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Is Pinbutton Attraction Plugin As Good As They Say

I’m sure that most bloggers who blog for money would agree that traffic is very important for generating income. It’s why they bust their chops doing SEO so they can rank well in the search engines. It’s also why many of them join those social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I’ve been hearing a lot about Pinterest lately but until a couple of days ago I’ve pretty well ignored it. The reason I finally decided to sit up and take notice was because it suddenly dawned on me that I could be neglecting a good traffic source.

What is special about Pinterest, and makes it different from most of the other social networks, is that it’s a photo sharing site. What is important to bloggers is that it has many SEO benefits. Rather than go into them all here you can read all bout it from the following article, All You Need To Know About Pinterest For SEO. Before I get into the guts of this post I’m going to show you some stats taken from the above article.

Who uses Pinterest?

  • The average Pinterest user is female between the ages of 24-54
    • Over 90% of Pinterest users are female*
    • 33% of users are between the ages of 35-54*
  • 50% of Pinterest users are parents
  • Pinterest users are extremely active:
    • 12 million unique monthly visitors*
    • 2.2 million of those users post daily*

The important things to note from those stats are that Pinterest users are extremely active, that there are 12 million unique monthly visitors and that 2.2 million of them post daily. That being the case I believe it would be unwise for us to ignore Pinterest as a good traffic source, which is why I bought the Pinbutton Attraction plugin by Chris Guthrie.

What The Pinbutton Attraction Plugin Does

Sure, you could easily place the Pinterest code somewhere on your blog so that the Pinterest button appears with your other social network buttons, but is that the best place to put it? I don’t think so. The best place is on the image itself! Take the image below for example. Hover your mouse over and see what happens. If I wanted to I can have it so the button appears all the time and in any of the four corners of the image.


This is so much better than having it in the sidebar, at the end of the post  because it allows the user to ‘Pin‘ the actual image that they like. If they did it via the button in the sidebar it would bring up every image on the blog and then they would have to find the one they liked. Therefore the Pinbutton Attraction plugin gives the user a much better experience.

All in all it is a pretty good plugin but it does have one major flaw. When I purchased the plugin I was under the impression that it would allow me to place the Pinterest button on all the images on my blog. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t work. Actually I wasn’t all that surprised because if something like that was going to happen it always happens to me. Heck, I’ve been known to buy something, plug it in only to find out its a dud and then have to take it back to the store for a replacement. :hairout_tb:

Anyway, I put in a support ticket and we finally worked out that my problem was most of my images aren’t registered with the WP system, meaning that I did not use WordPress Add Media to import the images because most of my images are hosted on Flickr. This means that every time I want to include an image from Flickr I have to manually add the rel=”pinme” attribute to the anchor tag around the image. A bit of a pain but one I’m willing to put up with to get an edge on those bloggers who haven’t harnessed the power of Pinterest yet.

If you do use the WP Add Media system the plugin works like a dream allowing you to choose whether or not you want the image to have the Pinbutton attached.

Does Pinterest Increase Your Traffic?

Well, that all depends on the images you place on your blog. The better, more interesting the image the more likely someone will ‘Pin‘ it. The more people that ‘Pin‘ it the more traffic you’re likely to get to your blog. What we need to remember is you’re more likely to have someone ‘Pin‘ you if your blog utilizes a Pinterest button and even more likely if that button appears on your images.

If you want to take full advantage of Pinterest then it is in your interest to grab your PinButton Attraction plugin now.


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  1. It seem that plugin could helps blogger for developing their ‘weapon’ to attract or grabbing more visitor and if its combined with other Pinterest plugin available out there I can imagine it will be a ‘killing’ IM tool for IMers

    1. At the very least it is a great addition to their traffic generating arsenal.

  2. So it’s true you can get a lot from pinterest? From what I have been hearing lately it has been infested with girls who are super self-conscious, finding their ideal selves in pinned pictures of models, much like how tumblr was before. But judging from your post, SEO people are slowly dominating it as well. I might try this pinterest thing as well.

    1. I know of a few who have said it has helped them generate a lot of traffic to their sites.

      As to pictures of models, I haven’t seen much of those there although there are a few.

  3. I have a Pinterest account but I’ve to admit that I don’t get traffic from it yet…I should share more images and photos!

    1. Hey Albert, like I said in the post, it has to be an extremely good picture in order for it to drive traffic to your post. It’s just the same as the content on your blog. No-one will link to it unless its really good an piques their interest.

  4. That’s a nice affect on the images! I realized lately I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from them from a guest blogger who wrote about Pinterest and included an image that read “Improve Your Pinterest Profile – 5 Tips, 5 Minutes.” Since Google Analytics can show you which pin brings the most traffic, I was able to find that all the pins with that image were bringing in a good bit. Image + text = Pinterest success!

