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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine

Most blogger become bloggers because they believed it was the best way to make money online. Some time back I wrote a post called How To Make Money Off A Popular Post which actually turned out to be a really popular posts as it gave the average blogger a way to make money from any post that provided unique content, content that people would be willing to pay for!

I wrote that post after an exhausting and fruitless search to find a plugin which would do the same thing as MediaPass, the site that allows you to make money from a particular post.. The problem is, as good as MediaPass is it has one major drawback which is they take a greater portion of the potential income a blogger can earn from any given post. I figured something was better than nothing so I was happy to join.

The Best Way To Monetize Your Blog

Let me tell you though that I did not give up my search for that elusive plugin and since then I have found two and this post will give you a quick review of both and why I settled on the one that you see working on this post. The problem is it’s going to cost you 50 cents to see those reviews!

There’s a few reason why I have gone this route, even though I know it may upset some regular users, the main one being to test whether or not people would be willing to pay for this type of information. I’ve also set the price so low so as to make it more attractive.

Before you decide it’s not worth your while to pay the 50 cents to reveal those reviews, perhaps because you feel no-one will be willing to pay for your content, just keep in mind that these plugins will allow you to sell anything from ebooks, videos, training posts as well as earning something from those special valuable blog posts. So, without further ado I present to you two plugins that could finally turn your blog into a real money making machine….

[ppw id=”4712797″ description=”How To Make Money With Your Post” price=”.50″]

WP Pay-Per-View: is my plugin of choice and it’s the one I used to monetize this post. I chose this plugin because the first plugin I purchased, Restrict Content Pro, had one major flaw in that you had to enable the blogs registration feature for it to work. This was fine except that my blog started getting all these spam registrations which I had to continually delete. Not so with WP Pay Per View.

This plugin will protect your post, page or any part of your content from prying eyes until such a time as they decide to pay to view that content. You can set whatever price you want and you can also set a value so they can see all your protected content for any number of days. As you can see from the selection themselves it is very professional looking and it is integrated with WordPress, Twitter, FaceBook and PayPal saving your customers the hassle of creating accounts to get their payment processed. As you know the easier you make it for them the more likely they will part with their money.

Restrict Content Pro: This is touted to be the Premium Content Plugin and its actually the first plugin that I purchased. It’s a little harder to set up but the video instructions that are built into the plugin dashboard are easy to follow, the only problem I found was that I missed the section about enabling registrations on the blog for the plugin to work. I tell you, it had me scratching my head for quite some time until I finally found that little tidbit of information. :hairout_tb:

Having to enable the blog’s registration feature was the only thing I didn’t like about this plugin and the reason I decided to try WP Pay-Per-View. If your blog is already setup for to allow subscribers then you may well consider this as your premium content plugin.

If it wasn’t for that small flaw this would have been my plugin of choice and I’ll probably use it on one of my other blogs where I’m not to fussed with user registration. The plugins dashboard is really quite comprehensive allowing you to set subscription levels, discount codes, keep track of members as well as payments. It will even allow you to download members and payments as CSV files.

WP Pay-Per-View

This is definitely my plugin of choice, both for ease of use to the blogger as far as setting up your content for sale as well as making it easy for your prospective customers to purchase those products

Restrict Content Pro

I would have given this plugin a 5 star rating if only it didn’t require me to enable the registration portion in the general settings of the dashboard. Actually, that one flaw almost earned it 3 stars but it is still a very good plugin.


Again so to reiterate you can use this plugin to sell more than just the content of a post. Here are a few examples where you could use any of these plugins.

  • Sell Your Ebook: You can have the link to your eBook, PDF file or even an mp3 file hidden in your post giving access to those willing to pay for it.
  • Solutions To Problems: People search the net looking for solutions to any given problem. We as blogger normally give that information away for free. Heck some of us even use plugins like ‘buy us a beer or coffee if you like this post’ hoping those who got something from it will give us a donation. Well, getting them to pay up front, and many will do it, is a more profitable option.

