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Is Google+ All That You Thought It Would Be

It seems to me that there is a little dissatisfaction around the place concerning Google+ as there are posts appearing around the net talking about how unhappy they are with it all. Personally I still think its a great social media site, so much better than FaceBook and less annoying than Twitter. I used to hate Twitter and almost gave it up until I got my hands on TweetDeck and I was able to filter out all the ‘noise’ so that I would only hear from those that I was interested it. Google+ has provided a solution for all that useless chatter by coming up with Circles. If you have someone that does nothing but talk shit all day long you simply pull him out and stick him in the ‘People Who Talk Crap” circle.

Why People Hate Google+

  • Boring: It’s true, some people are starting to find Google+ boring and my mate Mitch is one of them. Read his post G+ Activity Seems To Be Dwindling. Mitch would like more interaction but then he always was a talker. :innocent1_tb:
  • I Just Don’t Get It: Emma Cragg is Nonplussed By Google+  According to Emma, she just doesn’t get or need another social media network. I reckon there would be some internet marketers gagging at the idea of not utilising what could be a major social network.
  • Privacy Issues: A lot of people are complaining about privacy issues but it seems to me that is a common fault with all social networks. Some say they don’t like the fact that they have to use their real name rather than a alias but I feel that is a good thing because I want to know who I am dealing with.
  • No Control Over Other People’s Circles: Some people are complaining that they have no control over users adding them to their Circles. I’m sorry but I can’t get my head around that because I was always under the impression that getting people to add you to their circles was a good thing.
  • Can Only Select One Circle At A Time: I agree with this one. There are times when you would like to interact with several circles but you can only select one or be forced to chat with the whole kit and caboodle.
  • Can’t Turn Off Notifications: This is a real pain and is the main reason why I don’t interact with popular members because once you comment you get bombarded constantly by updates. The only way you can turn these off is by muting the post but thats like nuking the conversation.

I’m sure I haven’t covered all the issues that people have with Google+ and you may want to add any issues you’re having in the comment section below. What I would be really interested in is whether or not you’re considering giving Google+ the flick because you’re so pissed off at Google+

Oh, if you haven’t already you may want to take part in the poll about your favourite social media site.

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  1. Twitter:
    Personally, I enjoy Google+ but I have slowed down a bit. It’s just another network for connections and G+ has helped me find a handful of new online friends. I could have found these new friends with Twitter or Facebook but the brand new G+ made me want a brand new network and that gave me the incentive to start searching. Now I’m taking that incentive back to Twitter. Facebook, for me, is where my family gossips and where I have pages that are mostly ignored.

    I’m not disappointed with Google+, it is what it is and that’s just what we make of it. I think everyone’s expectations might have been a little unreasonable because, after all, it is by the Google gods.

    1. Hey Brian, one would expect things to slow down once the initial excitement wears off and I’m sure that is what many people are experiencing. Personally I prefer it that way. In the real world I hate crowds and the hustle and bustle that they contribute to and I’m sure that affects the way I view things online.

      I think that good marketers will explore all the major social networks including Google+ and they will find ways to get the best out of all of them.
      Sire recently posted…SEO Tactics For Improving Search Engine ResultsMy Profile

  2. Sire – hello again.I haven’t had time to get tired of Google+ as I only started creating circles this weekend. The good experience so far has been the Hangouts – five of us in different countries….but I can’t say yet why a Hangout is better than Skype.
    It’s good that it is still under-utilised. This gives us slow-learners a chance.
    And on the other matter – Klout. Sorry to be so thick but I need more instruction Where am I exactly (Klout or Twitter) when I put @AussieSire into my search?
    Am about to add you to my circles – that’s progress! The ‘Blog Mentors Circle.
    Then I’ll read your links above and maybe find out why I shouldn’t continue.
    Julia Hayes recently posted…Beach Houses PerthMy Profile

    1. Julia, I can tell you why Hangout is better than Skype, it because Skype will cost you if you want to do group calls whereas Hangout is free. :drunk_tb:

      As to Klout, you would put AussieSire in the search box which is located on the top right hand corner of your Klout page.
      Sire recently posted…Update On Buy Online Lottery TicketsMy Profile

  3. Hi Sire
    Google+, Google+1… so much Google+ about.

    I’m reading that Google+ has really taken off and let’s face it, anything with Google in the name has to be good for your SERPS.

