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Improving Lists And Stopping Annoying Popups

Do you guys remember the post I did on how many emails it took before you considered it spam? That post included a poll which showed that for most people it took at least three emails. For others it was four and for some as low as two. The problem is that good or bad lists will not change unless we do something about it which is what this post is all about.

Let’s face it, the reason so many people use lists and those really annoying popups is because they work. Yep, those popups and all those crappy emails you keep getting manage to generate sales for those people using them. Still, the fact that they work does not make them any less annoying  :hairout_tb: The question is can we do something to stop people from using them? Well that all depends on whether or not you’re willing to make a stand and do something about it.

How Making A Stand Can Change The Online World

Considering how being a member of these annoying lists are helping to propagate them the solution is to simply unsubscribe from them. Too many people are willing to put up with them thinking that perhaps something of value will come from it. And then when they do buy something it usually results in disappointment. And still they do not unsubscribe and so these lists continue to grow.

If more people unsubscribed leaving a note as to why they did so then I’m sure the making a stand for your beliefsquality of lists will improve. But the only way it will happen is if a lot of people make a stand and the only way that will happen is if we get together and get the message across. Write your own post telling your readers why they should do something about the lists they’re a member of. Tweet or stumbling this post will also get the word out. The thing is we all need to get off the fence and do something about it.

The same goes for those annoying popups. If bloggers weren’t making something from it they would have to stop annoying us with them wouldn’t they? Unfortunately that won’t happen unless they see people turning away from their blog because of it. So, the next time you’re reading a post and one of those popups appear, don’t get sucked in by it’s promises, LEAVE! That’s right, forget about reading the rest of the post, just leave. Don’t read the post, don’t leave a comment and certainly don’t click on any link in that stupid popup! Just get the hell out of there and make a stand for the kind of online world you want to be a part of.

Honestly, it’s only when these sort of tactics stop working that those using them will change the way they do business. Suddenly their emails will contain less junk and instead of using those crappy popups they would using something less intrusive like the Covert Messenger plugin, that you say pop up there on the right.  :innocent1_tb:

So, what do you think guys? Are you with me?

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  1. Twitter:
    I certainly am, and I found it funny that you mentioned your own little popup on the right when we get near the end of a post. lol Still, the market wins when the market bands together, so if more people would stop signing up for newsletters because of those popups and get more of these folks to treat them as they want to be treated, an entire culture of irritation could change. We can be hopeful… but it’s not going to happen unfortunately.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…I Found A Dream; Now The Goals…My Profile

    1. You have to admit it’s a loss less annoying than having something appear right in front of the post you’re reading. :wink_ee:

      As to it not happening, now that is just being negative. It can happen as long as enough people get behind it.

      1. Twitter:
        Trust me, it’s not going to happen. How many years have their been popups? And in that time, how many bloggers have added it to what they do because they see the success in it? Heck, even if yours isn’t as bad, it’s still a popup that you saw someone else using and figured to do it as well. Remember when you first wrote that post about Disqus and took your poll? And how many more people have added it in that time, even though we both know that the risk was that there would be fewer comments on many of those blogs?

        I’m just being realistic and following what I always follow; track record. People got used to it and it’s not going away until marketers and the like find the next big thing. And it won’t have anything to do with people banding together to change anything; it’ll be because someone finds something, is able to attract a large group of people, writes about it and everyone else switches over.

        Track record. :-)
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Are Your Social Media Standards Too Strict?My Profile

        1. All true, but how many posts have you seen similar to this one? Not too many I bet. Unless someone makes a stand and others take it up then you’re right it won’t happen. But if enough people get behind it then it can and will happen. I’ve started the ball rolling and it’s now up to everyone else to help push it along. If we get enough speed who knows what we can accomplish.

            1. No wonder I didn’t remember that post, it was years ago. There is a major between your post and this one, while both are rants of sorts mine is actually asking people to take action so we can make the online world a better place :wink_ee:

  2. I donot even pay attention to the emails or spam that I get in bulk unless I am informed to check them if I am supposed to get an important mail. I ignore this entire chain of mails and delete in bulk. On the other hand, the pop up advertisements are irriating as well.

    1. Whereas if you unsubscribed from the list the emails would stop and you would be sending a message to the person filling your inbox with junk.

  3. Peter i like the idea of getting a feedback from those who unsubscribe from the list.In this case one can know what exactly has to be improved in sending them mails frequently.

    1. It’s important to let them know otherwise they don’t know where they’re going wrong.

  4. Hi,

    An awakening article. Truly annoying it is to see time consuming pop ups and spammers in your inbox. I do the same. Don’t even bother to open those useless mails. Thanks a lot for this post.


