

      What’s that? You mean the plugin and not me? :rolleyes_tb:

      1. Do you have a sarcasm abuse policy as well? I would like to report a violation! :P
        .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..What is my purpose? =-.

        1. Hang on a sec while I have a look………nope. :tongue_laugh_ee:

  14. It’s sad, but ture that many suffer from a few users actions. I know you have tried to be nice, but it’s time we all start doing the same. If we don’t stand up then they will take advantage of us all.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Firefox Plugins to Increase Blogging Productivity (Series 1) =-.

    1. Sounds like the beginning of a new movement George. Announcing the Death To Keyword Spammers Club. :thumbup_tb:

  15. You know what Sire. All have to face such ridiculous spammers.

    It’s upto us to solve this and I hope you will solve this in your part.
    .-= Karthi from BlogrPro´s last blog ..Exclusive Interview with Andy Bailey – The man behind CommentLuv =-.

    1. Yeah, I hope so too. I may do a post later to let everyone know how it’s working.

  16. Hi Sire,
    I actually really like your new comment policy. It will weed out those who are commenting just to get a link and not to truly connect and interact.
    I know that comments are great for the search engines because they’re unique and fresh content but we have to have our guidelines in place for sure my friend.
    All the best,
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..How to make a prayer journal =-.

    1. I reckon it will Eren, and I’m fine with getting a few less comments, because I know those who choose to leave comments now will be doing it because they want to and not because they want to abuse my generosity.

  17. Twitter:
    That was a change? Wuss! :devil_tb: Actually, you know I say that because I guess my little comment policy is slightly harder than yours, or easier than yours, since I just delete all the words except one letter and let the comment stay. I wonder if any of those folks pay attention when I do that; hmmm,…
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..My 13 Favorite Singers =-.

    1. Actually, if it’s a crap comment I just delete it as it’s not worth the space it’s written on. If it’s a good comment I will get rid of the keywords. If I’m in a bad mood I will go the extra mile and delink it. No point wasting a perfectly good comment now, is there?

    2. Now there’s an idea. Google bomb them, make up a totally new and uncomplimentary keyword. I suspect you are right Mitch, they don’t subscribe to comments and will never know.
      .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..Economic Stimulus =-.

      1. I’ve heard of Google slap, but never Google bomb. :ponder_tb: How does that work exactly.

        1. If thousands of people linked here with the anchor text “Aussie babe magnet” then whenever someone searched for “Aussie babe magnet your site would come up.

          This was done to George bush. Although is has been fixed, it used to be that if you searched for “who is a failure” the number 1 result in Google was the official white house web page.

          Here is a link explaining it

          Google has since manually removed it and I suspect they have updated their algorithm to make it much harder to do.
          .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..Economic Stimulus =-.

          1. I didn’t know that. Thanks for enlightening me Ted.

            So, I reckon if the wife ever leaves me it shouldn’t be too hard to make that Aussie Babe Magnet thing stick, would it? lol

  18. Since you and I share another blog in common, I decided to stop by and see what you were all about. This topic seems to be over my head because I don’t come to other people’s blogs to set up “keywords.” I figure if you like my response to what you’ve written, you would just automatically check me out (like I did you) but if you don’t—no luv lost. Amazing how blogs can turn folks into treacherous beings—-“some folks” :)
    .-= Beverly Mahone´s last blog ..School Fundraising Project Comes Under Fire =-.

    1. Hi Beverley, I’ve never actually thought of it that way, and I don’t mind sharing Mitch’s blog with you. :wink_ee:

      You would be surprised how many people actually do abuse the good nature of some bloggers, using “keywords” instead of their name. Even though you’re not one of them I’m sure you’ve encountered those comments on more than one occasion.

    2. Twitter:
      Hi Beverly,

      Basically, some people want to type keywords instead of their names, such as “Big Red Cars”. Sire has it set up so people can type in “john@big red cars”, thus giving them what’s known as keyword luv, which is a WordPress plugin he uses. Now, someone like me doesn’t care about the keywords, so like you, I just put in my name.
      .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Thanksgiving; My Last Favorite Holiday =-.

  19. Hi Sire,

    I know that you’re a bit more patient than I am as I have completely removed KeywordLuv way back as a result of abuse. I still get more keywords than names in the name field up to this date and still a lot of scumbags not reading the comment policy I have in place. As a result, their comments result into deletion which is something I’m forced to do but I have no choice.
    .-= Mathdelane @Software Critics´s last blog ..The Buggy Seesmic for Windows =-.

    1. There will always be those who try to scam the system Mathdelane, not matter what you do. Sure it’s a pain, but it’s part of the bloggers life.

      1. There’s always a delete button anyway.
        .-= Mathdelane @Software Critics´s last blog ..The Buggy Seesmic for Windows =-.

        1. Yes, and let’s not forget the all important spam button. :grin2_ee: :lol_ee:

  20. It’s interesting that in the replies to this post, few have used keywords. Most that did simply used their blog name.
    .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..Economic Stimulus =-.

    1. Interesting that. Oh that’s right, now I remember. I either deleted the comment or changed the keywords to all those who did the wrong thing. :devil_tb:

  21. Seems we are all going through the same at the moment, just a few days ago I added a captcha to my blog to keep the spambots away and revised my comment policy also. The idea with restricting the keywords to maximal two is great, I might adopt that one also, but what helped me most was to change the default text of the keywordluv plugin so that spammers would not find me in the first place! SY

    1. Now there is an idea. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Nope, seeing how it’s related to the post, I’m fine with the link.

  22. It really is a shame that so many people blatantly spam. While it is good to create backlinks by posting on related blogs, if people would only read the posts they might learn something new! I love reading online marketing and promotion blogs, and learn something I can use every time I do.

    I don’t blame you at all! Great blog, by the way:)

    1. Thanks Tess, and the thing that most spammers don’t seem to get is that if they would only read the blog and left a good comment, their comment would not be deleted. Then again, if they did that they wouldn’t be spammers. :laugh_tb:

      Thanks for commenting.

  23. Ok, I have added a couple of keywords to my name. Is this supposed to help my SEO somehow? LOL
    .-= Keith@FenceMaterials´s last blog ..Vinyl Vs Wood Fencing =-.

    1. So they tell me Keith, but I don’t bother anymore, it’s all too hard. I just want to say my piece as best I can and be off to the next blog to see if I can leave some more words of wisdom.

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