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I was Number One On Problogger

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Yes I was number one, but not the way you think. Ages ago I read a post on Garry Conn Dot Com on how you could get a whole heap of traffic to your blog from leaving just one comment. The idea is that if you are the very first person to comment on a blog, and if that comment was meaningful and related to the original post you would be bound to get a whole lot of visitors from people reading the post.

The other day I was able to put the theory to the test because I actually was the first person to comment on Problogger’s 12 Tips To SNAP Readers Out of Passivity with Calls to Action! I couldn’t believe my luck, and in my rush to to beat everybody else, the comment probably wasn’t as good as it could of been. But heck, I didn’t want someone else to beat me to the punch now did I?

The result was that comment actually did send a whole heap of traffic to this blog and some of the visitors actually left comments. The lesson to learn from this is not to be afraid to be the first to leave a comment as the benefit to you in the long run is well worth the effort.


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  1. Congrats my friend. I’m thrilled to know that you’ve been reading some of Garry Conn’s work. He’s a really great guy. But first poster on ProBlogger, I’m in awe of you. :)

    There is something to be said for being the first to post. If you’re going to be first in line, you better come up with something better than just “good post”. If you want to catch the attention of others, you have to put forth some effort.

    Oh yeah, one more thing–

    Good post :D

    Christine Senters last blog post..Canute The Great

  2. Thanks Christine, both for the comment and for dropping by. Have I ever said that I love that avatar?

    I’ve read a few of Garry’s posts and I have even left a few comments and I have to agree he has a lot to offer. As for being the first to comment, shit I gotta get lucky sometimes hun!

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

  3. LMAO!!!

    I had to get an avatar that could compete with yours. LOL

    Christine Senters last blog post..Canute The Great

  4. Well Christine, I must say that one definitely did the trick :wub_tb:

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

  5. I noticed this too, I found out by being lucky enough to be first to post on a digged article and then getting a whole heap of traffic from it.

    now I know about it, I never find any that haven’t been commented on!

    Andy Baileys last blog post..New affiliate pages constructed

  6. Hi Andy, fancy seeing you here. I reckon we just have to be lucky, either that or pick a popular blog and keep checking for a new post. Seeing how you are here and how you are the brains behind commentluv, I was wondering why it sometimes decides to parse a different post rather than the last one?

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

  7. Sire, as more bloggers tweet about new blog posts on Twitter, it may get easier to be one of the first to comment on a popular blog.

    I expect that there will be a big difference in visitors to your site if you’re the first person to leave a quality comment versus being the fifth, tenth, or later. I don’t know that for a fact, but I suspect it’s true.

    Earlier today, Darren posted a poll about whether we earn from other sites beside blogs and I was about the sixth or seventh to leave a comment.

    Of course, I followed the link in his tweet about it.

    Act on your dream!


  8. Unfortunate the tweet ad on that I used to use does not work on FireFox 3 and so I haven’t been able to keep up with Tweets. I do manage to follow certain blogs via my RSS reader and I was the first to comment on one of his other posts.

    I didn’t get the same reaction though, probably because he was promoting a product he is affiliated with, I believe it was the Thesis theme. Just goes to show that even Darren Rowse’s followers don’t care to much for self promotion of affiliates.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

    1. Hah! I had to respond to this because I saw one of your comments on It wasn’t the first, but you intrigued me by mentioning that technology had nothing to do with the ice age, which happened about 17,000 years ago. The prevailing science agrees with you, and predicts another ice age (I forget when). But I’ve often wondered if mankind has not gone through several iterations of idiocy and near-extinction.

  9. Hi Genders, I was just stating an opinion and seeing as how I haven’t the scientific background there is every possibility that I could be wrong.

    It just seems to me that there must be a reason for everybody getting on this particular bandwagon. Is it because certain scientists are sucking up to the politicians and formulating these theories just to get paid?

    Personally I would be more worried about the air I am breathing or the crap in the ocean contaminating a major food source than the ice caps melting, something that has been going on for many years anyway.

    May I ask, out of all the posts on this blog, why you chose this particular one to comment on? :ponder_tb:

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

  10. I did it again but the second one was a post promoting one of his affiliates. Hardly no comments ergo less visitors and no visitors at all. I reckon you have to pick the right post.

  11. Twitter:
    I was once number one on Problogger as far as a comment goes, and maybe that’s why I had an increase on some posts as opposed to others. I’ll need to try to track that next time it happens, whether it’s him or someone else.

  12. Darren Rowse of problogger is really top notch blogger and earn a lot of money.Seeing the amount of traffic he has,it’s worth to comment first on his blog.
    .-= Asad @Blogger Tips´s last blog ..Table of Contents Widget for Blogger =-.

    1. Yes he is, and he does get a lot of comments.

  13. I must agree with you always being the first person to comment on a blog comes with many privileges. Although it is also scary in terms of your comment may not be that good it is worth giving it a shot.

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