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How To Stop Infolinks From Appearing In Your Comments

I reckon that there’s probably quite a few bloggers out there who use in-context text links, such as Infolinks or Kontera, on their blogs as a means of earning extra income. I bet that the majority of them have never given a second thought to the links appearing on the comments left on the posts other than to rub their hands together in glee at the added potential for making a few extra cents.

I know, because I was one of them, until I read Holly’s post on Ethics In Blogging. You see it’s all good and dandy when it appears on your post, but you may be overstepping ethical boundaries when those links appear on someone else’s content, and that’s exactly what comments are, the property of the commentator, who may not want certain text in their comment linked to certain sites.

That alone was something I had to ponder, but then that same day I got hot with another of Holly’s posts that set some serious alarm bells ringing. In her post, In-Context Links? No Comment!, she dropped a huge bombshell. Although she would still read Infolink infected blogs she would no longer comment on them! She also showed several screen grabs of comments that she left on MY blog! Shit, Shit SHIT! I worked so hard to get Holly here and now I was going to lose her because of some double underlined links.

What to do, what to do? Do I throw away the couple of bucks a month I make just so I don’t lose any of my commentators, and by now you all know how important you guys are to me? What a conundrum. Hang on a second. Didn’t someone once say that for every problem there is a solution. All I had to do was turn Infolinks off in the comment section.

How To Turn Infolinks Off In Your Comments

I initially bought the FlexSqueeze theme because it required almost no input from me to make changes in the way my blog looked. This required some sort of manipulation of one of the core theme files in order for it to work, and so it was with some trepidation that I set about solving the problem.

The obvious file that needed editing was comments.php, and the obvious code was , which was supplied by Infolinks guys. The thing was where the heck did I put the damn thing. After looking at the file for awhile I was no nearer working out the answer so I decided to use the old Aussie ‘She’ll be right mate’ attitude and hope for the best.

I pasted right at the beginning of the file, saved it and prayed that my blog didn’t blow up in my face when accessing the comments. Why I didn’t use my test blog is beyond me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it bloody worked. :clap_tb: So, if you’re like me and want to do the right thing, unless you are using the FlexSqueeze theme, don’t forget to say a little prayer before saving the file. :innocent1_tb:

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  1. Hey sire as i know that you would also be having trouble with the infolinks as I was having so I also did in the same way as I did!anyway thanks for it!
    .-= Jackson´s last blog ..Hey Look How Graceful The Dollar Looks In Yester Years! Will Redesigning Help In Reviving The Value? =-.

    1. No worries Jackson.

  2. Hey Sire,

    The main thing I don’t like about info. links anywhere is that they often take awhile to go away on some blogs. They block text you’re reading if you accidentally move the mouse over it.

    Another good post, mate. Have a cracker Christmas!!! :)
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..On Balancing Realism And Enthusiasm. =-.

    1. Hey Gordie, try using your finger. :doh_tb: :laugh_tb:

      Just kidding you mate, but seriously stop using your mouse for reading text :wink_ee:

      Christmas was great, although I ate way too much food. Hope yours is the best.

      1. ROFL!! Agreed, it’s a bad reading habit to get into, isn’t it? I don’t do it while reading a book, but I do while reading blogs. Actually, no – don’t get out of the habit!! See, on my posts, rolling over the links brings up fun asides and, if you look in the status bar, the URL I’m trying to lead you to – they’re all specifically chosen by me to enhance the post, none are random. So that’s another thing I dislike about these in-context text links – they make readers wary of ALL links, and half the fun (and all that hard work) in my posts goes to waste! How sad is that?
        .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! =-.

        1. Yeah a real waste Holly, but I wonder how many people realize what they’re missing?

        2. I’m with Holly about links that are often not relevant. I avoid all links in posts that have in-text ads and use them in blogs like mine. (I put more info in the mouse-over fields about each link.)

          I suspect those in-text links will cause ordinary Internet users to start avoiding links altogether.
          .-= Gail @ Business Blogging´s last blog ..MEME: LinkLuv to My Fav Bloggers Favs =-.

          1. That’s quite possible but then I’m sure the same was said about adsense ads.

  3. It’s always good to see ethical blogging. Too many people see commenters and comments in terms of pure monetary/page rank value. Good on yer mate!

    And a very Merry Christmas to you. Have a good one.
    .-= ray´s last blog ..And A Merry Christmas To You, Too =-.

    1. Thanks Ray, I usually try to do the right thing when In can. :devil_tb:

  4. Great info on links Sire. I just yesterday was considering infolinks for my site as I try to explore different monetizing methods to offset the amount of time it takes to run multiple sites.

    Also thanks for mentioning Holly, I subscribed to her blog as well :-)
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Permalink Structure for SEO =-.

    1. No worries Kieth, and if it wasn’t for Holly I never would have been alerted to the problem in the first place.

  5. Sire, this post is totally off-topic. It’s not about me, as it should be, but about you. I suggest you get your priorities in order! (Bloody? Oh, my!)