    1. It is isn’t it Kristi, and so nice to have you drop in too. I’ve heard that having a photo pinned also has some SEO effect which could help with a sites PR as well as SERP.

      1. I’m not sure that’s still true – Pinterest used to give you a dofollow link back to the website the image came from, but they just changed to nofollow recently. It really depends on whether or not you believe nofollow links do have an affect on SEO. :)

        1. I’m of the opinion that all links have some value Kristi, I’m not sure how much SEO value they have but as far as I’m concerned every little bit helps :wink_ee:

          1. I count Pinterest for traffic value more than SEO value. Of course, if you get a lot of traffic, you’ll ultimately do well in search.

  5. Your last phrases thought is kind of contradicting from what you’ve said in your post. All of its contents were really interesting, but like you’ve said, it’s based on your blog content, like images and things that you’ll “Pin” to your blog. I therefore conclude that Pinterest really pinned our interest!

    1. I don’t thinks so, I’m just stipulating that for it to be effective you need to have interesting images in your post otherwise. No different from having good content on your blog if you want to be noticed.

      1. Oh I see. But having a great content plus images, results to a great outcome. Thanks for lots of information Sire!

  6. Personally – If you don’t have targeted followers with a chance to convert into a sale from pinterest then it wont really help that much. Dont get me wrong – Pinterest offers great marketing value. Its just not ideal for some businesses and their followers. With proper research you might find that there are other Social Media channels that are more suited for your marketing needs.

    1. The way I look at it Anton, Pinterest has the capacity to drive a huge amount of traffic to your site and while it may not be targeted traffic it can result in other benefits. This would include a better Alexa rating which could lead to higher advertising dollars, increased Adsense revenue not to mention the added SEO benefits.

      Let’s not forget that as long as you’re providing great content there is a good chance that a proportion of those extra visitors may like your blog enough to link to it.

  7. That seems to be pretty cool, I bet it can be seen on the traffic results. In some cases it can be disturbing if somebody only wants to view the pic in large, and he/she can share (pin) it unwanted. Bur from the aspect of a blogger, it is a really nice tool, I think.

    1. It’s a fact of life Bea that you just can’t please everybody.

  8. I’m not sure webmasters can already manage every single social network around. There have become so many, so I guess people have to try to specify what kind of site they have and what kind of content they want to bring to the table. I feel content websites wouldn’t survive on a mostly visual content.

    1. As a webmaster you don’t have to be a member of Pinterest, you just have to provide the means for visitors to Pin your content.

      1. I know that, I’m just saying that if the blog content is not composed of many images and visual stuff, people won’t pin it, because pinterest feels to me just like Instagram, visual content.

        1. True, but then it is also true that people love images and so it’s probably a good idea to use images in a post to enhance your content whenever possible. That’s what I plan to do and in that way I will be utilizing Pinterest as much as possible.

          I also have two photo blogs which suit Pinterest to a tee.

  9. I’ve heard about pinterest, some time ago I made an account there. But I do not quite understand how to bring traffic from pinterest. I will learn from what you convey in this paper. create attractive images for many Pin and probably it will bring traffic to my blog.

    1. If people pin one of your images it gets displayed on the Pinterest site exposing you to all their visitors. That image links back to you and has the potential to bring you traffic.

  10. Twitter:
    I recently heard about this plug-in Sire but didn’t know if it was something I should invest in. Don’t a lot of people just pin your post and not specifically your photo? See, goes to show you what I know.

    Also, I upload my photos to my server so would I have this same issue with having to put this code in? I figured you’d know this.

    Thanks Sire, great info and you’ve got me to thinking – again!!


    1. Nope, from what I understand they pin the photo in that post which links to the post itself.

      Adrienne, if the images reside on the same server as your blog then you should be using WP to install the image into your post and if that is the case you won’t have that issue at all.

      1. Twitter:
        Okay, that makes sense. See I wasn’t sure and thanks for answering me about my image uploads too. I just don’t host them on my computer because I back everything up and take it off my computer and then all of a sudden my photos disappear so I decided to do it that way. Now I know.

        Thanks Sire.

        1. Anytime Adrienne, always glad to be of service

  11. Actually Most people are attracted to pin button and addicted to it. That’s why most people in this kind of field are trying to be in touch this kind of media for advertising.

    1. I don’t know about most, but I’m sure there are quite a few.

  12. In a way, those plugin has big advantage to help business online than not using any plugin at all. We may not know how it is really effective or good for our business unless we try this plugin.

    1. I reckon that’s the same with anything, you just don’t know until you give it a try.

  13. Google takes each pininterest pin as 3 backlinks according to what i have heard!This plugin would prove useful for promoting our website even on pininterest.

    1. I hadn’t heard that Suraj, but even if that wasn’t the case I believe Pinterest offers a great opportunity for bloggers

  14. Hi Sire
    Many thanks for the post, I created a Pinterest account a few weeks ago but completely forgot about it while I was waiting for an invitation to join so your picture is my first pin : ) Not sure if you have heard of Instagram but heard a lot talked about it on the radio this last week which is also for pictures.

