When I first started WassupBlog all those years ago I had decided to do things differently from my other blogs because I wanted Wassup to be a blog that I enjoyed above all the rest. To do that I needed to increase the amount of participation on the blog itself, because although I’m a bit on the quiet side in real life I make up for it in the blogging world.

When it comes to writing posts and conversing with my commentators it’s like I’m in another world, a world in which I can come out of my shell and be the persona that I always wanted to be. The guy that hold his own when out socialising instead of being the guy standing uncomfortably alone in the crowd.

Joining The DoFollow Movement

To do that I needed to lift the amount of action in the comment section of my posts. I did some research and came across what was called the dofollow movement and those who were a part of it displayed a little icon on their site to show others they were a part of that particular movement. Being a little naive at the time I thought it meant that the those bloggers participating in this group would follow the commentators back to their blog and leave a comment in return.

So, I joined, proudly displayed their little badge on my blog and immediately started toConfused blogger find other dofollow blogs to comment on. I then waited patiently for all those bloggers to come back and leave a comment on this blog, but nobody did! What the heck?

Naturally I found out later that I completely misunderstood what the dofollow movement was all about. :doh_tb: It did dawn on me though that I could start my own little movement and so started the You Comment And I will follow you back and leave a comment on your blog. I even came up with my own badge.

To let people know of my new movement I wrote a post called Do You Want More People Commenting On Your Blog which laid out the rules they had to follow if they wanted to be a part of the movement. As a reward I created the F Group page where I placed a link to all those bloggers who qualified as members. If you were to visit that page now you’ll discover that there are no longer any members. It seems that people found the regime of following people back to their blog and leaving a comment all too hard.

Being A Successful Blogger Is Hard

Truth be told, being a successful blogger does require a lot of hard work and it isn’t as easy as all those people out there, you know the ones that tell you all you need to make money on the net is a blog and to subscribe to their newsletter, lead you to believe. I, on the other hand, knew it was going to be a hard slog and I was prepared to work hard to build a successful blog. This involved a strict regime.

How To Build A Successful Blog

  • Post Regularly: I would post on a regular basis, at least once or twice a week. I would always try to make those posts a worthwhile read. This meant it had to have something of value to the reader.
  • Reply To Every Comment: This was a must and although it does take a lot of time I found it to be most rewarding as with time I developed a bond with many of my regular commentators
  • Follow People To Their Blog: Again, this is very time consuming but it is also very rewarding. Done properly you will build your brand and you will build a band of loyal commentators. Most bloggers just flit from blog to blog leaving comments and most of the time you will never see them again. Imagine their surprise when you leave a comment on their blog. A lot of the time they will follow you right back and overtime you’ll find a lot of them will become regulars.

Naturally there are a lot more that you need to do to build a successful blog and I have but barely scraped all that needs to be done. Perhaps you could leave a comment telling us just one important point that you believe is necessary to building one.

I originally started this post to tell you that I am no longer going to follow every single commentator back to their blog. This is partly because my focus is needed elsewhere and partly because Wassup is travelling quite well at the moment. I will continue to reply to everyone though because anything less would be just plain rude.

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