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It’s Time For A Little Link Luv

Every now and again I like to write a post where I link to blogs that I like. To be a little different I thought this time I would link to some new blogs that I’ve come across. Some of these may be relatively new and could do with a little extra help to get some extra readership and others piqued my interest so much that I wanted to share them with my valued readers.

As bloggers we must learn that blogging is about sharing and helping others. We share by writing down our thoughts and we help others by answering their questions, providing thoughtful and helpful articles and also by linking to their blogs.

The Personal Cook Files

Grace is the blogger behind this blog that tantalizes your taste buds. It’s probably a good idea to read her about page to get an idea of how the blog came about, I particularly liked the following line which sums it all up “This is a story of a marriage forged in food.”

The first post I happened to stumble on was Easy Pork Recipes: Spicy Sisig Recipe and I must say the photo of the meal really wet my taste buds, but the recipe did have a particular ingredient that would put me off from ordering it in a restaurant. A shame really how the knowledge of something can prevent you from savoring all that life has to offer. Sometimes you wonder if it’s just better not knowing. :innocent1_tb: [/greybox]

Morpho Designs

This blog belongs to Mitchell Allen and while I’ve seen his name on several of the blogs I’ve visited I don’t think that I’ve ever checked him out until he left a quality comment on one of my posts, so you see people, it does pay to leave good quality comments when you go blog hopping.

Thanks to commentluv the post I landed on was his Review Of Max Your Holiday Profits, an eBook written by Barbara Ling who I’m sure many of you are familiar with. Mitch, not to be confused with Mitch from I’m Just Sharing gave a concise review of the product with a very special offer to anyone who purchases it via his affiliate link. [/yellowbox]

New Biz Blogger

I don’t know what it is but for some reason I keep landing on blogs owned by pretty women. I’m sure it’s not my fault and it’s simply because there are more women bloggers than there are men. That may not be true but that’s my only excuse. :innocent1_tb:

Michelle Welch is a woman of many talents, her latest being that of a blogger. I stumbled onto Michelle via a Tweet sent to me by Kimberly of Just Ask Kim, another very good blogger. The tweet led me to a particular post, Care To Be Featured In An Ebook! This Ebook could be a marketing bonanza for all involved. She is taking submissions from bloggers to be included in the Ebook up until the 13th of Dec. so you still have a couple of days as of the writing of this post to be involved. Sorry this post is a little late but then all the more reason not to procrastinate and to act NOW.[/redbox]


This is basically a Technology blog but it is also infused with a lot of other useful information. One of his posts so captivated me that I immediately installed another plugin. Those who know me know that I tend to have too many plugins and so this had to be extra special for me to have installed yet another plugin.

The post I’m talking about is Display Next Post In New York Time Style, and you will see it kick into action as you scroll down near to the end of the post. Yep, it’s that ‘fly-out box’ that you see popping out from the right. It highlights the next post in the same category of the post you are currently reading. The whole idea being that it improves your bounce rate, and according to Tuan, the blog’s author, has worked for his blog.[/bluebox]

Phew, that was a long blog post, especially for me. :tongue_rolleye_ee: I hope you guys visit those other blogs and tell them that Sire sent you so that I can get in good with the ladies :smile2_ee:, yeah, yeah, the guys too. :thumbup_tb:

Oh, in case you’re wondering how I did all those fancy colored blocks you can read all about it here.

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  1. I also recommend the newbizblogger blog to my clients because many topics are written in an easy to understand and to follow style, so that newbies can get an easy access into the blogging business and are not scared off by tech language.

  2. Great list Sire. Michele is really an awesome blogger and like her writing style.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Twitter:
    I knew about two of these, and the two I didn’t know about are really new. I hope they benefit from your publicity.
    Mitch recently posted…Post 900 Blogging Baby!My Profile

  4. I’ve been a big fan of Tek3D for quite sometime now, I check it nearly everyday
    I haven’t known about the other blogs though, will definitely check them out today :)

    1. That’s a good blog to know Kimi, and don’t mention it, after all, the purpose of this blog is inform and entertain.
      Sire recently posted…Learning How To Use Market SamuraiMy Profile

  5. You are too cool Sire! Thanks so much for mentioning me. I’m smiling from ear to ear. :D

    So glad you made it over to my site; otherwise I may have not of had the pleasure of meeting you. ;-)

    Tek3D definitely a great site; I just love those techies… must be the inner geek in me.

