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How Wp Zon Builder Is Going To Make Me Money In 2013

How Wp Zon Builder Is Going To Make Me Money In 2013

I’ve been alluding to a new niche blog I’ve started for awhile now and I’ve been busting to tell people about it, so much so that I did tell my list members which did make me feel somewhat more relieved. Before I introduce that blog to you guys though I want to tell you why, after already having so many blogs, I would want to start another niche blog.

It all has to do wit an experiment I was conducting with {WP-Zon-Builder}. If you have been following my blog you would have noticed that leading up to Christmas I was doing a daily post offering ideas of what I believed would make great Christmas gifts. I was only able to do this because of Wp Zon Builder because it made it all so easy. At the end of that month upon checking my Amazon stats I saw that those posts generated 41 product clicks and of those 4 sales. That’s the first time I’ve ever generated 4 sales in one month via my Amazon links!

I actually didn’t expect to get any that year because I knew those posts probably wouldn’t even be listed on any of the search engines yet because that all takes time. This Christmas should be a different story and this is why I decided to start my latest niche blog The Gifts Guru! In the twelve months leading up to Christmas I hope to have this blog popping up all over the search engines giving people the gift ideas that their looking for.

{SkimLinks} is going to be another very important factor in monetizing my gifts idea blog. As a SkimLinks member I’m able to monetize that blog using some of the most popular online shops as places to buy those gifts. I’ve started a list of those stores on a page of the blog called, what else but Online Stores. The beauty of those links is that every time someone clicks on one of them they are a potential customer and if they buy something I’ll get my commission. I wrote all about SkimLinks in the post called How Every Blogger Can Finally Monetize Their Blogs.

Naturally I want to give potential customers the best experience while visiting the blog so I’ve hosted it on {inmotion hosting} so that it will load quickly. I’m also using techniques listed in my post on How To Optimize Your WordPress Blog to ensure that it continues to load quickly. Naturally I’m also using the FlexSqueeze theme because it offers all the best features and it’s so easy to make the blog look the way I want it to.

I’ve also been researching other plugins which I hope will increase my blogging income in 2013. You may want to join my list to make sure you don’t miss out on any future posts which you may use to help you increase your own income :wink:

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  1. Twitter:
    I wish you the best of luck with your new blog site Sire. I’m also going to be honest and say that I hope you go back to more of your original style posts here and let your new gifts site have most of the product posts, as those left me nothing to comment on. :-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Les Misérables: My Movie ReviewMy Profile

    1. I was still posting my regular posts Mitch. Naturally my list members only got notified of those posts and not of all the others. And yes, I will be leaving the product posts for my latest niche blog.

      Besides, I’ve never known you to be at a loss for words :tongue_laugh_ee:
      Sire recently posted…How Wp Zon Builder Is Going To Make Me Money In 2013My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    I find it very difficult to find a blog niche. I’m actually struggling with that at this very moment. A friend of mine keeps telling me that it will be much easier for my domain to be found via SEO by having a niche but I just can’t seem to find one. Maybe it’s because I tend to blog about various things – personal, online, offline, etc.

    Have a wonderful 2013!

    1. Hey Carrie, I used to struggle with trying to work out what niche blog to start as well. The main reason being that I wanted one that I wouldn’t have trouble updating because I knew for a blog to be successful it had to be updated regularly. It was all too hard so I didn’t bother.

      One day I just bit the bullet and started my Sexual Aids blog. Not the best of choices, too much competition and hard to promote via commenting because no-one wants to link to it. Then came my Online Lottery Site which was the right choice and is performing quite well considering the age. Now I have my gifts blog which is going to be the easiest to update because of WP Zon Builder.

      All you need do is to be positive and tell yourself you’re going to start a niche site and then do some research. There are a lot out there you’ll be surprised how many are poorly supported. Pick one that you know you can do better and give it a go. The hardes part is getting started. You may not get the right one on the first go but that doesn’t matter because you’ve now jumped your first hurdle, rounded the bend and the path is a lot clearer.
      Sire recently posted…How Wp Zon Builder Is Going To Make Me Money In 2013My Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Hello @Sire, did you performed well with the Lottery website? I was thinking to try this niche but i’m a bit skeptic due to the high competition.