I’m sure you get the idea and I’m also sure you can come up with a whole lot of other ways where you can use this plugin profitably. The question is are you willing to invest in your blog in order to make the money you deserve?

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  1. What? You won’t sell me lifetime access? I may pout :P I’m looking forward to watching this play out since I”ve been considering using this one as well.

    1. Actually Kimberly, one of the plugins does allow lifetime access but what sort of price does one put on that. Besides, I’m sure we could come to some sort of agreement as far as access is concerned :devil_tb:

      I agree though it will be an interesting exercise to see whether or not people will pay to have the answered revealed. I think it all depends on what is hidden behind the concealed door. In this case I feel it’s well worth the 50 cents, especially when you consider how little you can get these days for half a lousy buck.

      I know with MediaPass I’ve earned over $60 and using this plugin I reckon I’d have 5 times that amount.

      1. I agree that the plugin is a very hot route. Its why I have picked it up myself although not decided exactly which way I’m going with it. Sounds like you’re liking it better than MediaPass. I really enjoyed watching you put that one too work.

        1. Well, I’m not knocking MediaPass as it’s a viable route for those that don’t have a WordPress blog. The thing is I like to think of myself as a business man and as such I like to maximise my profits. That being the case why would I want to share those profits with a third party :naughty:

          1. I honestly hate relying on “services” any time I can avoid it. I prefer to own my codebase, my contacts and such. Sometimes it’s more tech overhead but then I’m not hamstrung when they go out of business. These days so many little companies are gone 8 months later that it’s hard to want to lean our business against theirs.

          2. I finally had a need for it and came back to pick it up through your link Peter. I’m honestly not sure it will do the fancy footwork I need it to do (regarding integration with something else) but going to give it a try. Won’t really be their fault if it wont but the sales page isn’t exactly clear.

            1. Hey Kimberley. Keep me in touch with how you use it, either by email or a comment on this post, as I’m really interested in how you utilise it.

              Thanks so much for letting me know too, most don’t and I often wonder who has been nice enough to purchase something from me.

  2. Monetize- What a great example in your post.Personally – When it comes to marketing online in the digital world it is important to monetize your strategy… Thanks for sharing.

    1. I take it that you’re not interested in this form of blog monetization Anton?

      I know that it won’t appeal to a lot of people, mainly because they feel no-one will want to pay for their content. Then again how would you know if you don’t try,

      Then again there are those who can see the value in it and then there are those who will do what they can to write the sort of post that people will pay to read.

  3. What plugin can be used to make these transactions? I am really curious and seeing that I need it I won’t hesitate paying for it! Thanks for the response!

    1. Its obvious to me John that you’re not in the least curious and that you have no interest whatsoever in purchasing the plugin otherwise you would have paid the 50c to reveal the answer to your question.

  4. Thank you for sharing this plugins, I never heard about it.
    However, I believe that private members area will works best than pay-per-view plugin

    1. No worries Albert, thanks for being a subscriber :thumbup_ee:

      As for a private members area, that may work for some blogs but I reckon this type of plugin is more suited for mine and other of the same ilk.

      1. Well,I like the plugin and I’m sure that it works well with ebook and similar content.
        I’m not so confident with the pay-per-view idea applied to blog articles,but it’s just my 2 cents

        1. I know it does work for pay by view articles Albert because I’ve used the MediaPass site successfully on one of my posts on another blog. You just have to provide the right article, one that people won’t mind spending the money for.

  5. Twitter:
    Well that’s a great spin on things Sire. Very interesting and are you having a lot of interest from this post? Are people taking the bate and diving in?

    I’m not sure I’m going to go this route yet mainly because I picked up a course a few weeks back that is really suppose to help in this area. As you read from my recent post, life got in the way which is why I haven’t implemented any of what I’ve learned but I will this week. If I don’t get the results I had hoped, bite my tongue, I’ll be back. How’s that for honesty!

    Have a great week Sire and can’t wait to hear your results.