    I’ve only been to Mitchell’e site a few times, but he’s cool people for sure and has a lot to offer others.

    Will check out The Personal Cook Files. I luv me some cooking!

    All the best and thanks again! Talk soon. :-)

    1. Now that is something I would love to have seen Michelle, I reckon that sure would have been some smile. :grin1_ee:

      You have a great blog there and I couldn’t help but share it, and that Ebook idea, well that was the best :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Learning How To Use Market SamuraiMy Profile

  6. Hi Sire

    I visit all the sites you mention except the cooking one and can agree with you that they are all worth a visit. Mitch is a true wordsmith and has a great sense of humour too ;-)

    Great when bloggers acknowledge other great blogs or newbie blogs to go visit. I have found a lot of blogs this way. As you say, it is worth leaving a valuable contribution on someone’s blog. May get you recognised and even mentioned in their blog.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. Hey Sire, I see you have “New Biz Blogger” on your list, which is a site i visit frequently for Online business advice. Michelle definitely has more than a few helpful tips on that site.

    I agree with you when you say blogging is about sharing and helping others, and you are leading by example by sharing these great blogs with us.

  8. Gotta love the link luv! I’ve come across Tek3D several times but i guess I’ve never added it to my reader yet.

  9. I am a man who read and follows many blogs every day to find interesting article about SEO, properties market, world economy, ect. ect. And for some reason I read mostly female bloggers, women writing a little deeper and better articles. So I’m not surprise that you follow Michelle Welch blog, you just have a good taste.

    1. Well I didn’t use to follow her, but I reckon I may just have to now. :innocent1_tb:

  10. Good choices on both NewBizBlogger and TEk3D. They are both great and I too have seen the Tweet about being featured in an eBook that Michelle is preparing. Gotta hand it to you, you sure “land” most of the time with pretty faces and Michele certainly fits the bill (with all due respect of course). I have been an avid visitor of her website and despite being a “newbie”, I think that she is only new to the online world as she has some “killer” online business tips. As for cooking, I am sorry but it really is not my cup of tea. I’m lousy on the kitchen and usually very dependent on “someone” else to take that burden off me ;-)
    DiTesco recently posted…Monitor SEO Progress With Free SEO Reports And ToolsMy Profile

    1. Di Tesco, I can’t help it mate, I just happen to have a thing for women. :lol_ee:

      I’m not one much for cooking either but I don’t mind having a look to see how certain meals are put together. You never know when you just may have to cook for yourself one day.
      Sire recently posted…Top 5 Reasons Why No-One Is Advertising On Your BlogMy Profile

  11. I looked the newbizblogger blog and it seems to be very interesting because the topics are written in a user friendly way.

  12. Nice site list… most of them are new for me.
    I really liked your article end…. lol!!!

  13. Ya know… I could spend a week wandering around in here reading all your great posts. And that NYT fly-out link box truly does make it hard to just say, Nuff’s-enough, gotta got. So I’m going to have to go check that out before I start “work” for the day.

    You’re gonna get me fired, Sire!

    Well, no I guess you can’t — I’m SELF EMPLOYED!

    But I WILL have a stern talk with myself during my lunch break today, you can be sure of that!

    1. Yeah, I like the way it just slides out catching your eye. Looks like it working the way it should, sorry Allan :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      Don’t beat yourself up too much during your lunch break.

  14. I didn’t know that my blog was listed here until today. I read on another blog and it links to your blog. Thanks very much for including in your link luv. :)

    Have a great day, friend.
    Tuan recently posted…Google Nexus S only Supports 3G from T-MobileMy Profile

    1. No worries Tuan, I’m always glad to share the luv.

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