    As for me… I don’t tweet, no Facebook and no Google+.
    What a loser. LOL
    Keith Davis recently posted…The Coolest Voice on the InternetMy Profile

    1. Thank goodness for that Keith, they tell me that once you get going it’s all one can do to shut you up :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      Only kidding mate, probably best you don’t get started otherwise you may get addicted :cheese1_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Social Media Should Begin At HomeMy Profile

    2. Hey Keith, I don’t see you enough so thought I’d yell at you right now. :)

    1. Ana, even though FaceBook has been out for ages I’ve never really liked it Google+ on the other hand, now that I like. :smoke_tb:
      Sire recently posted…How To Save PetrolMy Profile

  4. I think google has a lot of fans, not because of its social effort, simply because the company itself and its widely accepted culture.

    Facebook on the other hard, is a totally different story.

    As myself, I think an average internet user will benefit more because of the competition between gurus like G or F. So I don’t hate G+ at all, because I know all technical or user experieince barricades can be conquered, for company like G.

    1. Both have their fair share of fans and its only natural that the competition between the two will result in both trying to outdo the other thereby, hopefully improving their service.
      Sire recently posted…Log Into Your Favorite Sites Using Face TechnologyMy Profile

  5. To be honest with you, i haven’t explored the full potential of Google + yet (i’m kind of a resistant guy). But i think that this is the case with most Google products. They start a project and optimize it based on feedback until they hit that perfect spot.

  6. Twitter:
    Dude, I’m just bored with it overall. You don’t like Facebook but I think it’s much better even now than G+. I love Twitter, but then you know how fast I process information so that’s why it works for me. I’ve had a discussion or two here and there on G+, but I’ve had better discussions on Twitter, believe it or not.

    As for the circles, I’ll explain that one as well. It’s not so much that other people add you to their circles as much as the “implication” that you’re then supposed to turn around and add them to one of your circles. In essence it’s like early Twitter, and I was there then, when everyone felt compelled to follow whomever was following them. Initially I put all these people I didn’t know in their separate circle because the names were coming so fast that sometimes I couldn’t remember if I knew any of these people or how I might know them. When it reached the 80’s I finally took the time to look through all of them and ended up keeping less than 10. Once you wrap your mind around the concept that you don’t have to intentionally connect with anyone if you don’t want to, then you can handle it better.

    And I like to talk only because I need to work on keeping you in line. lol :tongue2_tb: :lol_tb:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…You Don’t Have To Accept Bad CriticismMy Profile

    1. As for the circles, I’ll explain that one as well. It’s not so much that other people add you to their circles as much as the “implication” that you’re then supposed to turn around and add them to one of your circles. In essence it’s like early Twitter, and I was there then, when everyone felt compelled to follow whomever was following them.

      That is exactly like Twitter and I’ve never felt compelled to add them on Twitter and the same goes for Google+

      And I love it when you talk because it ruins your concentration and allows me to beat you in chess :lol_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  7. I think that’s the main reason why Google set Google+ on beta or limited access yet- to learn how people would react and from that they can make adjustments. Been using Google+ for awhile and I like it so far, I only wish I could get more friends to see how it really works.

    1. You are so right Sherry and I bet they’re keeping an eye out for posts such as this so they can properly gauge user response.

      As to the friends, just get them to join and explain to them how it works. Using Hangout is also a great idea, they will love that.
      Sire recently posted…Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  8. I like Google + a lot so far and I’ve only been operating there a short time.
    For some reason I am just recently starting to warm up to Facebook. Like someone else said there is so much “gossip” there that you have to wade through the uninteresting to get to anything with value.

    But I do also believe that both of these are powerhouses to marketers who learn to tap into their potential.

    I think the worst part about these sites is the time they take to keep up. You have to be able to draw the line between just hanging out and wasting time to making the most of your time while there and actually gaining value.

    I do however believe they are both here to stay. If I had to get rid of one of the three it would be Twitter. It has never been my thing even though I knew there were many who loved this way of marketing.

    Maybe I just don’t have as much time on my hands as some people ;)

    1. I think the worst part about these sites is the time they take to keep up. You have to be able to draw the line between just hanging out and wasting time to making the most of your time while there and actually gaining value.

      As far as I’m concerned that applies more to FaceBook than it does to Google and that’s because so far Google+ has attracted a different type of clientele.

      I still have FaceBook but hardly ever go on there. Google+ I visit daily as I do Twitter. I try not to spend too much time on either because that takes me away from stuff that has to be done.
      Sire recently posted…What Steps Have You Taken To Prevent Identity Theft?My Profile

  9. I love Google+ but it is no Facebook.

    The only people I’ve seen convert so fart to G+ has been techno dweebs such as me! :)

    It has potential but it’s nowhere near Facebook nor does it have the penetration needed to compete just yet!

