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How To Score & Have A Sexy Valentine’s Day

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Valentines day isn’t all that far away and while there are a few of us who think it’s the biggest Load of BS out, there are a hell of a lot, usually the women, who look on it with expectation and perhaps even a few with trepidation. If you’re one of the lucky few who have a Valentines day product to sell you are more than likely rubbing your hands with glee. Personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about, it’s just another day unless you’re a bloke who has a partner and then it can be a virtual pain in the ass as well as the wallet. Not to worry fellas, I’ve come across a great video that will help you to score with the ladies on Valentines Day.

How To Score On Valentines Day

So remember guys, chocolates are in, as are a bouquet of flowers over a cheesy arrangement. Getting a Fresh Eco-Elegant Valentines Day Flowers from $29.95 at is probably a good idea, especially if she’s into saving the environment. Now for the women. I’m probably not the best bloke to tell women how to feel sexy on Valentine’s Day so I’ve found a video just for them.

How To Have A Sexy Valentine’s Day

You will notice that a lot more items are needed in the second video than were needed in the first. I wonder if that’s because marketers assume that women are more likely to spend their money on this sort of stuff than men? Let’s have a look at that list of requirements for having a sexy Valentine’s Day.

  • Beauty Treatments: I can understand this, I mean you would want to look great for that lucky guy now don’t you?
  • Massage Oils: Oh yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about. :devil_tb:
  • Candles: Nothing better than setting the mood with romantic scented candles and where better to get them from than at Candle Bay! Also dim lighting helps to hide any imperfections :tongue_laugh_ee:
  • Food: Is this because women think the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach?
  • Champagne: I can see two reasons for this; either she wants to get him drunk so he doesn’t know what he’s getting into or she needs it to get in the mood.
  • A CD of Sexy Songs: Perhaps something along the lines of Erotica, Vol. 1 – Zen & Tantra Café – Hot and Sexy lounge music [Explicit] Yeah, that should get the party going.

Jenna JamesonThen the video mentions a couple of optional requirements like Erotic Movies and Role Playing costumes. You have got to be kidding! Optional, there is no way these should be optional at all. Heck Erotic Movies and Sexy Costumes, which you can get at CostumeKingdom.comare absolutely essential! Now what were those erotic movies she suggested? Oh that’s right; Swept Away (Digitally Remastered Edition)Body Heat [Blu-ray] and Last Tango in Paris? You call that erotic? Whatever happened to real erotic movies like The Girl Next Door (Unrated Edition) [Blu-ray], you know, the one starring Jenna Jameson, now that’s what I call erotic.

Isn’t it amazing how the women spend so much more time than a bloke as far as preparations go. It  doesn’t matter if they’re getting ready to go out or preparing for something special it’s a major event. In regards to Valentines while we would apreciate a Brazilian it’s not like it’s really necessary. All we really want is the companionship of a good woman, and if we’re really lucky we wouldn’t mind doing the wild thing. :smoke_tb:

    So, seeing there’s only a few days left before Valentine’s Day what have you planned to make it something real special?

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  1. Good thing the 14th is a Monday. That way I won’t be forgetting it because everybody in the office would be talking about it. And another good thing is that a flower shop is just across the street.

    My wife’s friends and officemates gawk admirably at a husband (me) who delivers the flowers himself. They don’t know I did it to save some bucks. Down here, delivery of flowers on Valentine’s day costs more than the flowers itself.

  2. Hey… does your wife know you’re doing this stuff? :evil:

    I’m going to cook my sweetie dinner (complete with a cheesecake) take her to a movie (yeah, yeah, the video said this was the WORST thing, but SHE chose this) and curl up on the sofa together to watch…

    NASCAR! (thats stock car racing and the season opens this weekend)

    Yes we are weird, but it’s what we like.

    I have an advantage over most: my wife was BORN on Valentines Day (yes, she IS a real sweetheart) so I only have to remember the one day.

    And our anniversary – which is tattooed to the back of my left hand just below my watch.

    1. O:, I know they say everything in the States is big but they have sofas in the movie theaters?

      We actually got married on my wife’s birthday and yes it makes it so much easier remembering the one day.

      Oh, I did know what Nascar was, we do have TV down here you know :tongue_wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Outrank The ProbloggersMy Profile

      1. Ya DO!?

        Well yeah, I guess if you’ve got computers and internet you probably have television and even indoor plumbing.

        I’ve been to a couple of theaters with over-stuffed recliners for seating, no sofas. We’ll watch Gnomeo and Juliet at the theater, Vroom Vroom Squeeeeel at home. This will be an all-weekend (including Monday) celebration. We like to do birthdays right!

  3. OK, first of all we all know that Valentine’s day is a overly commercial day that doesn’t really mean what it used to mean.
    Also, it’s funny to see that women recommend getting drunk first :)).

    By the way, why did you repeat the last paragraph 4 times ?
    Alex recently posted…Bile cu blanaMy Profile

  4. I simply refuse to submit to oppression. It is a fake holiday and I will not acknowledge it with flowers, cards or anything that can be misconstrued as acceptance.

    One day we’ll march on Hallmark and a million men will end their tyrannical rule.

      1. Jack has every right to express his thoughts Katrina.

    1. I agree Jack but I still buy flowers just to keep in the good books with the wife.

  5. haha a great post Sire, and I dont know about you but the way to my heart heart is sure through my stomach! Think I better announce that so she gets the hint ;)

  6. Hi Sire,
    Funny and lovely video “How To Score On Valentines Day” But, but guys, come on, this is the normal and traditional way which the girls minimum expect from you. Its like New Year evening – same tradition like last year. Do something they definitive don’t expect, example; rent a canoe, paddle away and have a romantic picnic alone. Do something special!!!
    I personally have no problem on Valentines Day, New Year or what ever. My wife is a singer and always work/show those nights.