    1. Hey Adrienne, you know me I’m nothing if not honest and I have to say that to date no-one has taken the bait. Then again the post isn’t even a day old yet and so things may change as time goes on.

      I reckon that perhaps people think I will reveal the data in a subsequent update but that’s not going to happen as it would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

      Having said that I will do an update post to relate how well the exercise went but I won’t be revealing which plugins I am using.

      1. Twitter:
        yeah, they only wish. Why the heck would you charge for something and then turn around and give all the goods away! Seriously they don’t really think you’ll spill the beans. Okay, I take that back. Some people obviously do but I’ll be anxious to hear how that all went.

        Thanks Sire!

        1. Yep, and I’ll be anxious to tell you all about it :smoke_tb:

      2. Can I ask now if people did take the bait? Not to be rude or anything I genuinely want to know if your blog ventures went well as I am thinking of going into the same route with my blog.

        More power and keep blogging!

        1. Well, in that case you may want to pop in occasionally Jerry so that you don’t miss out on the update which will include that information :wink_ee:

  6. Very interesting test. Unfortunately I’m too broke and too cheap to buy the review. Sorry man. It does look like a useful plugin for people who are creating valuable content that people may want to pay for. It’s something that I might have to keep in mind for use down the road.
    Jeremy recently posted…Importance Of Diversifying Online BusinessMy Profile

    1. Not a problem Jeremy, I understand it may not be for everybody. Even if it doesn’t work the way I want it to I’m thinking of using the plugin on other posts and only revealing the contents to my subscribers, which is what I did on this post.

  7. interesting plugins, I never heard about it before.
    In my personal opinion, the private members area should works better than pay-per-view plugin. I monetize my blog in many ways so I don’t think I will be using this but thanks for the info anyway Sire.

    1. Yep, and you still haven’t heard of them because you haven’t read the hidden article. :tongue_laugh_ee:

  8. Thanks for introduction of plug-in that is good source of income. I love your research and it is milestone in earning but I want to explore it in my own way as it part of instinct to go deep into matter that have some fruit in future.

    1. Azam, the only way anyone will be able to truly appreciate my research or my review is if they pay the 50 cents to reveal the content otherwise they won’t have any idea what the plugins are all about.

  9. Good info as always Peter. I of course started off with Google Adsense until they arbitarily closed my account and refused to answer my emails which asked for a reason why the account was closed. I have played around with one or two minor money making ideas. But I have been ripped off by one or two websites, and am now gunshy.

    1. Thanks Peter. I don’t blame you for being gun shy as I’m a little that way myself having been burnt once or twice too.

  10. Well monetizing is really important… but there should be some other better alternative… I am trying to find out new and more efficient way….

    1. What better alternative is there than getting people to pay for viewing something that you know will help them? People write eBooks and sell them to the public don’t they? Well, I consider this to be the same only on a smaller scale.

  11. Subscriptions can be dangerous if you do not already have a solid following that would be willing to shell out money to continue to receive your content. Introducing a pay wall, even something as trivial as a dollar or less can cut down your followers by a substantial amount. It’s important to do a little research and test if your readership would be interested in something like that. Introducing a subscription service can actually kill a blog in an instant. Though, if your following is willing to support, it can bring in a solid profit.

    1. Good point Matt, but I am not advocating a subscription blog where you would someone would have to pay to subscribe in order to read the posts. What I’m saying is that every now and again when you have a post that provides really good information, the sort that you will find hard put to find anywhere else, then you’d have every right to charge for that content and people would be happy to pay for it.

      As I mentioned at the beginning of the post this blog has been asking people to pay to view certain post using MediaPass and it hasn’t hurt my readership at all. What I am now offering is a plugin that will allow them to keep all the profits rather than having to share it with a third party.