    Cool idea to show everybody how to turn off infolinks in their comments. Hug a wallabee for me.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah! =-.

    1. Are you kidding and get kicked in the guts for my effort :ponder_tb: Ok, but only because it’s you that’s asking. :wub_tb: :laugh_tb:

      1. Oh, I want pictures! Video! I’ll send First Aid.
        .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..In-context Links? No Comment! =-.

  6. Sire I am so glad you brought this up. Several months ago I started noticing those double underlined words in comments I had left on several blogs. I was appalled, I felt used and abused and I asked several bloggers who were using Kontera, said hey guys if you want to do this in your posts, go ahead, far be it from me to dis anyone trying to make a legitimate buck, although I do find them distracting myself, but in comments? And I never did get a clear answer back from anyone. It comes close to plagiarism if you ask me.

    It brings up another point you may wish to explore, that of comment ownership, when or if comments become the property of the blogger whose topic was of enough interest to comment on? Or do these comments remain proprietary to the commentator? I dont know the answer myself but thanks for finding a way to disable those pesky ads in comments. I say unless the blogger finds a way to share the revenue made by your words, and not just theirs, they should cease and desist this practice.
    .-= Dick´s last blog ..Screenr Is Here! =-.

    1. Dick I’ve always believed the comment belonged to the commentator and that is why I have always referred to them if I’ve ever used it in a post.

      As to infolinks, it’s never bothered me when I’ve seen it on comment’s I’ve left on other blogs, and I thought everyone else would be the same. Once I discovered this to not be the case I just had to find a solution.

    2. I have been so fortunate and so gratified that every blogger I’ve asked has refused to delete my comments, but quickly agreed to remove the links from their comment areas. Either is acceptable to me, and it is not my intention to tell anyone how to run their blog. But like you, I felt “used.” And it isn’t plagiarism, it’s the unauthorized creation of a derivative work that could also lead to a conflict of interest. (What if you worked for AT&T, but your comments were linked to ads promoting Verizon?) It is definitely a copyright violation and demonstrates a lack of respect (when applied intentionally to comments) for visitors and commenters.
      .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..In-context Links? No Comment! =-.

  7. Great share on this information. I don’t use infolinks, but have to agree that I would not make posts where my name and my photo could turn into a link to a product with which I have a substantial disagreement.

    Good job!
    .-= James@photographer´s last blog ..Fork =-.

    1. No worries James, that means I can expect many return visits from you :innocent1_tb:

  8. I knew about this before Sir, I have infolinks on only one blog of mines, I had to remove it from my other blogs because the same annoying reasons and also because I don’t do too much earning from it!

    but I don’t know. I have this felling that it’s OK and it’s your right to show or not to show the text links of any ad even in the comments section as the commenter just gave them to your post!

    I mean if someone comment here, how come he think that he own the comment! who owns the comments on your posts?

    I don’t know .. but I think it’s only a matter of respect ;)
    .-= Hesham @ FamousBloggers´s last blog ..Are you ready for Google PageRank Update of 2010? =-.

    1. I’ve always felt that the comment belonged to the commentator, after all, they wrote it and so they have the copyright to it.

      1. But you can edit it.. and also delete it! so how they copyright it? I really don’t understand this copyright thing!

        1. Hesham, please let me know if the comment I left on your blog clears up the copyright issues for you.

          Under LAW, the commenter owns the copyright to what he writes. The blogger gets an implied license to display the work on the blog where the comment was left (obviously, that was the commenter’s intention, as well). Editing a comment is a tricky business – just because you CAN edit it does NOT mean you have a right to do so. I would argue that you have the right to edit to remove profanity or to fix minor spelling/grammatical issues (provided you do so correctly!), but not to change the meaning of the comment. Substantive changes, addition of Infolinks, translation – all of those things would create a “derivative work.” Look that term up – basically, the right to create a derivative work rests with the copyright owner.

          You could write up a lengthy sort of comment policy that would allow all this, but it should be very prominent and should require some sort of affirmative action on the commenter’s part (for example, require them to read and click “I agree to these terms” before allowing them to comment). Then, of course, you’d need to notify them prior to changing the terms…oy, makes my head spin just thinking about all the hoops everyone would have to jump through. Worth it? I doubt it. Just restrict the links to your own content (your post) and no one has a problem with it (other than aesthetic and usability issues). You could still lose readers, but they won’t come after you with DMCA take-down notices or subpoenas.
          .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..In-context Links? No Comment! =-.

          1. Yes.. Yes! I understand now lots of thing, very good! and of course I understand the part changing the meaning of a comment, for me is a crime!

            Actually the whole discussion is great and very useful, it open new doors of knowledge to me!

            Thank you a lot for starting this and I also thank Sir for the inspiration, I have spend the whole day yesterday reading about copyrights and who owns the comments topic, it was a very interesting read!
            .-= Hesham @ FamousBloggers´s last blog ..Stop Earning Money from my Comments on your Blog =-.

        2. Well, if I deleted it there would no longer be a problem. I would never change the context, unless asked to, of the comment as it isn’t mine to begin with. That would be like having a guest over and putting words in their mouth.

