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You may well remember the post where I gave MyLikes The Thumbs Up, well it seems that it’s time for a followup post because things are stirring in the world of MyLikes. That post explained how easy it was to make money with MyLikes but it seems that I wasn’t using it to it’s full potential. You see, I was only relying on the money that I could earn by tweeting a link, but as we all know the amount of people who see any particular tweet is limited to those of your followers who are online at the time.

Since then I’ve decided to put a small code in my sidebar, one that is adjustable so that it can fit most themes, which will display my latest MyLikes thereby increasing it’s exposure and consequently their earning potential.

I also found that I got paid for my first referral, a whole $4, which proves that they are true to their word. Although other people may have signed up using my link I didn’t get paid because they did not fulfill all the following requirements.

Detailed Rules: We only payout for influencers who satisfy the following conditions:

  • They must be from the United States, Great Britian, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia or Canada.
  • The number of Twitter followers must be more than the number of people they are following.
  • Their Twitter account must be at least 120 days old.
  • They complete the influencer profile on MyLikes.
  • They create at least one Sponsored Like on MyLikes.
  • Referral bonus reversed if the Influencer is found to be spam/fake twitter account.

The last two months they’ve been giving away an Apple iPad to whoever signed up the most influencers, and silly me never tried for it. Truth be told I don’t really have the time, but perhaps one of you have. Why not give it a shot, especially as how it’s absolutely free to join. Let’s not also forget the potential for adding to your income stream which is a nice little bonus.

Just so you know the team behind MyLikes arn’t your normal backyard newbie who don’t know what they’re doing. The dynamic trio consists of Bindu Reddy;

Before starting MyLikes, Bindu was a Google Apps product lead and was in-charge of various Google products including Blogger, Google Docs, Video and Shopping. Previously at Google, Bindu created Google Base and spearheaded the introduction of Quality Score into the AdWords bidding system. Previous to Google, Bindu was the Director of Product Management at Elance. She has a master’s degree from Dartmouth and an B.Tech degree from IIT, Mumbai.

Arvind Sandararajan;

Before starting MyLikes, Arvind was most recently in-charge of Google AdSense engineering. Previously at Google, Arvind led engineering teams for Gmail and Google Base. He was one of the very few people who received not one, but two prestigious Founders awards for his work on AdSense and Gmail. Previous to Google, Arvind held key engineering roles in BEA and Marimba. Arvind has a M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford and an B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Mumbai.

And last but not least, David Scacco;

Before joining MyLikes, David was an active angel investor and startup advisor. He worked at Google From 2000 – 2007 and holds the distinction of being the company’s first advertising sales executive. In his role as Director of the Vertical Markets Group David was responsible for building and managing an all-star team, which provided marketers with industry specific expertise. He and his team built successful advertising partnerships with many of the world’s best known brands and advertising agencies, as well as some of the fastest growing medium-sized companies. He also won a Google Founders award. Previous to Google he was a Director of Business Development at Ziff-Davis Media and Vice President of Marketing at Express Direct. He has a B.S. from Northern Illinois University.

Pretty impressive qualifications if you ask me, and with that sort of background you would expect MyLikes to grow as time goes on and as everybody knows, it’s best to hop on early if you want to get the best ride. If you haven’t joined yet it’s not too late to get in on the action.

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  1. I wish I could say that your $4 came from me, but I’m pretty sure that it didn’t. At the time I signed up (using your link), right after reading your last article about MyLikes, I was following more people on Twitter than was following me. I’m sorry about that. If I had know of this condition I most likely would have “fixed” that before signing up. :-)

    I’d like to report on my own personal observations and experiences with MyLikes, too, but I think I’ll put it into an article on my site. Look for it soon. :-)

    Kind regards,

    1. Steve, I’ve just had a look and I’m happy to say that it did come from you. I just checked and noticed that you now have more followers than you are following so it seems that once the qualifications are met they honor their side of the bargain. How sweet is that? :drunk_tb:

      Hope weather’s fine in Brisbane mate. regards from the lucky state :tongue_laugh_ee:

      Let me know when that post is up as I’d like to read your opinion on MyLikes.
      Sire recently posted…Cool Blog Links Top 10 Coolest BlogsMy Profile

      1. Sorry for the delay. The article is up! Check the comluv link on this comment. :-)

        1. A great post Steve, Tweeted and left a comment to boot. Say mate, you follow the footy at all or are you and NRL man?

          1. Thanks for the RT and comment… much appreciated.

            I’m not a huge sports enthusiast, I don’t actively follow any sporting team. I like real football, the one that uses a round ball. I can tolerate AFL, and I refer to the NRL game as “thugby league”.

