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Is There A Major Page Rank Around The Corner

I’ve noticed over the last few days that no matter what site I was visiting there was always something missing, the site’s Page Rank! The first time I noticed it I thought that perhaps the PR checker I was using had developed a fault. I downloaded another one and that wasn’t any better and so I thought that perhaps my MacBook Air, heaven forbid, was the culprit so I rushed over to my PC and checked it using the FireFox plugin and was relieved to see that wasn’t working. At least it wasn’t my MacBook Air’s fault :clap_tb:

So the next thing to do was to use one of the online sites to see if they are still showing the PR of sites and to my surprise they were. This would suggest that perhaps Google had changed the api used on different plugins rendering them useless and one just has to wonder why they would do that. Could it possibly be that they’re deciding to do another PR update soon? That may well be the case as they did one roughly this time last year which I wrote about in my post Googles Latest PR Update In Time For Halloween!SearchStatus

Speaking of Halloween, what a perfect time for Google to come up with something scary for their next update. The only other perfect time would be April Fools Day. :lol_ee: I wonder what devilish plan could they have up their sleeve? Perhaps they plan to do away with PR altogether, rendering plugins useless first and then doing away with it completely. Why do you ask? Who knows, perhaps that was the reason why they introduced the Google +1 button in the first place. They know that way too many people game their attempts to come up with an accurate and trustworthy way of ranking websites. So why not do away with it altogether?

Still, no-one really knows why Google does what it does, which is probably why there are so many books around about Google.

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    1. Hey Robin, lots of luck with the next PR update. :thumbup_tb:

  1. Given that I don’t track PR I actually hadn’t noticed it missing. They’d already said they were taking it out of several of their tools and so its just not been something I watch unless I’m considering a partnership or looking at link quality or such where its super relevant. You could be right though, we could all get a Halloween scare! ;)

    1. I only noticed it because it’s right there on my toolbar Kim. I ignored it the first couple of days but when it continued to be missing I assumed something was up.

  2. Twitter:
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Google did away with PageRank Sire, they’ve been downplaying it for a long time now. Like you said, perhaps that’s what the +1 button is ultimately for.

    I did the same thing last week. My SEO Quake wasn’t working so I downloaded another SEO plugin and when that didn’t work I figured everything would straighten out on it’s own.

    1. Sort of makes you wonder why they would want to play with their api to the extent that it renders everyones plugin useless doesn’t it?

  3. I’ve read your post and then i went to check my PR – nothing yet. I would really like Google to be more organized in the PR department, and maybe let us know when can we expect an update.

    1. I don’t see that happening anytime soon Mia as I’m sure Google doesn’t worry too much about what we think, at least until their revenue stream from us displaying their ads slow down.

    1. I’m sure that is their intent Jesica because I believe they honestly want their users to have the best experience possible as their business depends on it.

  4. Yeah, I have realized that too. Just a quick search on the Internet and I found a very easy workaround that works. But I agree, Google is up to something, but I can only hope that it is for our best.

    1. I reckon we will all have to sit back and wait for Google until they’re ready to reveal whatever it is they have in mind.

      1. Well, I can not imagine that they would reveal their secrets. They only tell us what they want us to know/think :).

        1. That’s for sure Anna.

  5. So there’s news of a PR update.. Kinda excited of how seo turned out in the past couple of months..

    1. Nope, there actually isn’t any news or even a rumour, just be throwing things up in the air wondering why certain things are happening due to things that I’ve noticed regarding certain plugins not working.

      1. so there is just a slight hint or something. Well thanks for saying so for the least. :)

  6. Hmmm whatever it is I’m looking forward to it! :) It’s pretty cool seeing the PR of your sites changing. If it’s not that, i wonder what crazy, new thing Google has in store??

    1. Yep, it sure is cool except when it goes in the opposite direction Sandip :wink_ee:

  7. Hi Peter
    Who knows – I’ve been trying to get to PR 4 for ages.
    Fingers crossed

    Couple of things…

    Which plugin is your floating social media icon?

