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No way, he tells me, I’ve only ever used the Wi-Fi while at home so there’s no way this bill should be that high. Well it is, and it’s all because the iPhone has a tendency to connect to the Internet, even when Wi-Fi is present.

In my search for a way to turn this stupid feature off I found that he is not alone in getting a huge phone bill. Anyway, even though this problem has been around since 2007, Apple in all it’s wisdom hasn’t included a setting to turn it off. Sounds a little fishy wouldn’t you say?

Still, they have made it possible to download a utility to help you solve this situation, but it was way over my head, and I couldn’t find any instructions on how to make the thing do what I wanted it to do.

Hours later after a lot of Googling I came across an extremely simple solution. It will require you to type into your iPhone’s Safari, the following url; Yeah, I know, it means connecting to the Internet, but it will be for the last time.

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