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I love commenting on other peoples blogs but there is one thing that I find really irritating, and that is the amount of blogs that do not allow me the facility to subscribe to their comments. In my post What Type Of Commentator Do You Aspire To Be, I list 6 types of commentators with the one that every blogger loves to get being the Boomerang Commentator. Now, that is the type of commentator that I try to aspire to, but if bloggers do not allow me to subscribe to their comments then they can’t really blame me it I don’t come back.

The thing is that this feature can be easily added to any WordPress blog via a plugin. There are several floating around but the one that I use is, funnily enough,  Subscribe To Comments 2.1. So do yourself a favor and install the plugin so that I don’t have to bloody rant about this again. :wallbash_tb:
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