    1. Actually Lennart, if you never buy flowers on Valentines but one day you did that would be really special. :wink_ee:

      Honestly though, if you love a person you should always treat them as ‘special’ not just on one day of the year.
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  7. Aproximately how much revenue can you get from a post like this one? I mean it has everything! Infolinks, text ads, amazon products. I’m really interested as I’m just starting with Internet Marketing and I want to know the possibilities of blogging. Thanks in advance!

    1. Well Sergio, that all depends on one thing, targeted traffic. That may not help as far as infolinks is concerned but it would definitely help any Amazon sales. Speaking of which I don’t expect to make any as I left this post way to late for that to occur.

      As far as internet marketing and blogging is concerned, it’s a hard long road to travel, but if done properly some say there is money to be made. I’m making some but not enough that I could make a living from.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Outrank The ProbloggersMy Profile

      1. Thank you for your quick reply Sire. This definitely clears a few things I had about blogging and online income. Btw I’ll be reading more of your work as it definitely grabbed my attention. Have a great day!

        1. Always glad to help Sergio, and thanks for joining my list, your link is now up on my ‘List’ page.

          BTW, I left a comment on your blog and it didn’t appear, do you moderate?
          Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Earn Money WritingMy Profile

          1. Hey Sire, yes I moderate on my blog but if I’m not wrong, it’s just set to moderate the first comment.

            Also your link list idea is just brilliant, it’s a very cool way to give something nice back for signing up! (I didn’t know what the website field was for at the moment lol)

            I appreciate a lot every comment and info you’re giving me and I hope I can give something back someday as well.

            I wish you a cool valentine’s day (even tho I also hate it lol) talk soon!

            1. Nope, my second comment went into moderation so you may want to check your settings.

              As for the list, everyone says you have to give something to make people want to join. Most people give some useless freebie and then spam the crap out of people. I don’t want to go that particular route so I thought the link luv was a nice alternative. Whenever possible I also like to share something special with them that non subscribers miss out on. Sometimes I even share a link from a subscriber post with a campaign so they may get a little extra traffic.

  8. Sire,

    Wow, that was awesome lol..

    So refreshing content since we usually read blogging tips, etc..

    I can’t wait for monday though, it is almost 11 years me and hubby got married, Valentine’s day is always great to me, since hubby’s birthday is on the 15th, two times celebration for my family :-)
    Kimi recently posted…ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch 215-Inch Vis Widescreen reviewMy Profile

    1. Hi Kimi,

      I like to mix it up a little because I want to entertain my readers as much as I want them to learn from me.

      I’ve been married 25 years this March and I find Valentines Day a pain.
      Sire recently posted…My Experience With Real Writing JobsMy Profile

  9. bottle of wine, sexy lingerie, many condoms – perfect Valentine’s day

    1. Maybe give her a condom necklace Ben, at least she know where your intentions lie.

  10. Ha ha! I wish I was able to score on Valentines Day, sadly I’m not so great with the ladies. Maybe I’ll just get the chocolates for myself! :)

    1. Hey, nothing wrong with giving yourself a treat Mike, at least you know you’ll appreciate it. :cheese1_ee:

  11. Settings corrected now, thanks again Sire!

    I hear ya when you say “Most people give some useless freebie and then spam the crap out of people…” hence the name of my site.

    1. I know all about salesmen Sergio, I used to be one. At the time I thought I was the only moral one in my group. Some of the stories they told was unbelievable.

  12. This was hilarious!

    I have no idea why women in general take longer to get ready and “feel sexy” than men. Maybe part of it is getting into the right head space. I could take ten minutes to look good and be ready for a hot date, but I don’t feel sexy. Instead, I just feel rushed.

    But then again, that’s just me. =)


    1. Glad you liked the post Delena, and I reckon the reason for them taking longer is that they’re too fussy. How often do you hear a bloke as someone, “hey mate, does my arse look bigger in these jeans?’ :wink_ee:

  13. Understanding what is important to your partner is the number one “Must Do” on Valentines Day. Believe it or not, not all women value their partners spending bucket loads of money on presents when some quality time together really talking may be all that she craves.

    Spend some time in this Valentines Week asking your partner what he or she values – you might be surprised at their answer!

    1. I hear you Brenda, I’m doing my best not to put my foot in my mouth. If I can pull that off I reckon things are going well.

  14. Great post! Hilarious. I too think Valentines Day is just another day or a way for florists to make a ton of money. I must admit it is always nice to get flowers or chocolates but maybe not on Valentines Day…

  15. That’s a good list Sire. I should have had a look at this a few days ago… oh well…I guess the gf will have to suffice with a dinner date. Next year I’ll see if she’s interested in the Girl Next Door Dvd!

  16. It’s too bad that I’ve come across this after the fact. It is now officially 6 hours after valentine’s day. Happy day after valentine’s day everybody!

    1. Mine was just like any other day Meg, one kiss for the wife and a Happy Valentine’s day hug was all that was needed.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Earn Money WritingMy Profile

  17. On Valentine’s Day,
    I planned..I laughed.. I spent a lot
    … & still half a month for my pay check.. Oww.. this Day hurts. But there is the brighter light shining on me from the heavens, as I followed the golden rule — i.e.Love is all about Giving! Happy Valentine Day guys!

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