I was thinking the other day about all those people who get into trouble by having a credit card. It’s not something that affects everybody as a lot of credit card owners know how to use credit cards to their advantage. But then there are heaps of people who once they get a credit card they go on a spending spree not even thinking that they have to pay that money back. Heck, some of them even go out and get another one when the one they’ve been using gets maxed out. These poor people amass a debt that at worst sends them bankrupt and at best takes them years to pay off.

The other day I came across a card with an unusual name that offers an unusual feature, the Kaiku Visa prepaid debit card. While you can’t earn points every time you use it, a feature that I love about my credit card it does have other benefits. Having said that’ it’s kaikunot really a credit card as it’s more of a debit card.  :wink_ee: Anyway, the best feature is that it helps you to control your money. What you do is you load it by depositing only the amount of money you’re wanting to spend. A hell of a lot safer than going around with a wad of cash in your pocket. Once you spend that money you can reload it via a direct deposit or with cash.

I had a pretty good look at their site and I couldn’t really fault it. From what I could tell you can’t spend more than you’ve deposited in it which means you can’t accrue any debt. You can use it at any facility that accepts Visa and I’m pretty sure you can also use it at ATM’s to withdraw money, as long as you have that money deposited in it. There are other features and benefits but that’s the one that appealed to me the most.


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