            I said I can tolerate AFL, that’s because wife is a Collingwood supporter (quite fanatical). I’ve just been informed that all Adelaide teams are evil. :-)

            1. Collingwood huh? I hope that’s her only bad point :devil_tb:

  2. Not for me, I’m from India. Hope something like this will come soon for Indian too. :)

    1. I’m sure it will one day mate.

  3. Hey Sire,

    That’s great to hear bro. Congrats.

    Btw. last friday i got my first 4$ :D !!


  4. I am from Denmark and we can´t even buy Ipads at the moment. Would love to win an Ipad :) – but I am still from Denmark.

  5. I agree that the MyLikes founders have some very impressive credentials. I’m sure MyLikes will be extremely well with people like that behind it. As for the content, since I don’t have a twitter account, I guess it’s a no-go for me. Thanks anyway.

    1. Jeremy you should seriously consider joining Twitter. I can honestly say, according to Google Analytic, that last time I look they were second on my referral list.
      Sire recently posted…Cool Blog Links Top 10 Coolest BlogsMy Profile

      1. You’re right, I probably should stop putting it off. It is just tough to push aside other strategies that have been working to concentrate on something new that I don’t know the ins and outs of. I guess initially I was mostly worried about wasting time reading tweets about what people ate for breakfast.

        1. It doesn’t take much effort Jeremy. You join, you do a post about it and you leave a link on your blog so that others can follow you. There’s also quite a few blogs that will let you leave your Twitter name in the comment form so that people who see your comment can say, “Shit, that was a great comment, I gotta follow this guy!”

          So you see there is minimal effort involved otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it.

  6. Hello Sire,

    These are the details you should have included in your last post :mad_wp:. I say that because i signed up through your link after reading your last post on it, only to realize that i will only be paid when a US resident click’s on the ad. I was discouraged and just left it alone.

    But now you have added more reasons why it’s not right for me. I mean to start with i am a Nigerian so that cuts me out already. Though i wonder why my registration was accepted when it’s actually restricted.

    Anyway, my twitter followers are a little higher than those i am following. But my followers are only 200+. Anyway, i am out already right?

    1. Actually Karo, I thought I mentioned that most of the sponsored ads would only pay for clicks from someone living in the States, if I didn’t I apologize.

      As to the countries that their accepting I didn’t know that until this post.

      Even though you may not be able to use it I’m sure that some of your loyal readers will love to hear about it as it does offer a revenue stream for those who are eligible.
      Sire recently posted…You Can’t Please Everyone So Stop TryingMy Profile

  7. I agree that this is a good contest to those who have the time.

    I hope they can also do things like this in other countries apart from the ones above.

    1. Damn straight Colleen, and it’s so easy to use. Who knows there may even be some Real Estate guys wanting their stuff to be promoted, actually I’m pretty sure I did see one or two.
      Sire recently posted…Speeding Up Your Blog To Keep Your Readers HappyMy Profile

  8. MyLikes team has an impressive portfolio. Btw, Arvind and Bindu are married. Just looked at Arvind’s profile on linked in, I am sure MyLikes as a platform is really solid.

  9. I haven’t really started following much; not an issue for me! lol

      1. Followers/Twitter

        1. That’s a bit slack mate. You can’t expect people to follow you if you don’t follow them.

          1. Chill bro, I just rejoined after all. lol. I’ll get to it; it’s not on the tippy top of my list right now.

            I can state now however, I won’t be all “I’ll follow you just because you follow me”.

  10. Hi Sire,

    I truly appreciate you are following up again on this.

    I’m really glad MyLikes is working outfor you.

    It seems that they have a bunch of conditions before they part with their money which is good to know.

    I’d like to win an iPad and it’s certainly worth to try for it. I’ve seen in demonstrated and held it brifly in my hands.

    I’ve entered another contest to win it where my chances are higher than in this one I think.

    But thank you for mentioning it here. When and if I get the time I’ll sign up to MyLikes through your link.

    Vance recently posted…Make Money Online, New Book by John Chow the e-Marketer ReviewedMy Profile

  11. This is really a good contest, but bad luck for me because i haven’t eligibility according to rules. by the way good luck to all who is going to play a role in this contest.

  12. Mylikes seems like it will be a way to make a few extra bucks. I just signed up and they determined my initial earnings per click to be: $0.21 per click. I don’t know if that is good or bad starting number but I am looking forward to see how much I can make.

    1. I think it all depends on how many followers you have Marcus, but anything is better than nothing. I usually get 30 cents a click and if you can generate 5 clicks per tweet you can still earn over a buck a day. That’s more than what most people get from adsense.

  13. Woww. didn’t know that there is an awesome advertisement program like this one actually. I usually only hear some celebrities that are being targeted by advertisers for such program. It’s actually interesting, although i know it’s really difficult to get a success if we don’t have significant followers on Twitter. But hopefully, next time when i already have good amount of following, i’ll definitely check this out again.
    Brian Johnson recently posted…What is Bioshock Infinite Good Ending?My Profile

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