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Increase The Money Potential With WP Zon Builder

Increase The Money Potential With WP Zon Builder

I can’t believe that I wrote 15 posts last week! That’s the most I’ve ever written in one week, 10 of which was on this blog. It wasn’t all that hard either and the only reason I was able to do it was because of {WP-Zon-Builder}! You could actually say that WP Zon Builder provided the inspiration for the majority of those posts as well as a lot of the content.

I hadn’t planned to do that many until after I wrote the first post of the week, Casio Men’s Watch CMD30B-1A. I hadn’t used WP Zon Builder for awhile and I had forgotten how easy this remarkable WordPress plugin made it to promote Amazon products. I was so excited I wrote the post Are You Taking Advantage Of Christmas Sales? on the very same day! I’ve never done that before.

In case you have seen this plugin in action you should watch this video.

That particular video has actually turned out to be my third most popular video with 1,689 views. It also brings a lot of visitors to this blog as people come to read the review I did on the plugin.

The reason for this post is to let people know that there is a right way and a wrong way to use the plugin.

How To Get The Most Out Of WP Zon Builder

Because the plugin makes it so easy to pull stuff out of Amazon’s enormous range of products there is a temptation to add to the queue hundreds at a time and to let the plugin post them one at a time over a selected time period. Unfortunately I believe too many people don’t take time selecting the right product because it’s just so easy to click add to the queue. Heck, you could even tell it to add the first 100 results to the queue but that would be the absolute wrong way to do it!

WP Zon Builder works

What I do is I check each product by clicking on one link at a time until I find one that I feel has the most potential to produce a sale. The first thing I look for is to see how many stars it has and then I look at the customer reviews. I will only add a product to the queue If most of the reviews are positive and I like the product description. I’ll pick two or three and once they’ve been processed I preview them to see how they look in a post. Once I’ve done that I choose the one that I like the best.

That is the first and most important part of the process. Once I’ve done that I will change the title of the post because it’s usually duplicate within the post itself. By changing it I add to the SEO potential of the post. Then, and this is the most important part, I will write something to introduce the product to my readers. This is important because it personalizes it as well as adding a lot of SEO value to the post as Google will see it as unique content.

One other thing I do is I utilize another of the plugin’s features which lets me highlight those particular words, by making them bold, that I feel will add to the SEO content as well as binging to the prospective customers attention features of the product that I think they will find appealing.

The plugin also add a ‘featured image’ to the post which saves me the trouble. :wink: I’ve actually created a Great Gift Ideas category which I will be making full use of even once Christmas is over. Great idea huh? And this isn’t even a niche blog. Just goes to show that there is always potential to increase a blogs earning capacity, you just need to hit on the right idea. The beauty about WP Zon Builder is you can use it in almost any blog.


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  1. Such a nice tool! Thanks for posting this cool video tutorial, I’ve always wondered how these nice sites and presentations could have been made…
    Melinda recently posted…Fog-balesetMy Profile

    1. Melinda, before buying WP Zon builder I tried several free plugins and none were up to par. I also researched a lot of paid versions and this is the one that appealed to me the most.
      Sire recently posted…Get Great Sound With A Cambridge Audio 100My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Do you get some result from your various “amazon post” ? I’ve checked out WP Zon Builder and it is amazing, but I still do not have make money with Amazon

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