    And… I’m on twitter, ID is easyPblog – could use a follower or two.


    Keith Davis recently posted…All your life…My Profile

    1. Hiya Keith, I use the Sharebar. It’s really pretty cool and you can add it straight from your dashboard.

        1. No worries Keith, glad I could help.

  8. I don’t think so, honestly.
    My bet is that the next update will be on January 1, 2012, just like every year.

    After all, PR is not a very important factor, therefore it’s less likely that they will come with a major update soon.

    1. You could be right matei but then you could also be wrong. :smile2_ee:

  9. As I know,Google has updated their PageRank API, so many automated software,that show the pagerank of a websites, don’t work anymore,until they fix this matter on their software

    1. Well that certainly proves my theory to be correct but one has to wonder what their motive for such a change was?

  10. Sire,
    It’s not fair, I tell you. I finally get a PR after all these many years and then Google decides to can it. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield.

    1. Hey Ralph, we can’t be sure that Google will can it. That’s just a theory that I put out there.

  11. I was freaking out as well. I tried to update my plugins but they were all up to date (firefox said).

    So just an hour ago I decided to go to Quirk SearchStatus’s website to ask them to fix it. When I saw that their site has a 1.38 version but firefox add-ons says that 1.36 is the newest.
    So I download 1.38 and it is working again.
    But still a lot of pages are unranked. I hope when this is all over my site comes back in the Serps. I’m tired of dancing.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. Yeah, it’s a bit of a pain when things don’t work the way they should isn’t it Danny? I’m glad you found a partial workaround. Me, I’m happy to just sit back until the developers fix their plugins. :wink_ee:

  12. The same problem. My PR is not ready yet. I really hope that Google will be more updated and organized:) But thank you for making me notice that.
    Girly recently posted…Be the master of experimentsMy Profile

    1. That’s what I do Girly

  13. Twitter:
    Hey Sire,

    I noticed that same thing. I had landed on a particular site several weeks ago and wanted to check the PR and noticed it wasn’t there. So I went to my site and the same thing. I thought that odd as well although with this last update, mine did go back up a notch after being shot down 2. Dang them…

    Who knows what the heck is up their sleeve next. But you are right, the best time to really scare us all would be Halloween. Guess we’ll soon find out.

    1. Hey Adrienne, I wonder if I should be taking bets :lol_ee:

  14. With the entrance of Google onto the internet platform, things have changed a great way. Any internet marketer trying to earn few bucks has to make sure that he understands google’s policies first. While meta tags got outdated with google crawler, things have been on the move every day.

    With the latest Panda update, website owners have taken a step back and are doing a retrospection on how things are going forward. Yes, before we understand Google’s methodology, they come up with something new.

    And when is the next page rank update?

    1. Who knows when the next update really is Hendrik, and like I’ve always said people should be trying to increase their SERPs not their PR!

  15. Even before reading this, I have actually stopped paying attention to PR a few months ago. I feel like google measures so many variables that PR is just a way to quickly gauge the level of website.

    I now focus on how much traffic a website gets, how often it is update and how much social media interaction it has. I believe these hold a bigger impact than PR. In my opinion, the days of PR are over.

    1. Traffic is way more important and the thing that affects your traffic the most is your SERP standing which is what everyone should be worrying about.

  16. I’m with you on this one Sire. Perhaps Google is preparing something behind those doors and may come up with some sort of Halloween Trick, or treat. We’ll never know until it happens. As you said, Google is Google and they are the only ones who really know what is going on.. Whether they will abolish PR all together, not really sure, but then again, they have tried all their best to tell the world to be not obsessed about it. Little did they know that “the forbidden” always sparks more curiosity :)
    DiTesco recently posted…Can Your Blog Make You Money Offline?My Profile

    1. Yeah, I’m actually hoping they do away with it altogether because it doesn’t really help the casual surfer as they probably don’t even know that PR exists and certainly wouldn’t know what a sites’ PR was because they wouldn’t have the plugin installed.