    1. Only because someone else mentioned it in the comments khaled. Sounds to me like it’s something I should be checking out. Thanks for the pin mate. :drunk_tb:

  15. Like the post very much. Grabbing visitors can be done with ease with pinterest. Pinterest takes images automatically from ur site and show your brand beautifully.

    1. Yep, and this plugin makes it a lot easier.

  16. I’ve been using this plugin in a couple of my websites and so far I’ve seen an improvement in traffic from Pinterest on 3 out of 5 websites. The struggle I’m having right now is finding interesting but relevant images without infringing in copyright issues.
    Gustavo recently posted…Important SEO Tips for a WebmasterMy Profile

    1. Yep, no different than finding good and relevant topics to write about hey Gustavo?

  17. Pinterest get a lot’s of popularity in a short period of time in internet’s a great source to generate traffic and i am also agree that pin button will definately attract visitors.

    1. That’s what I’m planning on deepali, more traffic

  18. I really enjoy Pinterest and I have seen a little traffic from there. I installed Pin Button Attraction plugin on Hot Blog Tips about a week ago and, for the most part, I’m very happy with the plugin. I do wish there was a way to a way to “turn off” the plugin just on certain images, maybe by adding a tag to them or something. I sent an email to Chris Guthrie this morning but haven’t heard back from him yet.

    Overall, it’s a pretty cool plugin. As for Pinterest, I recommend everyone jump in on the fun and check out the ways of driving real traffic to their sites.

    1. Hey Brian, you actually can select whether or not to pin an image from within the post. When editing or writing the post just scroll down to the edit pins menu and select which image gets pinned or not.

      Now, I reckon that bit of info is worth a pin for the image in this post :smoke_tb:

      1. Now that was a helpful tip Sire! Thanks, and you’re right, definitely worth pinning.

        1. Glad I could help Brian

  19. Good article especially for those of us, like me, that aren’t familiar with pinbutton. While I haven’t used the plugin before, I’ll definitely be giving it a look at it now, and can definitely see the benefit in using it for driving traffic to a site. Thanks for the information. :)

    1. Now worries Kevin, it’s what I do.

  20. The pinned image will surely be added advantage to create interest among users as they will find something new in it.I don’t know whether it will help or not but if its their in the market it may create traffic.

    1. The way I look at it is it can’t hurt and if someone with a great Pinterest following pins one of the images it can do a lot of good.

  21. Earlier on I wasn’t using Pinterest but when I saw its viral increasing so I rapidly told my friend to send me invite, and now getting very good traffic from it. I can only say one word- Its good for referral traffic.

    1. That could well be the case but it really all depends on the image used and the person pinning it. The potential for traffic is definitely there.

  22. Nice work there..Sounds interesting..using pinterest can we bring traffic equivalent to those brought by other social media like Facebook, twitter etc? is it possible to get sufficient amount of traffic using images in a blog?
    Vishwambhar recently posted…XOLO X900-Experience the Intel’s First Ever SmartphoneMy Profile

    1. Sure, like I said previously, it all depends on the image used and whether or not people like it.

        1. It could be any or all of those things as long as it stirs them to click on it. Different images will affect different people. Personally, being bloggers and all, that it would probably be better to have an image that is related to the post.

  23. Twitter:
    I have a Pinterest plugin for WordPress, but it was free. I can’t imagine spending money for any of those plugins because eventually there’s going to be a free version out there, especially for something as crazily popular as Pinterest.

    1. You have a Pinterest plugin but does it do the same thing that this one does? Sure there are free plugins there but it’s always been my experience that you get so much more value from the professional ones.

      1. Twitter:
        Well it has a Pin It link on the top left of every image so if the reader is scrolling through photos on my blog, he/she can just pin the image they like without having to select from several images. Mine doesn’t have the follow me button for Pinterest with it, but I’m not sure if it’s an option I could add somewhere in WordPress.

        1. Not too bad Corinna. I prefer the Pinbutton attraction though because it does have that feature cutting back on the need for another plugin thereby decreasing the CPU load. Also I like the fact that it opens up a new page rather than taking my visitors away from my blog. Not to mention that I can have it appear anywhere on the image itself.

  24. I have a pinterest on my site but not the button. Is it better to have the pin button instead?

    1. I think so because having the button directly on the image stands out more than having it hidden in the sidebar somewhere. Mine only appears when they hover over the image with their mouse, because I feel that is a great affect, but you can have it so that it appears on the image all the time.

  25. This is the new trend! There is nothing wrong with having the ‘pin’ button. But them, how many sites out there have good, pinnable images?
    Increased focus on infographics should mitigate that.

    1. All the more incentive to find good images for your post.

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