          I’m not sure its a legal copyright so much as an ethical one.

  9. I know I personally hate infolinks in the comments section, I commented on a blog post about this just recently and it was a gripe about infolinks in the comment field. Very passionate.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Do’s And Don’ts To Remember in Business Blogging =-.

    1. And yet you’ve always come back. You must really like me, huh John? :wink_ee: :laugh_tb:

      1. ROFL – there are a lot of bloggers I’d be sad to stop conversing with, Sire. ;) That said, I fully intend to stick to my guns on this issue. I’m glad to see that you value your visitors and commenters more than you do the in-context text ads.
        .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..In-context Links? No Comment! =-.

        1. And so you should Heather.

  10. Okay, I’ll keep commenting on your blog, Sire. ;) The only reason I didn’t do so, sooner, is that I’ve been out of town and dazzled by an unusual Christmas snowfall in Dallas, Texas. But I’m home again, now, and this post is a treat. I guess I CAN’T leave, now.
    .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! =-.

    1. I never knew it would snow in Dallas. That must have been really nice. I’m glad you had a great time.

  11. Very useful info. I hope some of my buddies who have infolinks use this to rid their comment section of in-context text links.

    1. Heck Jan, there’s no need for them to wait in anticipation, just send them over. :lol_ee:

    1. Thanks Keith, that will be great for those that don’t have the FlexSqueeze theme, or feel uncomfortable with changing the code.

  12. I assume the same way to disable infolinks in comments can be used to selectively disable them in posts, pages and any other area of your blog like “archive.php”. Thanks for posting this.

    Question, you squeeze (no pun intended) an enormous amount of both “InfoLinks”, Internal Links, and maybe affiliate or opp links inside the same post. Doesn’t this work all against each other, are all of the links dofollow or nofollow, if they are all dofollow wouldn’t this crush any chance of the page gaining a PageRank?
    .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..FeedBurner Drops FriendFeed As Blog Subscribers =-.

    1. Hi Dragon Blogger. I don’t have control over what or the amount of links that Infolinks places on my posts. There are no affiliate links in this post and as for the other links, they are all dofollow. What’s the point of link luv if you are going to nofollow them?

      In regards to PR, I’ve stopped worrying about that long ago.

  13. While i totally agree with her, it wouldn’t hurt for bloggers to put up a comment license or something. I’ve got one on my blog that allows me freedom to reproduce comments anywhere I want though it does have an I agree button.

    Thanks for the tip anyway though I find those pop up links quite annoying which is why I stopped using in-context text links.

    1. I meant to say “though it DOESN’T have an I agree button

      1. Better put that agree button there then or it may bite you in the bum at a later date. :wink_ee:

        1. Unfortunately the plug-in doesn’t have the I agree button. Have you got an idea of a comment license plug-in that has this feature
          .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..A Quick Look @ Chargebacks and 2CheckOut =-.

          1. UPDATE: I just modified the comment license to suffice for the lack of an “I Agree” button. Thanks man.
            .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Top 12 Ways Of Dominating A Niche Keyword Fast! =-.

            1. No worries, always happy to help.

  14. I enabled infolinks on and off tag on content only. And turn on max ad == 3. So far so good. Getting around $59 this month so far. :)
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..HTC HD2 Unboxing (Malaysia Edition) =-.

    1. That’s great Jayce, that’s about $58 more than me. :laugh_tb:

  15. Hello Sire :)
    The tip which you have mentioned is very simple :) :)

    For better posting style , you can include a codebox and the code to just make it more clear to the users.

    I am telling this because the moment i started reading this post , i saw the code and copied and pasted on my comment.php file , it was displaying in different manner when pasted , so i wrote this small code once again manually ;) ;)
    .-= Sunil Jain@gupshup´s last blog ..Suggest Topic and Win 1 year WpWebHost Hosting Account via WebDesignFan =-.

    1. Sunil, I tried placing it in between the code parameters but it didn’t work. Perhaps you could write a tutorial on how this is done?

  16. Ahhh…perfect timing for reading this post. I was just at another blog, enjoying the information (about moms vs. kids), trying to ignore the double-underlined text within the post. I posted a comment. I noticed the comment just prior to mine had the stupid double-underlines. Gosh, I hate those – when my curser rests on ’em they seem to take forever to pop up. So I was a bit p.o’d when I saw it in the prior post. I kind of thought it was intrusive and rude.

    1. There you go Kathleen, now you can tell them how to turn those stupid things off. Thanks for your comment.

  17. Obviously I’ve noticed the info links on your blog but I never noticed them in the comments section. I guess they never thought I said anything worth linking from :laugh_tb:
    .-= Ned Carey´s last blog ..Today’s Quote =-.

    1. Well, you won’t have to worry anymore Ned because they are banned from the comments forever.

  18. Holly has a fair point. Infolinks in comments aren’t enough to stop me from commenting, but they certainly will be for some people, so fair enough.

    1. Which is why they no longer appear on this blog.

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