Jokes That Make You Laugh Friday Funnies #225

People just love jokes that make you laugh. It’s because they love jokes that make you laugh so much that my Friday Funnies series is so popular. Believe it or not it’s now the most popular topic on this blog bringing more traffic than any other topic.

I’m hoping that todays Friday Funnies post will continue the jokes that make you laugh tradition.

To start off I have a really funny cartoon to show you.

Exercise Jokes That Make You Laugh

funny jokes that make you laugh



The next one is for all of you who are married, were married, wish you were married or wish you were not married!  This is something to smile about the next time you see a bottle of wine.

Fred was driving home from one of his business trips, in Northern Arizona, when he saw an elderly Navajo man walking on the side of the road.

As the trip was a long and quiet one, he stopped the car and asked the Navajo man if he would like a ride.

With a silent nod of thanks, the Indian got into the car.

Resuming the journey, Fred tried – in vain – to make a bit of small talk with the Navajo man.  The old man just sat silently, looking intently at everything he saw, studying every little detail, until he noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Fred.

“What in bag?”- asked the old man.

Fred looked down at the brown bag and said: “It’s a bottle of wine. I got it for my wife.”

The Navajo man was silent for another moment or two.  Then, speaking with the quiet wisdom of an elder, he said: – “Good trade!”

Do you remember the Mary had a little lamb nursery rhyme? Here is a version that is a little different.

.more jokes that make you laugh

How about the Mary had a little lamb one?

lamb jokes that make you laugh

Then there is always Humpty Dumpty,

funny nursery rymes

Finally, have you ever heard the term being up shit creek without a paddle? Well apparently it actually exists! Or so the email I got the other day says. Apparently It is just outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Shit Creek USA

Somehow you just always knew it was out there … somewhere.  :smoke_tb:

If you’re looking for more laughs you should check out my funny sports jokes.


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    Hi Peter,

    I think we could all use a laugh. Every. Single. Day.
    It’s so important to keep humor in our lives.

    Never knew shit creek was a real place. That would certainly be an interesting sign to see driving along somewhere.

    Thanks for the laughs. :)
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