      1. LOL!

        Well that’s great to know!

        I thought most of my friends and fellow bloggers were mostly techies!

        Now I’ve expanded my network that much more!

  10. Sire, is there any space for one more post in the list? I am also going to write something about Google+. Well, what the heck is new in this network and tell me why their is so much noise about the circles I guess if people know how to operate facebook than they must know their is something very similar to circles in facebook. Google just made it easy to play with. Only thing new in Google+ is hangout, but their are a lot of things which facebook have and G+ doesn’t.

    1. Hey Umair, I’ve heard that FaceBook does have something similar to, but not as good as, Circles but their problem is it’s so vague that many FaceBook users don’t know how to use it and that is a flaw in FaceBook. One I am sure they are working in. If nothing else Google+ is a wake up call for them

  11. Twitter:
    I really dont see anything different (better) in Google+ from all the other social networks.

    I say this, they have done a great job (like always) building the anticipation, so when it went live, it became a wild fire and everyone and their mothers were on it in the first few days.
    Satrap recently posted…53 Ways To Make Money Online!My Profile

  12. Google+ is very good option form view of social media work but i am not totally agree with it’s work because i had lost some of my privacy on last Sunday. Beside that i also using facebook but i haven’t face this kind of problem in facebook.

    1. In what way was your privacy affected Sam?

  13. I think that, when making arguments for and against Google Plus, we think too much like marketers and business owners rather than private individuals. If we started thinking like individuals, then it becomes easier to see the point on privacy. As marketers, it’s all about follower/friend quantity for us. That means more exposure, which is why we fore go privacy and allow just anyone to add us. But as private individuals who may have things in their accounts that family members or bosses may not approve of, Google Plus becomes problematic.
    Karen recently posted…Gov’t Official Calls for Stronger Alliances within AsiaMy Profile

    1. An interesting point Karen. I’ve heard of quite a few people who have gotten into trouble due to them posting stuff on their FaceBook account. Imagine what kind of stuff they would have posted if the used a pseudonym?

      Personally I think Google is doing the right thing as this will ensure people behave themselves while on Google+.
      Sire recently posted…WordPress Tutorials For The New UserMy Profile

  14. I find it interesting how your initial reaction is to favor Google+, and then you list the reasons why it ahs been criticized and you seem to agree with quite a few important points. Remind us again why you like Google+ ? And also, could you elaborate why you would favor Google+ over Facebook? WHat features in particular won ou over, or drove you away from Fb?

    1. Marie, I still favour Google+ but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to express my views if there are certain things that I think can be improved on.

      Why do I like it? Because I feel it incorporates the best of FaceBook and Twitter. Because it is so much easier to use and because it has Hangouts if I ever need to use it.

      Nothing drove me away from FaceBook, I just never really liked it in the first place.
      Sire recently posted…WordPress Tutorials For The New UserMy Profile

  15. G+ is still new, I think it’ll get better as time passes, but I agree on all points, especially the boring part. I’m not a fan of other social networks like Facebook, but I’ve actually spent some time on them. Can’t stay focused for too long on G+ yet though.
    Nazmus recently posted…Online Stock BrokersMy Profile

    1. Yep, it’s new and I like it now, imagine how much better it will be once it’s out of Beta.

  16. Greetings Sire!

    Everything goes by on Google+ as fast as it does on Twitter. Three differences immediately come to mind:

    (1) is it’s longer … (2) it’s moving … (3) I have to see it before I can mute it.

    I wouldn’t say I was bored per se with Google+ – I would like to have a better handle on what I *see* and when I see it. I have organized people into circles, but apparently need to do some more work there.

    It’s alright as a platform. Some people I like to engage are beginning to prefer it, so however I can connect with folk (with the exception of FaceBook) works for me.

    1. Hey Vernessa, if things seem to be rushing past you too quickly all you need do is select a circle and that immediately filters out everybody not included in that circle. I have a circle just for the A Listers as well as one for those annoying people that just do multiple posts of crap. I also have one, and you’re in it, of my favourite bloggers so whenever I want to see what my blogging mates are up to I just select that circle.

      1. Well, dang, Sire! After I created my uber-organized circles, I never click on the things! *Exhales*

        Of course you’re right, so now I’ll get on with getting a grip. :D

        And what do I see after I read your comment (in email)? I clicked over to G+ to do just what you’d said. As soon as I do, in the stream I see “Tame your Google+ circle madness in 3 easy steps” by one of the Google Guys. I haven’t read it yet, I just thought the title was funny enough to share given what we’re talking about.

