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IMSC PingFresh Review Does It Work

This post is more than just a IMSC PingFresh review, it is also a review of the customer service of the people behind what I thought would be a remarkable plugin. But first, let’s tackle the IMSC PingFresh Review!

IMSC PingFresh Review

The IMSC PingFresh plugin is supposed to a “Viral Traffic Booster Explodes Profits, Skyrockets Rankings, Accelerates Social Signals…..All On 100% Autopilot.” That’s the claim. After a whole lot more hype it claims “This Easy-to-use plugin Can Open Up the Traffic Floodgates, Boosting Your Traffic by 538% or more” Or more? Does this mean that a 538% traffic increase was the least you could expect?

Anyway, the following is an image of Sean Donahoe, the man behind the plugin, his claim and what I found to be the reality. Something I put together with help from the Logo Creator.

IMSC PingFresh Review

So, now that I have that out of the way I should get the MSC PingFresh review part of the post. The problem is I could never get the damn thing to work. It kept coming up with the following BS.

[bluebox]Starting Promotion Process

Selecting the PERFECT candidate for a PingFresh Push…

Processing Link:

Starting Social Sonar Pulse (Please Wait…)

TIMEWARP: Examining TimeWarp Potential for this post…

TIMEWARP: PingFresh was only installed on June 6, 2013 which is still within the 45 Day Limit…

TIMEWARP: Skipping for now while we keep tracking activity…

Processing Link:

Starting Social Sonar Pulse (Please Wait…)

TIMEWARP: Examining TimeWarp Potential for this post…

TIMEWARP: PingFresh was only installed on June 6, 2013 which is still within the 45 Day Limit…[/bluebox]

The 45 day limit was something they recommended in the setting and what I foolishly went for. So I waited patiently for the 45 day to go by so that I could give it another whirl. Nope, still got the same message. Contacted support, which is where the support part of this post comes in, only to be told ”

“Hi there,

Please don’t worry it is only display issue. Actually the contents are aging. It will be fixed in latest build.”

I’m a patient bloke so I waited for the next build only to find it still didn’t work. Every time I ran it I would get the same message with an updated date, which happened to be the date I ran it. At this rate it would never work. A bit more interaction with support until I got the following response.

[redbox]Hi there,

Please provide us with WP-Admin and FTP access so we can attempt to determine the issue. Please note that you should backup your site and account prior to our access and once done please change the passwords. You must also type “I Accept Your Terms” in your reply to accept the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: In providing us with direct access to your account you automatically hold ADD Marketing Group free and harmless from any liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from our accessing your account.

All the best!


WTF! I’ve given other plugin developers access to my blogs so they can fix issues with their plugins but never had to deal with this sort of crap. I can tell you it didn’t instill any confidence in me whatsoever. Nope, if anything it had the exact opposite effect. I figured for them to come up with that sort of waiver meant they probably destroyed a few blogs along the way and there was no way I would subject this blog to that sort of risk. So I asked for a refund.

At first they said no because it was over the 30 day limit. I explained yes but that was only because of their recommended setting of 45 days before re-pinging. I then told them about how I was waiting for the rebuild. Then some guy called John said they were going to refund it but were having issues with PayPal. And then I got an email from some sheila called Sheila, yep that was actually her name, saying that they were not going to honor the refund, to which I replied that was fine because it gave me fodder for a post I was writing.

So as far as their customer support goes it sucks. A week or so ago I wrote a post about the importance of customer service, something that is very important to me. If I was handling the situation I would have refunded the measly $27 which would have cemented a good customer relationship. They decided not, a shame because I love the other plugin I bought from them. Now, because of their poor customer service I will be removing all links to their products on all of my sites and they now have another unhappy customer post to deal with.

One last thing about the IMSC PingFresh review portion of this post. Although the auto feature of the plugin never worked I did manually ping certain posts using their PingFresh Live feature, to see if I would get the dramatic increase they promised. I waited a few days for any results only to find no improvement whatsoever. Should you buy this plugin, I would say definitely no. Your money would be best suited elsewhere.

Oh well, on the upside at least unsubscribing from Sean Donahoe’s list which will dramatically reduce the amount of spam I’ve been getting.  :drunk_tb: One last thing, at least I wasn’t the only person having problems, as can be seen from this post on the Warrior Forum.


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  1. Twitter:
    Whoa, not cool at all. Had you researched this company first before deciding to try the plugin and seen where anyone else had success? You’re right, for the measly $27 they could have saved themselves from this point ending as it has, though you’d have still had an interesting story to tell. Weasels!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Father’s Day Tribute, 2013My Profile

    1. No I didn’t Mitch because this isn’t the first time I purchased a plugin from him which I am very happy with.

      All in all a bad customer experience and while I know I exceeded their 30 day guarantee I feel the instructions had a lot to do with it. Had I set it for 7 days instead of the 45 days I would have known a lot sooner. Then there was also the wait for the new build and the hope that would resolve the issue.

      Nope, I still feel they have something to answer for and they nearly took the right road but changed their mind at the very end.
      Sire recently posted…Sexy Sals Blonde Genie And The Blonde ManMy Profile

  2. Were there any videos included? Kindda getting tired of “guys” maybe no these guys in particular but guys like them pumping out WSO’s and not supporting them!

    1. No videos included with the plugin itself but you do get access to one online. However the video doesn’t resolve my problem that the plugin didn’t work. The issue was with the plugin and not with setting it up.
      Sire recently posted…Making Google HappyMy Profile

      1. Very frustrating. Thanks for review and doing the dirty work!

  3. This post is timely for me! Trish and I are taking on another associate to build our eCommerce store for Jeri might know this already but I’ll send her the link jik!
    Linda Grace Cox recently posted…Join AdHitProfits ~ view Ads and Make Money!My Profile

    1. Glad to be of service Linda. While others would rather promote the hell of such a plugin so they can make their affiliate sales I couldn’t live with myself. I’d hate for someone who purchased it from my link to go through the same thing.
      Sire recently posted…Sexy Sals Blonde Joke Friday Funnies #66My Profile

  4. Sorry to hear about the bad experience but thanks for sharing what happened and giving us a review of your situation.

  5. Also, it would be nice to see how it actually works.

  6. You should be thankful to God that you and your blog are saved. You should have check reviews on the plugin before trying it. Any ways thanks to warn others.
    Faith in humanity restored.

  7. I hesitate where ever I see terms like Autopilot.These are not natural and yes 538% increase in traffic is not believable at all.But if its true..OMG.
    Osvaldo recently posted…How to Earn money writing ArticlesMy Profile

    1. I never expected that much of an increase, but I did expect it to at least work and give me something in return
      Sire recently posted…Proof That Passive Income ExistsMy Profile

  8. Thank you, your review helped me to avoid mistakes. I was just going to use this plugin. But intuition prompted me to look for reviews about it.

    1. You’re very welcome.

  9. Yep, I’ve used this plugin on a couple of sites. I configured it as recommended and there was no positive impact whatsoever. I was particularly keen on the TimeWarp feature to automatically change the date on posts so they appereared as fresher content. It didn’t work.
    Like you I found the support process very unhelpful and uninviting. I’ve since deactivated and deleted the plugin from the two sites I had it on and have put the whole thing down to experience. I won’t be buying from this guy again though.

    1. Yeah, it’s a shame really because I had high hopes for it. The marketing of it was pretty good except that it was a whole lot of crap. At least, like you said, it’s something we can put to experience.
      Sire recently posted…Are People Reading Your PostsMy Profile

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