  17. Well Google did a change in the PR look up url so everyone’s third party tool stopped working and therefore a lot of us get worried because it looked like PR had disappeared. The issue was not with toolbar PR, but rather how 3rd party tools look up PR values.
    paul lopez recently posted…SysCP – Open Source Control PanelMy Profile

    1. I wasn’t worried because I stopped worrying about PR a long time ago. Having it disappear like that just got me wondering.

  18. They are just taking it for granted, the page rank is the most important part of a website because it is where you will see how your page goes up and goes down.

    1. And what exactly does that prove. It certainly won’t I’m prove your sales, if you were selling something, because the average surfer, your customer, has no idea what PR is and so is not affected by it. PR to them is the least important factor of a website.

  19. Twitter:
    Okay, read all the comments and no one else mentioned it so I will. Seems Google made a link change to where everyone’s plugins normally went to get the PR rankings. For Firefox, I use the Search Status plugin, and it just updated earlier today and page rank is back for everyone. It’s up to all the other plugins to update so you can track it once more. As Sire said, it’s still there so if you had PR and actually cared about it no worries.

    Yeah, it’s always me finding stuff out; my role in life. lol :thumbup_tb: :smirk2_ee:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…4 Things You Can Do With Your WordPress Blog You Might Not Know AlreadyMy Profile

    1. Yeah, that explains it, but why the heck would they want to do that?

  20. You have a point. Maybe google is not depending on bot to increase people rankings. Now it depending a real person point of view with google+ or maybe google is having a technical error. Google will fix it.

    1. That’s entirely possible Richard.

  21. Twitter:
    Oh, so I am not the only one. I actually use SEOBOOK toolbar and I noticed it wouldn’t show any ranking for any sites. So, I installed a few different ones (search status and few others) and non of them worked. Then i thought maybe its because of Firfox and its update.

    But somehow last night it all came back and now it shows page rank.
    Satrap recently posted…Earn Money Online Without InvestmentMy Profile

    1. That’s probably because they updated the plugins to reflect the new settings. I’m still waiting for mine to kick in a gain.

  22. Hi Sire,
    It happen a lot of different weird things on Google right now, I look at different countries SERP Spain, Sweden, England, Germany, etc. and it comes up various new weird stuff all the time. My keywords jump in the rankings every day, from be number 2-3 one day down to 15-16 the next day. I can be afraid of the dark for less. Something big is on the way. :ponder_tb:

    1. Sort of makes you wonder doesn’t it Lennart.

    1. Yeah, especially when it never went anywhere in the first place :lol_ee:

  23. I have been noticing that, too. People want to trade links, but they see zero PR and assume that you have some penalty going on. Very frustrating. Does that mean a PR update around the corner? Maybe. Or that PR will no longer be maintained? Maybe. Or just that somehow the system is broken? Maybe.
    Tony recently posted…Jean-Claude Van Damme involved in car accidentMy Profile

    1. That’s a lot of maybes Tony :rolleyes_tb:

  24. I think I don’t really care about google page rank or alexa, because I have a website which has high alexa and google page rank but have low traffic. I think it’s better to focus about traffic than gaining pagerank. But thanks for sharing.

    1. Well, normally if you have a good Alexa rank that usually means you have a good flow of traffic so I would prefer that over a good PR.

  25. I have noticed my page rank plug-ins are not working either. I am really really hoping for a PR 3 with the next update (whenever that happens).

    Something is definitely up. We will just have to wait and see.

    1. Yep, we just have to wait and see Anna.

  26. Hi Sire,
    I had a few days in a row where I was getting “N/A” for my page rank field using Firefox, but then I contacted SEO Quake (whom I use for info. chking) and they eventually emailed back saying they had made an update to their latest version and that was no longer an issue.
    And so far, so good…hope it keeps that way.

    1. Hey Michael,

      you’d think they make that version available for everyone. I use it on Firefox and it still isn’t working.