    1. It is annoying and something can be done about it if enough people get behind the movement. I’m afraid the problem is too many people do not believe we can bring it about and therefore will not even try.

      1. A few months ago, in an effort to lessen the bulk mail I get everyday, I’ve unsubscribed from some of the lists I’ve joined. So far, I’ve probably gotten rid of around 3% of it. :)

        As to the probability of your idea taking off, Sire, I think there’s a chance. But it requires that more people reach your level of realization that indeed all these has got to stop. Unfortunately, the majority of surfers are not as evolved as you. Most of them still fall prey to the promises shown in popups and list invitations. I’ve been exposed to all these for the past 5 years or so, but I still tend to click on popups that are very cleverly worded as to really pique your interest. :)

        1. Only 3%? Shit James, you have a long way to go mate. :laugh_tb:

          The problem is that people have come to accept it as a necessary evil James. You won’t get any of the marketers getting on the bandwagon either because it will hurt their income generation capabilities.

          For this to work we need the everyone to get behind the idea. It’s going to take a lot more than one lone blogger to get it done.

  5. I was hoping spammy emails and pop-ups wouldn’t work. How naive of me to think that. Unsubscribing is useless; I tried, but many websites have errors (deliberate or not). I hope more and more people will follow your advice.

    1. Unsubscribing actually does work on those lists that you have subscribed to. For those spam emails that you have not subscribed to it is best to spam them so you don’t receive them anymore.

      1. :)) So, basically you’re saying that the only way to stop email spam is to reply with spam? Or I get it wrong and you were saying to create a filter to send them directly to trash. Oh! But here’s another problem: they change the email address! I receive the same spam message from different email addresses

        1. Yep, filtering them is what I meant. You should never unsubscribe to those spam emails because by doing that you’re letting them know they have a legitimate adress.

          Filtering them is the best option. The software I use remembers the one I spam and records them for next time. It’s a pain when they change the address but there’s not much you can do about that.

  6. Pop ups are here to stay, i guess. I think, people can change the way it’s being presented or displayed, but they can’t remove it completely if that’s the way they make sales.

    I have seen many big websites that do this popups. Most of them offers something valuable to their readers that made those popups a little less annoying.

    It is really how you present it that makes a difference.

    About making a stand about it, easier said than done but it’s doable.

    Thank’s Sire for sharing your insight about it.

    1. I’m talking about those popups that appear out of nowhere and stop you from reading then post and forcing you to read what they have to offer. If everyone just upped and left those blogs they would be forced to look for a less annoying way to make their money.

      As for it being OK as long as they offer something useful, I’m afraid that isn’t good enough. Annoying is annoying and there is no excuse for it.

  7. Unsubscribing the emails we get in large numbers would solve the problem of spam mails in our mail account but still the problem of pop ups goes un solved which is even more irritating. However, once I unsubscribed emails from an online marketing company and still continuing to get the mails so it made no point, I just delete them regualrly now.

    1. I still believe we can curb their use as well Jannet as long as we make a concerted to change our habits of reading the blogs that use them.

  8. Twitter:
    I agree, Sire. If you don’t like the tactics they’re using, unsubscribe, leave the post without reading it or commenting and just don’t go back.
    My most hated annoyance is the pop-up that pops up 12 seconds after I land on the page and says “If you enjoy what you’re reading, sign up for my list…” I HAVENT READ ANYTHING YET! I don’t know if what is being offered is any good. but you are annoying me! Bye!
    Anti-poppers Unite! :-)

    1. Yeah man, that’s exactly what I’m trying to get across.

      1. Twitter:
        And ya done a fine job of it too… I just had to yammer on, restating what you said, because I was too brain-dead to come up with anything more original to fill out the minimum word requirement. Had I gone away to think about it, planning to come back when I had something better, I’d have forgotten to come back. Brain death is a terrible thing!

        1. I think you have a long way to go before you get to the brain dead stage Allan :smoke_tb:

          As to doing a good job getting the idea across, I’m starting to wonder because it doesn’t seem that too many people are willing to take the baton on and run with it.

          I know it’s probably because it seems like an impossible task but that doesn’t mean you should not even give it a try.

          1. Twitter:
            The only task that is truly impossible is the one you refuse to try.

  9. I completely agree with you, I spent several hours going through my emails just a couple of days ago and unsubscribing from the all the spammy ones. It takes some time but we need to stop them!

    1. Yep, and the same with those damn popups too. :guns_tb:

      When you think about it we are their virtual customers and we can show our displeasure by voting with our absence.

