Man I really love that Friday Funnies has been around for so long. Out of all my blogs the Friday Funnies post is the one I most look forward to. Today’s Friday Funnies is #250 and once again I’m going to visit the ever popular Irish Funnies.

Irish Doctor Irish Funnies

A doctor in Dublin wanted to get  off work and go fishing, so he approached his  assistant

“Murphy, I am going fishing  tomorrow and don’t want to close the clinic. I want you to  take care of the clinic and take care of all me  patients”.

“Yes, sir!” answers  Murphy.

The doctor goes fishing and  returns the following day and asks: “So,Murphy, how was  your day?”

Murphy told him that he took care  of three patients. “The first one had a headache so he did,  so I gave him Paracetamol.”

“Bravo Murphy lad, and the second  one?” asks the doctor.

“The second one had indigestion  and I gave him Gaviscon, so I did sir” says  Murphy.

“Bravo, bravo! You’re good at this  and what about the third one?” asks the doctor.

“Sir, I was sitting here and  suddenly the door flies open and a young gorgeous woman bursts in so she does. Like a bolt outta the blue, she tears off her clothes, taking off everyting including her bra and her knickers and lies down on the table, spreading  her legs and shouts:

‘HELP ME for the love of St Patrick!  For five years I have not seen a man!’

“Tunderin’ lard Jesus Murphy, what  did you do?” asks the  doctor.

“I put drops in her eyes.”

Yeah, you just have to love those Irish Funnies.

How about this one that I created with The Creator?

Irish Funnies

I have to admit I love The Creator! It’s allowed me to create most of my own images which appear on Google’s image search bringing me a whole lot of traffic.

One I didn’t create is the one below which I found in a Daily Mail article. It’s one of many funny pub signs a lot of which would fit nicely with my Irish Funnies post.

Friday Funnies Irish Funnies

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Friday Funnies and that you share the laughs with your friends. Just use your favourite social media below.

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