        Cheers … and you’re in all my important circles too. :D

        Hey, when did you add Ajax Edit Comments? I like it! LOL

        1. That’s alright Vernessa, everyone knows that women are good at multitasking and men are good at organising :lol_tb:

          As for Ajax Edit I used to use it ages ago but then disabled it when it stopped working. After reading your post, How to Sell Your Product From Under Your Affiliates, I thought I would enable it again to see if it would work and it did :thumbup_tb:

          1. Haha! Everybody’s gotta be good at something, eh?

            As for AEC, that’s good news indeed – and it’s free! Last I heard, the developer had planned to keep it compatible with future versions of WordPress (not sure how far out). And thanks for the link luv. :)

            1. ALways willing to spread the Luv Vernessa, and always in a way that doesn’t get me in trouble with the wife :devil_tb:

  17. Twitter is too “noisy” for me as well, it is such an irritating social media site. G+ has potentials indeed, but I think it’ll take time for it to develop just the way we users want it.

    1. Hey Nella, yes Twitter can be noisy but using something like TweetDeck fixes that problem as you can segregate the people you follow.

      1. That will fix a big problem, the same as Nella’s – I follow about 45 but I can hardly keep up with that many, I’m going to check it out Peter.

          1. ;)

  18. I still need to get into the habit of spending more time on google+ but the time I do spend there has been great. You are right about filtering out people that are posting content that is annoying, constantly chatting about nothing or worse yet the ones that want to private message you all day long.

    So for my experience has been very good, I just need to make Google plus a habit..
    J Hughes recently posted…Discovering Cold Brew CoffeeMy Profile

    1. It’s good that you’re enjoying your experience on Google+ but you certainly don’t want to take it to the extent where it becomes a habit. :wink_ee:

  19. This is what I said at Mitch’s blog – “I was dragged in screaming and yelling. After that, zilch. FaceBook still prevails!”

    1. Each to his own hey Rummuser? :drunk_tb:

  20. Google is continuously adding task specific platforms to its collective. These platforms take over the roles of existing websites and replace their ranking in Google Web Search.

    Normal search results are packed with Google products. Some initial research I’ve read indicates that visitors are less likely to leave Google property. News, business listings, video, shopping, and reviews are all viewed from Google, and only if a transaction is the logical next step, do they leave.

    With functionality like Google Checkout, even that remains to be seen for the near future. Only websites that fully embrace Google and share all their content the way Google likes it can benefit from these developments.

    1. And what has all this to do with Google+?

  21. I just got invited to Google+. I have one friend there. If I get bored I’m going to move him from circle to circle to liven things up a bit!

    Unless I get into it there’s no worries over the notifications. Hmmm, I should have used my live mail account, then I could just hoover them up quick smart!

    1. That might be fun Valeirie but if you only have one friend their that will get pretty boring after a while. :lol_ee:

  22. I just discovered about this google+ when I received an email from a friend asking me to join and I actually did. It’s not that I hate it, I’m just trying to familiarize myself for now. Actually I just created my circles..

    1. Give it time, I’m sure you will like it.

  23. I have Google + and yet I have not understood what’s so great about it. Facebook is pretty good, twitter is too little with its 140 letters to work with. But I will try to work with Google + in a few months more and see what happens, every system has its weaknesses in the beginning.

    1. It’s like everything in life Lennart, you have to give it a chance to see if its worth your while.

  24. I think Google + is going to be great (once more of my friends sign up!!), but the circles idea is a stroke of genius and therein is the attraction.

    I would like to see some improvments such as limiting comments to those of people that you follow (or have it as optional functionality) what do you think Peter? I just find the idea of someone commenting that I don’t know a bit strange.

    1. That’s what the circles are for Roz as once you select a particular circle you only see comments from those in the circles as well as targeting them when you comment.
      Sire recently posted…A New Milestone As My Mail List Hits 50My Profile

  25. Wow, is this part of a 2 serie? In part II you put the positive points together?

    I like Google+ but because it is not filling a void like FB and Twitter did (although it was not a void in my life, but it was on internet) it will have a totally different struggle to popularity as FB and Twitter.

    I find it annoying that there are not that many people in my social circles that are using Google+, making me not want to use it either, but that way nobody will ever get Google+.

    I truly wish that Google+ would destroy FB and Twitter. So we all just use Google+ and then be able to turn off certain notifications. Which I’m sure Google will fix.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. I’m not sure that Google+ will destroy FaceBook Danny but I do feel that it will carve it’s own niche in the social media world and for that reason should not be discarded by network marketers.

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