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job searchJob search is important because people all over the world are looking for a job. It may be an extra job to supplement their income or it could be because they just want a change in their work environment. Many may even have joined the unemployment cue because of the downturn in the economy. Still there is work out there for those fortunate enough to use the right Job Search facility.

Finding the right job can sometimes be a hassle which is why having the right job search tool is so important.

Enter the Job Search Engine by Neuvoo!

Job Search By Neuvoo

I was very fortunate to be approached by someone from Neuvoo to place their job search engine on my blog. At first I incorporated it in the sidebar but I was so impressed with them that I’ve devoted a whole page to the Neuvoo job search engine. As you can see I can even place it within this very post.

You’ll notice at the end of the Job Search Engine on my Jobs Page that I’ve listed all the different countries where Neuvoo offer their job search facility. At the  moment mine is showing jobs available in Australia. Once I work it out I should be able to set it to show jobs in a particular city of any country. That way I can target my local traffic.

I can even target a keyword, so on my photo blog I could show any photography related jobs.  :drunk_tb: Yes, I will be offering their unique job search facility on my other blogs as well.

So, who are neuvoo? They’re an international job aggregator who launched in 2011. As you can see from the list on my job search page they’re available in 42 countries. They’re headquarters are in Montreal, Canada and a European office in Switzerland.

I like that they aggregate all jobs from employers’ career pages so job seekers can freely find all jobs available in their preferred area. A whole lot better than going onto multiple sites looking for their dream job.

I’d be really interested in anyones experience with neuvoo! Once I get the targeting bug worked out I’ll probably set up several job search pages linking to different countries, targeting those specific to those countries sending the most traffic.


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  1. Twitter:
    Job search is really important. I’m glad you have job search engine on your blog. I’ll make use of it as i am currently unemployed.

  2. Twitter:
    Lucky for me I just got a new job so will not need the services of this fine company though maybe I can test them out anyway?

    1. Twitter:
      Can’t see why you can’t take it for a spin Troy. After checking my Google Analytics I’ve included 5 search engines so I can represent readers from the top 5 countries that visit. They include the USA, Australia, England, India and Canada.

      I can always add more if I get enough users to requests. The pages show 25 jobs with a search engine at the top so users can request specific jobs in a specific area. Pretty cool I think. :smoke_tb:
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