  10. I am ok with the bottom right pop ups. It,s less invasive. I get a lot of sail emails and find that to be a bit much. I think weekly is ok.

    1. Yep, at least it doesn’t cover any of the post.

  11. Great and useful list and great tips for stopping annoying popups. Actually it is very difficult to handle the unwanted popups and ruin our moods. I really want to thank you for the tips for stopping annoying popups.

    1. Not really a tip Md, it’s more of a call to action :smoke_tb:

  12. Very insightful. I think you are right. Some of these frustrating online trends seem to keep lingering around because too many people have simply accepted them as the established way, and are really not willing to do anything about changing them. Complaining about these kinds of things is one thing, getting up and doing something about it is another. I hope more people start going for the later.

    1. You can help Paul by writing your own post or even by promoting this one.

  13. Those darn spammy pop ups and emails! They must be stopped…but it’s easier to just ignore them.

    1. Ignorance is not bliss in this situation Robert. To stop them you have to do a lot more than simply ignoring them. Me, I’d rather ignore the blogs that use them and concentrate on the ones that don’t. :drunk_tb:

  14. Great post!
    Unsubscribing from the annoying mail services can help us to make out of the Spam mails from mailbox. And i consider this process. The process of getting a mail after the unsubscription is vary important. It lets them to know that they were wrong some where
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ajay recently posted…5 Best WordPress Plugins To Aid Backup SolutionsMy Profile

    1. Don’t forget those annoying popups Ajay, we’ve got to get rid of those as well.

    1. I totally agree too, making a stand is important this day in age with how out of control things have gotten.

    2. Nothing to do with success Dalma, it’s all about improving the online experience for everybody.

  15. I love the idea. I’ll do it! At least until I realize that hardly anyone e;lse is doing it, so…..I’ll stop. Then read another Blog about the ‘Popups” and start again. It’s cyuclical but what can I do?

    1. Don’t stop Mary! It doesn’t matter what everybody else does. You should always stand up for your beliefs.

  16. Sire, was this post written with me in mind? It sure seems like it. I get so annoyed with pop ups but until now I never thought to “just leave” the blog/website. The worst culprits are the pop ups that you can’t seem to move or get rid of. O.K. That’s it. I’m not going to take it anymore! Thanks, Suzanne
    Suzanne recently posted…4 Steps to a Successful End of Year Marketing PlanMy Profile

    1. It was written for you and for all those others who want to make a stand for improving how we’re treated online Suzanne. Glad you’re willing to stand up and be counted. :thumbup_tb:

  17. I can totally relate to this article because popups can be so annoying and it can get overwhelming. To tell you the truth, I will sign up for a newsletter for the content and won’t give a second thought to the popups until they start happening.

    1. And when they happen what do you do?

  18. Hello, I agree that people should stand together and ignore the pop ups and junk e-mails we receive. It is annoying when a pop up appears on your screen when you are trying to get onto a website, and I always just close them straight away.

    1. Good on you Nila!

  19. I comprehended the pop-ups and repetitive lists to be annoying right when I entered the online world, and started taking a stand against them. I hadn’t known that there are so many bloggers and professionals out here fed up of such crap too. Thanks for sharing this. A inspiring realization.

    1. Unfortunately nowhere near enough are doing anything about it which is why I wrote this post. Seems to me that although I am getting a lot of positive comments not many are willing do promote it by using the social sharing icons.

  20. Twitter:
    I need a pop-up free internet. It’s very annoying when you are pushed to read something that you don’t need.

    1. Well then, perhaps you should do something about it Radu.

  21. For a change this blog has come up with a serious topic different from its regular humorous ones. Now we all face the problem of popups and we all get irritated with it. Bur the question is how many of us are ready to do something to stop it. The solution mentioned in the blog is absolutely correct, unless these bloggers see us running away from their blogs because of these popups, they will not stop them.

  22. “Yes, people should stand together and ignore the pop ups and junk e-mails we receive. It is really annoying when a pop up appears on your screen when you are trying to get onto a website. And I totally agree with you Unsubscribing from the annoying mail services can help us to make out of the Spam mails from mailbox.

    1. Hey Peter, agreeing is one thing, doing something about it is something else :wink_ee:

  23. You wouldn’t believe the vast numbers of Pop-Up blockers out there. Some are free while the others are paid. Even so, none of them works to the satisfaction of the user. I have been a victim too and I have gotten over the frustration because I know that it cant be helped.

    1. That’s why we should all make our feelings known by refusing to visit sites that use them.

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