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Is There An Alternative To ClickBank?

Since my post on Giving ClickBank The Flick I’ve had quite a few emails asking me whether or not there was an alternative to ClickBank? Truth be told I had found an alternative a little while ago but I hadn’t done a post on them because I was still sussing them out. I think that the time has come to introduce you guys not only to an alternative to ClickBank, but to a site that is a lot friendlier to their affiliates. By this I mean they do not place unfair expectations on their affiliates before paying them the commissions they so rightfully deserve.

Before I tell you all about this ClickBank alternative I’ve going to tell you how I came across them. Do you remember the post I did about the Covert Messenger plugin? Well, I was so impressed with that plugin that I wanted to promote it as an affiliate and it just so happens it’s one of many affiliates under the JVZoo umbrella.

JVZoo, The ClickBank Alternative

I’ve only been a JVZoo member for a little over two months and I’ve already made more money than all the time I’ve been with ClickBank. Not only that but unlike those turkeys I’ve actually been paid twice and it was into my PayPal account. That alone, the PayPal factor, makes JVZoo way better than ClickBank, but it’s not the only reason you may want to join.

Yeah, I put that there for those of you who are itching to join before reading the rest of the post and also to flaunt some of the capabilities of Andy’s IM Graphics plugin. Enough of that, you want to know why you should join.

    • Commissions paid into PayPal Account: I like this a lot better than having a check or something sent out to you that normally takes a lot longer and sometimes even incurs fees.
    • Regular Payments: Rather than having to reach a specified amount before being paid you get paid monthly regardless of how much you’ve earned.
    • Thousands of products to choose from: Some of the categories of products include, Business/Finance, Cooking/Food, Education, Entertainment, Game systems, Health/Fitness, Internet Marketing/E-Commerce and the list goes on.
    • Great Commission rates!: Out of the three products that I use and promote the lowest commission rate is 50% and the highest is 70%!
    • Plugins to promote your JVZoo products!: You can see this plugin working at the bottom of each post, but rather than you scrolling down I’ve place an image of it below. 

  • The ability to offer an Affiliate bonus!: Although I haven’t tried it I’ve noticed that there is a section where you can offer your readers a bonus with whatever affiliate your promoting. This is a great way to make your offers stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Like I said at the beginning of the post I’m a relatively new member so there may be a lot more reasons why you should join JVZoo so if, like me, you’re dissatisfied with ClickBank or your simply looking for another avenue to promote products on your site then I reckon you should give JVZoo a try.
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    1. It’s way better Mitch and I don’t push products all that much either, other than the ones that I use myself. I like the way I am able to include products I don’t own but that people may be interested in with their free plugin. This may well produce some sales with little or no effort.

  1. I think I may have to give JVZoo a try. I think that anything that works with PayPal will be better for me in the long run.

    1. PayPal will definitely be a great incentive for a lot of people Robert. Also the fact that so many products are offered means there is bound to be something for everyone to promote.

  2. Twitter:
    I’m heard of this one Sire but have yet to check it out. They’ve got a few more popping up but I really having taken the time to check out their products.

    So you haven’t been with them long but obviously they have some decent products right! If you recommend them then they have to be good.


    1. There is definitely some decent products but then like ClickBank there’s also ones that appear suspect. You know the ones that sound too good to be true and promise the world and probably won’t deliver anything.

      I think you will get these types of offers no matter where you go and it’s up to the individuals to sift through them all to find the nuggets.

  3. I haven\’t heard of JVZoo but I do use CommissionJunction and Amazon Affiliate often, Neverblue is another one. I like that it has regular monthly payments no matter how much earned, I have had $30 rolling over for months in my ClickBank account that I wish I could cash out.
    Justin Germino recently posted…Rediscover Engaging MMO Combat in Tera OnlineMy Profile

    1. I revisited ClickBank after reading your comment and apparently you’re able to withdraw your money once you’ve reached $10. You should try and get it out before it trickles down to nothing because of their dormancy rule.

