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Important Link Love That You Should All Read

I thought I would send out some link love to some posts that I’ve found which I thought needed to be shared with you, my loyal readers.

The first goes to the delectable Eleanor who is looking for help in putting together an advent calendar which was suggested by Heather another gorgeous gal who is very talented when it comes to design and stuff, her blog offering a lot of advice on Practical 3D Tips and much much more.

Anyway I was going to past a raunchy video that Eleanor put together promoting the idea but then I figured I’d never get rid of you guys and the whole idea is to get you to visit her blog. So if you want to see Eleanor taking sex sells to a whole new level you should really check out her near naked post.

For those of you not familiar with Eleanor she runs Give A Brick which she uses to raise money for charity, and while there you should read her post where she is asking for Help in the form of a wish list to lighten her load and to help her in her dream of helping the needy. Once I’ve finished this post I’m going to donate a few bricks via PayPal. Donations are easy now that she listened to some blokes advice, something women rarely do, about using PayPal as a medium of collecting money.

If you can spare a couple of bucks you can be assured it will be well received. If you can’t then perhaps you can help in some other small way, the very least by giving those posts a Tweet.

The next link goes out to Gail in her efforts to get Akismet to change it’s algorithm because she feels  it is censoring comments. Personally I feel it’s doing a damn good job of helping to keep this blog spam free but if it can be improved I’m all for it.

Next Mitch is having with trouble with the thought that Americans are getting dumber, to such an extent that he’s been asked to dumb down directives given to patients to a 3rd grade level. He asks several questions including whether or not the education system is failing them. I can’t vouch for the Yank’s system but I have some doubt about ours and it’s not being helped by the education union.

Last but by no means least I want to tell you about what could be the best blogging contest ever. It’s called the Famous Bloggers ComLuv Blogging Contest and if you were ever to enter a contest this would have to be the one because it has over $3500 in prizes which means there are going to be some very happy winners. You will all be happy to know that I won’t be entering so your chances of winning will have increased by a huge margin.

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  1. Gave a brick Sire. Deserving indeed.

    1. Thanks Rummuser :smile_wp:
      She is very appreciative. She’s also sorry she’s only just got over here to say properly thank you. :wallbash_tb:

      Loving the smileys (mucked it up in my comment below unfortunately) and really am very thankful.

      El x

  2. Nice post. And about Akismet, the biggiest problem with there spam filters is that someone can just buy a program and spam blogs in 10 minutes with there competitors url, and get them banned permanently, despite real comments made in the future. And the real problem is that there is no good way of getting an url unbanned, as they only have a cryptic form on there page that doesn’t work. So good job helping enlighten the problem..

    1. The problem with her post is she is making Akismet out to be the bad person in her debate where in actual fact it’s as much a victim as those honest bloggers who are being spammed. If we all go through out spam folder un-spamming those comments I’m sure we could train Akismet as to the true validity of those comments.
      Sire recently posted…Why Does Sex In Advertising Sell?My Profile

      1. Actually, Akismet blocks the e-mailaddress of the one leaving a comment – not the URL.

        So ruining it for your competitor isn’t really that easy.

        1. That’s correct Nabil. But I really think that Ariksmet also should have URL:s in their terms in some kind of way. I think it’s important also to ban those spamming URL:s.

    2. Thats actually something I haven’t thought of. And there is no solution to it?

  3. I like the Akismet fact, it’s really annoying. I hope Akismet will fix this issue soon. Going to read Eleanor article.

      1. :cool1_tb: Thanks Sire!

          1. Awww, thanks :thumbup_tb: Sorry, had to reply. I love that guy :drunk_tb:

            1. Yep, they are that. Except … :ponder_tb: There’s nothing for sleepy is there? Ah well, have to say it instead. It’s nearly 1am here. I need to go to bed. Night night :hmm2_ee:

  4. There are lots of spam application who promise to fight against spam but i only believe in Akismet.

  5. I read the linked dumb down article and found Americans are not necessarily dumb but ambivalent, which might be a worse affliction.

  6. Twitter:
    Thanks for the love, Sire. I’m checking out the others, as I’ve already had my comment on Askimet.

  7. Thank you Sire for linking to and mentioning my Akismet post. Thank goodness Mitch mentioned you had as I had not come across anything about this post yet.

    You may have noticed that I haven’t been around commenting anywhere lately. That is because I am simply swamped – beyond over-committed. Between the Akismet controvery, being the new Editor-in-Chief for CommentLuv, client work and the FamousBloggers CommentLuv Blogging contest I don’t have time right now to read or comment.

    What I do have time for is to RT and promote elsewhere all the content that comes in as an @GrowMap Tweet (not a DM – I don’t stay on top of those very well at all). At some point I may not be able to stay on top of @GrowMap Tweets either but for now it works well.

    Any time you have a new post you would like me to see or share just Tweet at me and I’ll do the rest.
    Gail recently posted…Best of GrowMap – Our Most Important Posts All in One PlaceMy Profile

      1. Thanks Colleen. Andy and I are working hard to improve ComLuv and Hesham, Andy and I are all working on the contest. Both take a lot of time. Do be sure to let us know if you have any suggestions for making ComLuv and CommentLuv even better.

        I’d love to hear from you. I know some other bloggers in your niche who would be interested in collaborating with you. Twitter @GrowMap messages or the contact tab on my blog are both fast and easy ways to reach me.
        Gail recently posted…Support Small BusinessesMy Profile

    1. No worries Gail, I know what it’s like to be busy. I’m not one to to tweet people personally unless it’s in reply to a tweet received. I normally have a plugin that tweets any new posts and that’s as far as I take it. If people see it all well and good if not then that’s fate and I don’t worry about it.

      1. Hi Sire,

        That is what most bloggers do and it works ok until you get really busy and have thousands of followers. Any blogger who wishes to greatly increase their visibility should consider using a Twitter app that allows you to schedule Tweets. I put a post about what tools are best in CommentLuv in this comment.

        Use CoTweet or Hootsuite or TweetDeck or any of those types of tools to send @UserName Tweets directly to those you know would be particularly interested in specific posts or to people like me, @Kikolani, @sweetsfoods and others who regularly RT your posts.

        1. I did join HootSuite but never got the confirming email and as they ignored both my Tweet and email I figured they weren’t worth bothering with.

          I use TweetDeck but I choose not to bother people directly just for the sake of advertising my post as I know how busy everyone is. If they see it fine if not then that’s the way fate wants it and that is also fine.
          Sire recently posted…Taking Off Your Clothes For The Greater GoodMy Profile

  8. Thanks for the love, Sire. I’m checking out the others, as I’ve already had my comment on Askimet.

  9. Hey Sire, you are one smart cookie. I’m sorry I didn’t get over here before now. I was in London on Friday when this went out. But, sending people our way instead of posting the video on here? Genius. Thank you x

    1. Eleanor, you are right, there is no sleepy smiley. I wonder if I can add one :ponder_tb:

      I will have to check that out.

  10. I submitted Give a Brick to stumbleUpon. That is all I could do at the moment but I hope it will help.

    1. I’m sure every little bit helps Miguel

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