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Importance of Internal Linking

I’ve written about internal links before but I’ve never really explained what internal links are. This was stupid of me because there could be a lot of newbies out there who have no idea what I’m taking about. Simply put an internal link connects one page of your blog or website to a different page on the same site. The image below shows internal linking in its most simplified form.

internal linking

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Why you should do this will become evident as you read this post.

5 Reasons For Internal Linking

  1. Makes Google happy: Internal linking makes Google happy. Google likes internal linking when it’s done properly. This means you don’t just link to other pages within your blog/website for the sake of it. All internal links must add to the readers experience by enhancing the informative value of the post. Sending them to a completely unrelated article will only upset them losing you a possible follower.
  2. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This would be one of the most important reasons because getting your SEO right increases your traffic which in turn increased your potential for making money.
  3. Decreases your bounce rate. The bounce rate of a site is the percentage of people who leave your site after viewing only one page. Supplying relevant internal links will encourage your readers to explore more of your site decreasing your bounce rate.
  4. Increasing the time on your site. The longer a person spends on your site the better.The message sent to Google by people ‘bouncing’ straight away is that it hold little or no interesting relevant information. I’m sure this is used in Google’s algorithms which will hurt a sites SEO.
  5. It enhances a users experience while visiting a site. The more relevant information you can supply a reader the better. Linking to relevant information within your site will fulfil this important requirement.

So, internal linking is more than just SEO. It also gives the readers the best experience while visiting your site. And isn’t that the most important factor?  :thumbup_ee:


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  1. Twitter:
    Good job of explaining how it all works Pete, other than that I’ in your second line. lol I’m big on internal linking rather than the quest of lots of folks trying to find other sites to link to. It works pretty well and you’re right, giving people complimentary articles to see keeps them on your site longer.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…10 Blogging Lessons From 10 Years Of Blogging On A Different BlogMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Does a program like ‘related posts’ help with SEO? Or do you actually have to put links in with code and stuff?

      1. Twitter:
        Hey Troy, I’ve tried a couple of those but wasn’t happy with the posts they were linking to. Sure you could say it was internal linking but most of the time the posts weren’t relevant. That being the case I didn’t consider them as true internal links.
        Peter Pelliccia recently posted…50 Shades Of Grey Friday Funnies #151My Profile

  2. hi, nicely explained…
    specially that picture is saying everything in that all… love the article though.. thank you! :smile:

    1. Twitter:
      Thanks Doc, I’m glad you liked the post. I decided to make my own image because I thought the ones available on the net were just too complicated. Internal linking is a simple process.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Old Folks Jokes Friday Funnies #154My Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Hi Peter, I’ve been working more on my internal deep linking structure. It really does help a lot.

    I don’t know if this is the a rule or not but I do this and it helps my seo.

    For SEO purposes I create a category with my keyword phrase I make sure when I am doing internal linking that I link using alt text. Sometimes the text is my actual keyword phrase other times it’s a phrase or even a sentence that has to do with the subject matter.

    Great post! Simple and to the point.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Larry, long time no see my friend. I hope all is well with you?

      With my new blogs Larry I also pay more attention to category names for SEO reasons. I also use the alt test in my internal and external links. Sometimes its for SEO reasons. Other times its to supply more relative information to entice them to click on it and sometimes I do it just for fun. :wink:

      Nice to see you again Larry.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…When Beautiful Women Get You In Trouble Friday Funnies #153My Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Hey Peter, all is well :-) I’ve been working on my passion/project/business the past year. So I’ve been busy lols….

        I also hope all is well with you my friend…

  4. Hi Peter,

    Is excessive internal linking could be bad for SEO reason? If it is, what is the definition of “excessive”?

    Google is getting aggressive now in fighting spammers by focusing on relevance and naturality. At some points I don’t even know if what I do with my website is still considered natural or not.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Deddy,

      I’m not sure if it would hurt it but I’m don’t think it would help it any. I don’t see the point. Even if every link leads to a relevant article I’m sure most of those links would be ignored so what would be the point.

      Personally I think that less would be best.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Italian Lover Friday Funnies #152My Profile

  5. I’m a newbie and always used to wonder what is internal linking and bounce rate. You have explained both here. Actually, i was frustrated after visiting many websites as many used to mention about internal linking but no one used to explain it in simple words. So thank you very much for your post.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Rahul, the reason for that is a lot of website owners assume that people reading their posts are familiar with the terminology used within the post. Unfortunately that is a false assumption.

      I’m glad you got something out of this post.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Just Joking Around Friday Funnies #157My Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Hi, Thanks for explaining. I regularly links my content with each other by relevant keywords. It helps visitors to stay on blog.

  7. Very true, I previously didn’t have internal links on my website and I ranked on page four, upon addition of internal links, I jumped to second page within 3 weeks. So ya, I think it works.
    Diana Lint recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  8. I have alot page which are interlinked,but my site is nowhere in the rankings yet.I guess internal linking comes after backlinking.

  9. Twitter:
    Good explanation! This way of linking is one of the major elements of SEO. Newbies have no idea how internal linking works but it’s only a very simple concept. With only a little knowledge, you can do this your own.

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