      After all, its no different from a lawyer asking a client to pay for his services :wink:

  12. Twitter:
    Blogging can make a lot of money. Google offers you any tool you need. So, you just need to do good marketing and write useful and well written posts. Thanks for sharing these tips

    1. Really? What tips did you like the most Rashmi?

  13. Very useful tips, Sire! I’ve learned that in order to earn some money you need to make at least a small investment

    1. Elena, I’ve been in business for some thirty odd years and I’ve learned that if you want your business to grow you have to invest in it and that means spending money.

      When I first came online I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend any money on my online business unless it was money that I actually earned online. If only I invested in it from day one I’m sure I would be in a much better position today.

      1. I agree, Sire, but usually at start-up your budget is limited so, in the absence of significant amounts of money, any small investment could be a good investment.

        1. Yes that is true but at least in an online business the amount needed to invest is negligible. Not so when buying a business in the offline world. I remember the first business I ever got into, it cost me so much and the running costs were so high that there were times when I couldn’t afford to pay myself a wage.

  14. I’ve read one blog post before about giving away information for free or not. Some said that it is important to prove themselves first so giving away informative information for free is important. But this must be done only up to the extent that you could also maximize its benefit.

    1. Naturally it will work a lot better if you’re recognised and are trusted but there are ways to entice them to pay for your content if you play your cards right.

  15. I think you need to build up quite a following and reputation to use this. For many bloggers this will be difficult to implement.

    1. Or you can do what I did in my post about fixing my Ipod Safari. I waited for a whole lot of comments that affirmed that my solution worked and then I subjected it to MediaPass :thumbup_ee:

  16. How do I hide my eBook to download only for the paid members. I tried several methods but not working properly.

    1. The same way I’m hiding this post Amy. You hide the link using one of the plugins that I am recommending and then that link is only revealed once they pay the fee. Simple :thumbup_ee:

  17. Wonderful research, thanks for introduction of plug-in that is good source of income, Blogging can make a lot of money. Google offers you many tool for your need, all we need to do good marketing and write useful and interesting posts.

    1. Yep, a plugin that you didn’t even bother to look at and so can’t really know what I’m introducing? :ponder:

  18. Wow Great Plugin and seems like I would really make lots of money from it but currently I could not buy it because I don’t have money in my PayPal or CC.
    Rajnish recently posted…Google Pagerank Update 2012My Profile

    1. The possibility for making money using any of the two plugins reviewed in this post is very real Rajnish

  19. I’ve never heard of this plugin before! Thank you for sharing this, the plugin seems to be very convenient.

    1. Yep, and the funny thing is that you still haven’t heard of it because you’ve decided that 50 cents is too much to pay for this very valuable information :smoke_tb:

  20. Hi Sire,
    Your words really inspire me and if the plugin helps to sell stuff then it should be a gold mine. At the moment, I am satisfied with my website earning but might be I come here again to buy it because its price is very low and it looks a good plugin.

    1. No worries Pete, I’m sure the plugin will still be there when you’re ready but I can’t guarantee that the price will be the same.

  21. Hey Sire,

    Some plug-in can cause downtime of your site. Is this one of those? If not I will be using this for my site. Thanks for the post!
    Chris Barker recently posted…Cloud backup for PC & MacMy Profile

    1. I’ve been running if for awhile and there hasn’t been any downtime at all.

  22. To attract potential customers. That means that you need to attract readers who are the right fit for what you want to sell.
    To help your potential customers discover that what you offer is a right fit for them. This means guiding them through a learning process where you help them understand their most pressing need – and show them how the solution that you offer can fix their problem.
    To make it easy for people to move from being a reader to a subscriber. And from a subscriber to a purchaser. You must make it very easy for them to do the next thing you want them to do.

    1. That’s all too true, and while it’s easy to to know what is needed it is extremely difficult to put into action and worse still it’s even harder to get the traffic to provide an adequate customer base.

  23. Nice way of protecting the PDF and earn at same time . Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Always willing to share great ideas Navjot

  24. How about Paid To Review for monetize our blog? Is it ok to do this?

    1. It is but you have to be really careful so as not to upset Google who frowns on that sort of thing.
      Sire recently posted…Blonde Joke MarathonMy Profile

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