Who ever would have thought that images were an important factor of SEO? I know I didn’t. Heck at the beginning I never even worried about putting images in a post. Especially because it was so time consuming to find the right images. When I did learn that images and SEO did work together in helping you get a higher ranking I started to pay more attention to images and SEO.

The trouble though has always been finding the right images to put into my post, I didn’t want to be like all those other sites that put just any unrelated image into the post just for the sake of having an image. That was when I came across Zemanta. It gave me a selection of images to choose for my post. Not always perfect but better than nothing. The problem was they weren’t unique. Everybody was using the same images and I wanted to be unique.

I’ve always believed that being unique was an advantage when creating your online image. One of the reasons why I developed the header package. Knowing that Images and SEO were important in getting you traffic was one of the reasons for buying the Logo Creator. I’ve written about it before and am really surprised that no-one has taken me up on the offer. I’m especially surprised because this amazing software only costs $32! Such a small investment in building your online career. 

Perhaps its the name that puts people off because not everyone wants to create a logo. Truth be told the Logo Creator is so much more potential than creating logos. I used it to help me create my Header package as well as the free bonuses included in the package. I also used it to create Sexy Sals Blonde Jokes. If you were to do an image search of Sexy Sals blonde joke on Google you’ll be surprised how many of them appear at the top of the page. Those images are branded with this sites url address helping to build my brand.

Then there is also Sleazy Sam’s appearance in a recent post. However it wasn’t until Sleazy Sam’s second appearance that he started getting noticed on Pnterest. He now has 5 repins and 2 likes. Not a huge amount but a start and he is already directing traffic to my site. Notice also the watermark at the bottom of the image.

workplace humor

Sleazy Sam and his work ethics

The Logo Creator is so much more than creating logos, but this post is about images and SEO and I must apologise for getting distracted.

Images and Seo Making It Happen

Images and SEO

Images and SEO helping you to build traffic Image thanks to the Logo Creator

Alt Tags: This second image has ‘images and SEO’ in the alt tags. You should ensure that any image you have in your post also contain your targeted keywords in the alt tags. This is a very important part of the images and SEO factor. The alt tags are important because it’s what search engines use to understand what the image is about. While a picture may paint a thousand words search engine spiders are blind to them and need the alt text to gather the information they require.

File Name: It’s very important that your image contains the keywords you’re targeting. I used to forget this but thanks to the Yoast plugin, that I wrote about in Best WordPress SEO Plugin Is, I make sure those keywords are used in the file name so as to ensure I have all the SEO factors covered.

Captions: Something else you should do, and I don’t do often enough is to use the captions. While I’m not a hundred percent certain of it I’m sure the caption also provides information to the spiders. But more importantly, it provides valuable information to your readers. It can help you to enforce the point you’re trying to get across. 

As we all know, speed is an important factor these days and images do slow your load times down a bit. There are a couple of ways to minimise this. The first is to make sure you upload the correct size to your post rather than using WordPress to show a smaller image. This is because the browser will load the original image first before showing the resized version.

So, tell me, are you using Images and your SEO efforts.

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