  27. It appears that the pagerank checker is working after an update, but I still wonder if google is planning on making it more difficult for us to check. Why would they change the location of the information?

    1. Mine still isn’t working. I think it all depends if the developer has taken the time to make the relevant changes to make it work.

  28. You know, for a couple of years I have been trying to understand this whole “page rank” topic.

    Sometimes I get on page 1 doing nothing, other times I have to work like the dickens with no results.

    I would agree that Google is up to something. I just don’t know what.

    And of course, since it is “their” company, you know they will fiddle around with their algorithms to change the game up.

    I just wish it were laid down so that everyone can get an equal opportunity to succeed with it. It doesn’t always appear that it is.

    1. You do know that Page Rank is different than getting on page one Google don’t you Steve? Page Rank is where google ranks your site from 0 – 10, 10 being the highest. Getting to page 1 of Google is completely different and all depends on what keyword you’re targeting.

  29. Does anyone really know how PR is calculated. My partners site took 1 year to get PR3 yet we have another site in a fairly competitive market which achieved PR3 after 6 weeks! I’m waiting for Google to realise its mistake and knock it back down to zero!

    1. I’m afraid only Google knows that Colin

  30. While page rank doesn’t determine your serp position, there is a correlation between a high page rank and a high serp rank. Your site and page needs to be relevant to the search terms for a good page rank to be helpful.

    1. Perhaps if there are two sites fighting for the same position Google decides who gets the prime position by taking their page rank into account. Of course that may now change because of the addition of the Google +1 button.

  31. Well, so far, nothing happened.
    The more we come closer to the end of the year, the more I believe that the next update will only be in the very first days of 2012.
    Of course, Google may do some PR corrections, but nothing major for sure. You’ll see.

    1. There is still 10 days to go. :wink_ee:

  32. Absolutely, most of the tools and plugins got failed as Google changed the API. I believe that there must be something big going on behind this. Hope it will be for good of people. However, I don’t think there is any PR update else, people could have said it about their website PR.

    1. Well I predicted that it will happen on Halloween so I’d be really surprised if people’s PR changed before then.

  33. That’s really what Google should do, scrap the visible toolbar PageRank altogether. That would really screw up how these idiotic so called SEO “experts” operate because they just wouldn’t have a clue how to evaluate a page nor sell their useless services.

    1. I suppose if PR died they would find some other way to promote their services, like SERPs or something, which many do now anyway, but this is a lot harder to facilitate.

  34. Found your blog while looking for reasons why my PR might have dropped on Google. I was tweaking a few things and thought it might be my own fault, but like you explained, some checkers seem to say zero, and some say 3, I’m not sure which is it, but I’m glad I found your post which sort of gives a reason other than my own fault. Hopefully, it’s just a temporary glitch on Google’s end. Thanks for the info.

    – TriNi
    TriNi recently posted…Make Money Blogging – How To Rank High On Google?My Profile

    1. I don’t think it’s a glitch at all Trini, it’s just Google playing around.

    1. One thing that does hold true for PR Ricardus, the higher the PR the more you can charge for ads on your site.

  35. is page rank the most important thing in seo? no maintaining quality content is so guys i suggest build links and build quality content and you will rank well in SERP

    1. And let’s not forget to target the right keywords so that the search engines know where to look.

  36. Looks like Google is up for another thing. Maybe we’ll just found out that soon that they will implement some changes. In the long run might affect site owners when it comes to their rankings.

    1. Whatever changes they make it always affects somebody.

  37. Well, seo experts sell their services not only to increase PR but there are many other things they sell in their services. Even if they scrap PR, the most important thing to focus is keyword rankings in SERP.

    1. I agree Mac, SERPs will always be the most important thing to aim for.

  38. The pagerank of my sites have changed again. I have this one site that decreased rank by 1, and my other site by 2. It looks like google updated their page rank again. Looks like they’re updating PR more frequent now.

    1. Yep, mine went down by one. Seems like my prediction was pretty accurate after all.

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