        1. Considering it was the first year I think it did very well. On average it’s doing about a hundred a month and that is slowly growing. Pretty good considering it only gets about 10 views a day. Once I get time I’m going to really start promoting on so I can increase traffic which will in time will increase the income.
          Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Thanks for the tips and suggestinos I am going to have to check and research these resources before giving them a shot. But thanks for bringing them up! I believe niche is the only way to go and would be interested in seeing some case studies on some of this.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Eric recently posted…Blog Challenge #1 – Accomplished!My Profile

    1. Since writing this post I made 30 cents using SkimLinks. Not much but pretty good considering it’s only been live a couple of days.
      Sire recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    I find it very difficult to find a blog niche. I’m actually struggling with that at this very moment. A friend of mine keeps telling me that it will be much easier for my domain to be found via SEO by having a niche but I just can’t seem to find one. thank you

    1. It’s not that hard once you put your mind to it. You just need to list ideas that you think others would be interested in and then look at the competition. If you think you can do better then you’ve just found your niche.
      Sire recently posted…Using Images To Make Your Posts Stand OutMy Profile

    2. Niche does have a big influence in blogging. However, if we too impose a niche that does not match with our expertise or hobby, then we do not achieve satisfactory results.

  5. I really love the way that you explain things.Actually i was not aware of such tool and i was amazed to know that this tool has helped you to increase your amazon stats.I am surely going to try out this technique.Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Yeah, well it won’t work unless you purchase the plugin. You might be able to do it without it but it would be a lot harder.
      Sire recently posted…Why I Love WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

  6. Nice post Sire.I really like the ideas that you have shared in this article about these new plugins and i will surely try them out especially the FlexSqueeze theme.Also i would love to optimize the loading time of my blog and do something to increase my income.Thanks for sharing this informative article and i am looking forward to adopt all the strategies that you have discussed.

  7. Twitter:
    I have always wanted to monetize my blogs since the day i created them, but somehow, the idea was not getting to fruition, but after reading your post and getting to know about Wp zon builder and skimlinks. i think it’ll be really possible now to monetize my blog and generate income from that since i love writing.

    Thanks for the great share, looking forward to your blog now.
    mohit chauhan recently posted…Acts like a Cool Dude, Rocks like a Star: Google PlusMy Profile

  8. Hello Sire
    I am hopeful about your success related to new niche blog. You have selected a good niche and I think it has smart competetion but you love to do hard work and success is waiting for you. Good Luck.

  9. I have heard a lot about WP Zone Builder, but never really bothered trying it. I wanted to know the proper review of using this product before I start testing it for my own Amazon affiliate sites. But, after actually reading your post, I think this plugin is awesome and absolutely the most powerful software for Amazon affiliate products promotion. It looks easy to use and configure. Thanks for the share… I am definitely planning to try it. I hope I can afford the domains to keep me busy with this thing :P

  10. Best of luck in your blog! Please keep us updated on your blogs success!

  11. Making money online is my dream) Really! I like to write, to share my thoughts (I have lots of them :cool: ). Finding a blog niche may seem to be a problem. But to me it’s just another challenge) I have combined 4 niches in one blog. And this looks great and innovative! :smile:

    1. Keep plugging away then William, it’s the only way to realize your dream.
      Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  12. The way I see it, looks like both men and women would be better off remaining single. Or, perhaps we could consider a better prenupt agreement.

    1. Ooops, I’m not sure how it got here. Above comment was supposed to be a comment under the Friday funnies post about the difference between men and women. Sorry for the mistake, Sire. :)

        1. OMG! Sire, I finally got it. I don’t know with other commenters but it has happened to me around 8 times already where while I’m writing a comment, suddenly the page refreshes and displays either the previous or next post. And so I have to navigate back and re-write my comment. There are even instances where I have to do it thrice just to complete and send my comment. Sometimes I give up. :)

          So, I did some testing and sure enough, I found that the Left and Right arrow keys can trigger the Prev and Next buttons. So, if I accidentally press them while commenting, it would make the jump. Plus, I think there is one other key which also trigger this. I’m still looking for it. :)

          1. Yeah, it’s part of a plugin I installed which is supposed to make it easier for people to browse the blog. The reason I installed it was for those arrows you see on either side of the blog. If you hover your mouse over it it shows the relevant blog posts. Those who don’t want to use the mouse can use the arrow keys on their keyboard.
            Sire recently posted…The Latest Technique To Beat Ad BlindnessMy Profile

  13. I bought the plug in some time ago and like it but regret that it has become useless to me as I shifted to NC. In this state and about 6 others Amazon has killed affiliate accounts and I can’t find a way around that issue. Nothing to do with the quality of the plug-in but buyers should be aware and do a quick Google search on the topic.

    1. What if you joined one of the other Amazon affiliates, like the English one for example?
      Sire recently posted…Why I Love WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

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