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InMotion Hosting Review VPS Hosting Reviewed

InMotion Hosting Benefits

Before I get to the InMotion hosting review I want to talk a bit about the benefits of a VPS host. It’s been four months since I moved this blog to InMotion hosting, which I wrote about in my post, WassupBlog Now Hosted On a VPS Host. I reckon enough time has gone by and it’s time for me to write a InMotion Hosting review. As I mentioned in that post the first thing I noticed once WassupBlog went live is the vast increase in speed. This is important because we all know how much Google loves a site that loads quickly. In fact, I’ve heard it said that a site’s PR can be affected if it loads slowly.

I have to admit I was sad about leaving BlueHost because they were a great host but unfortunately WassupBlog outgrew them. My love for plugins probably attributed to that and I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to say my goodbyes. After some research I decided on InMotion hosting partly because of the cost, partly because of the good reviews but mainly because they used, and included cPanel for free. Over the years I’ve come to love cPanel as its a powerful web hosting control panel that lets you easily manage your website, email and so much more.

Probably the biggest benefit, something that I only found out about after moving, is that a VPS host gives you a lot more security. As you all know this blog previously was always hosted on shared hosting sites. This means that hundreds of other sites were hosted alongside me. What I didn’t know was that if a majority of those sites had a bad rep with Google it was quite possible they were passing some of their bad reputation to me. If I had known of that possibility I would have moved a lot sooner.

I’ve always prided myself on maintaining a clean site, one free from any malicious software. Unfortunately I can’t vouch for other sites and it seems that if the hosting account of a particular user of a shared hosting server is corrupted with malicious files then all the accounts on that server could be affected. Something else I didn’t know. This means that VPS hosting offers you a lot better security.

I’m sure most of you at one time or another have had a warning from host warning you that your account would be suspended or terminated if it’s discovered that you suddenly are using more resources than you’re allowed. This occurs even though many web hosting companies advertise that there have “unlimited” resources and hosting available. It’s this particular message that has forced me to move from several hosts. What I found to be most distressing was the way they not only took the offending site offline but all the sites linked to that account. No warning nothing. All I was told was to fix the problem but how could I do that when they deactivated the site to such an extent that I couldn’t even access it via my FTP program.

InMotion Hosting Review

I haven’t had to contact them much over the time I have been with them but when I have done so I can say I can’t fault their Live Chat system. They usually respond instantly and the technician has always been able to assist me by resolving any issue I’ve had. The last one occurred when the blog went offline because Apache had stopped. Apparently this was caused by CloudFlare making a ton of hits on mod_security. The issue has now been resolved and won’t happen again because of the co-operation between the guys at InMotion and CloudFlare.

Inmotion hosting review support
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Even though I have added more plugins the blogs speed is still a hell of a lot faster than the previous host. To date I have had no issues at all and so I can highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make a move to a VPS host, especially if you find you need more memory to run your site. This is something that may happen fi you use a lot of plugins. After checking my online lottery ticket blog, which is on a shared host, I noticed that it had a memory limit of 64 MB whereas this site has a limit of 512 MB! When I was having a memory issue with one of the plugins I simply allocated more memory to the site as a whole using another plugin :smoke_tb:  and the issue was resolved.

Naturally I am an affiliate of InMotion Hosting but as those who know me will tell you, I wouldn’t recommend anyone unless I had absolute faith in them. If there is anything at all that you would like to know about them just leave a comment and I will do my best to get and answer for you.


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  1. Twitter:
    I was really looking for a great solution as HostGator has added a new VAT tax for the EU Citizned based on some law and it’s making the hosting plans with 24% more expensive. Alternatives are always welcomed.

    1. Even with that increase it would still be cheaper than a VPS host, but no where near as man benefits as a VPS.
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  2. Twitter:
    Yes, I agree with Radu said, HostGators is one of good hosting, but another alternative hosting such as inmotion are always welcome. :D

  3. Twitter:
    Yes, Sire. I just gave more statement for HostGator.

  4. Twitter:
    Inmotion hosting is the new buzz in internet hosting scenario. High speed internet connectivity and high bandwidth connections have reached every household in the United States. Finland recently became a model for the world nations by making broadband connectivity a legal right. With more Asian and Arab countries recognizing the revolutionary power of the internet, the openings for web hosting companies are many. In such a volatile situation it is absolutely necessary to choose the correct web hosting services. Numerous web hosting services today provide various packages which helps your website to have a decent appearance over the internet. The numerous options available over the internet might confuse a newcomer to this field.

  5. Twitter:
    Hi Peter,
    I also started having some problem with my host (host monster) recently. I just hate that they all advertise as unlimited, but then they take your site down as soon as you cross their limit.

    Furthermore, my site is being down more and more, in some cases up to 6-8 hours. So, I am looking for another better host. I may take your word on InMotion Hosting and go with it. Thanks.

    1. Yeah I used to hate that. If my site goes down now it’s only because I’ve done something wrong. Usually a new plugin that conflicts with something. The last one used up all my memory. The boys helped me to solve the problem pretty quickly.

      As for Host Monster doing what they did, it’s the usual response from shared hosts. It’s a pain but unfortunately its to be expected.
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