This photo is one of many I took in another series of falling drops on my my Photos2Blog blog.

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I have found that in many situations in life, just like capturing this particular in time of the falling drop, that timing is of the essence. If you get the timing right you can usually expect great things, but if you get it wrong there can be a catastrophe waiting to happen. Take the current share market as an example, those who waited too long have either lost a bundle or are forced to sit on their stocks waiting for an increase in the market, whilst those who got out in the nick of time are rubbing their hands with glee as they search the stocks waiting to pick up all the best bargains.

One wonders if this can also be true in blogging. Although the results of mistiming may not be as dramatic in blogging I can’t help but wonder if the timing of your posts can have any relation to the immediate exposure it gets? Should I be delaying my posts so that they appear when it’s morning in another time zone when people are waking up, or evening when they come home from work.

I noticed last night, thanks to my Stumbled shortcut, that two of my blogs were stumbled just before 11pm Australia time, resulting in over 500 views in just over an hour. I’ve have been stumbled before but only once before did it result in so many views. Unfortunately I did not take note of the time on that occasion. So the question remains, is the timing of publishing your posts important in regards to getting the ultimate outcome?


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