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I’m A Proud Aussie

I have to say that I’m a proud Aussie. This is because as a rule Aussies are a pretty good bunch. Sure there are some wankers out there but they’re a minority. Generally we’re pretty generous and try to help whenever we can. We haven’t always been that way. Historically we’ve made mistakes but there are dark historical spots in all countries.

I actually came across one of those dark spots in history in a FaceBook post. The darkness was the way we treated one of our own, Peter Norman, when he stood up to do the right thing and was pretty well crucified for it. I was only 10 at the time and don’t remember it but am very proud of Peter Norman although shameful of the way we treated him.

There are many reasons I’m a proud Aussie. I live in a beautiful country full of Aussies who excel in what they do. This includes sports, current legends like Tim Cahill who’s had an enormous impact for the Socceroos at the World Cup and Sally Pearson.

We’ve got a lot of popular exports in sport as well including Jarryd Hayne who’s gone from NRL to NFL.

Lets not forget our acting talent as well. People like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, the late Heath Ledger, Simon Baker, Naomi Watts, Paul Hogan and the list goes on and on.

Then there’s Craig Revel Horwood, a renowned Aussie dancer, choreographer and theatre director.

A lot of the stuff we take for granted is because of Aussie inventions. Take Wi-Fi for example. We owe that to a bloke called John O’Sullivan.

Aussies developed the bionic ear, the first race cam, the baby safety capsule, spray on skin to help burn victims. There are also inventions Aussies take for granted that others probably have never heard of, like the Hills Hoist, something that I have in my own back yard,

Yeah, there’s so many reasons that make me proud to be an Australian.

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