Since my post on Giving ClickBank The Flick I’ve had quite a few emails asking me whether or not there was an alternative to ClickBank? Truth be told I had found an alternative a little while ago but I hadn’t done a post on them because I was still sussing them out. I think that the time has come to introduce you guys not only to an alternative to ClickBank, but to a site that is a lot friendlier to their affiliates. By this I mean they do not place unfair expectations on their affiliates before paying them the commissions they so rightfully deserve.

Before I tell you all about this ClickBank alternative I’ve going to tell you how I came across them. Do you remember the post I did about the Covert Messenger plugin? Well, I was so impressed with that plugin that I wanted to promote it as an affiliate and it just so happens it’s one of many affiliates under the JVZoo umbrella.

JVZoo, The ClickBank Alternative

I’ve only been a JVZoo member for a little over two months and I’ve already made more money than all the time I’ve been with ClickBank. Not only that but unlike those turkeys I’ve actually been paid twice and it was into my PayPal account. That alone, the PayPal factor, makes JVZoo way better than ClickBank, but it’s not the only reason you may want to join.

Yeah, I put that there for those of you who are itching to join before reading the rest of the post and also to flaunt some of the capabilities of Andy’s IM Graphics plugin. Enough of that, you want to know why you should join.

    • Commissions paid into PayPal Account: I like this a lot better than having a check or something sent out to you that normally takes a lot longer and sometimes even incurs fees.
    • Regular Payments: Rather than having to reach a specified amount before being paid you get paid monthly regardless of how much you’ve earned.
    • Thousands of products to choose from: Some of the categories of products include, Business/Finance, Cooking/Food, Education, Entertainment, Game systems, Health/Fitness, Internet Marketing/E-Commerce and the list goes on.
    • Great Commission rates!: Out of the three products that I use and promote the lowest commission rate is 50% and the highest is 70%!
    • Plugins to promote your JVZoo products!: You can see this plugin working at the bottom of each post, but rather than you scrolling down I’ve place an image of it below. 

  • The ability to offer an Affiliate bonus!: Although I haven’t tried it I’ve noticed that there is a section where you can offer your readers a bonus with whatever affiliate your promoting. This is a great way to make your offers stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Like I said at the beginning of the post I’m a relatively new member so there may be a lot more reasons why you should join JVZoo so if, like me, you’re dissatisfied with ClickBank or your simply looking for another avenue to promote products on your site then I reckon you should give JVZoo a try.
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