      1. Thanks, just noticed it was as low as $10 and weekly if you chose direct deposit as well so switched it, now waiting for payout. I only make like 1-2 sales on ClickBank per month typically.
        Justin Germino recently posted…Rediscover Engaging MMO Combat in Tera OnlineMy Profile

        1. That’s more than I ever did, and you’re welcome.

    1. Its true that a lot of people like Clickbank but then it’s also true that a lot of people don’t. JVZoo provides a good and I believe a better alternative.

  4. I haven’t heard of this one before but It looks very good and better than click bank. I have been using amazon affiliates but will surely give it a try..Lets see how ZVZoo works.

    1. I would still use Amazon as JVZoo’s products are entirely different from Amazon’s.

  5. Hi Peter, how are things…well I guess things are going great! I just signed up for JVzoo last but I haven’t made any sales yet. It will be awesome to get the money right into paypal instead of waiting for snail mail to come from ClickBank.
    I didn’t realize there was a plugin for JVzoo. Thanks for the heads up!!

    Ileane recently posted…Google I/O 2012 Recap by Chris Lang and FriendsMy Profile

    1. Always a pleasure Ileane and I’m sure that those sales will start happening soon.

    1. Hey Paul, I’ve found that there’s pretty well always an alternative, you just have to look around for it.

  6. I have to be honest I had never heard of JVZoo but will give it a try. PayPal is a definite plus
    craig recently posted…What is SSD a ReviewMy Profile

    1. No harm in trying them out Craig, especially as it’s free to join.

  7. I’m heard of this one Sire but have yet to check it out. They’ve got a few more popping up but I really having taken the time to check out their products. So you haven’t been with them long but obviously they have some decent products. I am looking for some more update on this so Will you please give me some more update on this topic?

    Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

    1. Sure, Will, you can waif for a future update but honestly, considering it’s free to join and all, I would join up and start checking what they have to offer for yourself. Rather than waiting for an update you could be making some bucks. :thumbup_tb:

  8. Not sure how I missed this one Sire. I have been MIA lately. Too much to do in so little time :) Yeah, I know the same lame excuses, lol. Anyway, I use CB too and I think you do know that I use JVZoo as well :) The only reason why I still use CB is because there are a lot of products that are there that are not on JVZoo, and you are right, I like JVZoo’s payment system way better. Not comparable to that of CB, which sucks. Have you tried WarriorPlus??
    DiTesco recently posted…SEO Tips & Tutorials | Search Engine Optimization 2012My Profile

    1. I am a member of Warrior plus but only use the forum. As for ClickBank, I now refuse to use them on principal. It’s my understanding that Andy is using them to promote his latest plugin and I’ve told him that I won’t be promoting it because of it.

      1. Yeah, I saw your comment on Andy’s thread… Anwyay, Warrior Plus is very similar to that of JVZoo as most of the time, it is marketers who launch their products there (on a dime sale) before they put it up on CB. The commissions are crazy, some of which goes as high as 100%, and you get paid instantly. When someone buys from you, you get paid on PayPal per sale. Quite cool actually :)

        1. Yeah, did Andy ever reply to that as I never got any notification and I forgot where I left it?

          As for JVZoo, all I know is I like their setup a hell of a lot better than ClickBank

  9. I missed your Clickbank post, Sire, but it does look like we share the same distaste for it.

    Would love to test our your suggestion once I wrap my head around all the backlogs I have to go through.

    1. I’d be very interested in your thoughts on it Ana, not that it would sway my view on them mind you :wink_ee:

      I know Andy is promoting his latest plugin on ClickBank which is a shame because I was looking at looking at it myself but now I’m steering clear of it.

  10. I do think that ClickBank is getting too mainstream. If there are other alternatives to this then I better try them out rather than use all my energy on a product that does not change and afford me further benefits. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’d be smart to try JVZoo John because since writing this post I have continued to make money with them

    1. Believe me when I tell you I am more than happy with JVZoo, otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you so. If they ever do anything that will mar my opinion of them I will also let you know about that.

  11. Thanks for a helpful input here to choose a right affiliate network that fits your services and give you a desired platform.

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