Identity theft has been a problem for some time and it can happen in several ways, one of which includes somebody using your credit card details to make illegal purchases over the internet or telephone. There are even cases listed where people have had their entire identity assumed by some jerk to open bank accounts, take out loans and even conduct illegal business transaction using a persona not their own.

Whilst I’ve always known this to be true I’ve never considered that some lowlife would stoop so low as to steal someone’s blogging identity. At least until yesterday. As part of my normal routine, I was checking comments left on my blogs when I noticed that one left by Mitch on my Step By Step Guide Of Hosting Your WordPress Blog was a little unusual. So unusual that ICredit Card Theft checked the url linked to his name, and guess what? It didn’t link to his I’m Just Sharing Blog, and yet it bore his name, minus the capital M which was definitely not Mitch. Then there was also the stupid mistakes, again not something that Mitch would do.

So, this wanker had virtually stolen my mates blogging identity, complete with avatar. The reasons behind this are quite obvious and so it’s left me wondering whether or not someone has been leaving comments as Sire, shitty comments that may cheapen my online presence and all so they can spam other peoples blogs. So, has your blogging identity been stolen?

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