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How To Save Time Replying To Comments

If you’re like me and love to reply to most of your comments you know how time consuming it can be. That being the case you will most likely love this next plugin, WP Threaded Comments. I was using this plugin before WP came up with it’s own version in the latest updates and I continue to use it because I like the way it’s structured when replying to comments.

You may be wondering what this has to do with saving time when commenting,  and the answer to that is it has other useful features which I will get to shortly. As most of you know every time you reply to a comment your whole page loads which not only takes time it also uses a lot of bandwidth not to mention uses a fair bit of CPU on your server. One of the unique features of this plugin is that no longer happens, once you’ve replied to a comment it appears withing seconds without loading the whole page. If you get a lot of comments you can imagine how much time it will save you.

*Time* Ticking away...But that’s not all. It has another cool and very useful feature. Linda from Linda Grace Online, in a comment today, asked me;

How is it that you send notice to my inbox everytime you answer my comments – with what you said and what I said? I see that I’ve clicked on the box to notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail (wasn’t that automatically clicked and I’d have to unclick it if I didn’t want to be notified?) I’ve clicked on other blog’s before and I was notified everytime anyone made a comment, I don’t want know every comment ever made on that post so I stopped clicking. I really like knowing what you comment back and I’d like to do the same thing on my blog… how would I?

Well, the answer to that is, wait for it, the WP Threaded Comments plugin. You can set it up so it’s ticked automatically or you can leave it up to the commentator. It also allows you to change the email message so that you can personalize it. Another cool feature is it allows you to delete comments without going to the dashboard.

If you think this plugin may be of use to you then you may want to head on over to Linda’s blog to thank her. You ,may find her post, How A $6 Mosquito Netting Prevents Malaria And Saves Lives, to be of interest as it’s outlays a very worthwhile cause.

Naturally there are those of you who may not want to use this plugin because your blog is already top heavy with them and you can’t bear to ditch one to replace with this guy. Well don’t worry, you can do the same thing from within the WordPress Dashboard by going to the comment section. I don’t know how long this feature has been there, I only noticed it the other day. Anyway, under each comment you will notice several links that will allow you to unapprove, reply, quick edit edit, spam or trash a particular comment. Well that reply option will do the exact same thing.

Hope you’ve found this post to be of use.

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  1. Hi, Found my way over here from Linda’s blog. I have thesis and was aware of the comment feature in it so I don’t need the plugin but I have another questions for you if you can answer I would be grateful. I want to know what reply I get when I leave a comment on a persons blog but i don’t want to get an email every time a comment or reply is made. I felt that is what Linda was saying you were able to do. Can you share this please. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Belinda, welcome to WassupBlog.

      You never know what you will get when replying on someone’s blog because you don’t know what plugin they are using. You may get an email whenever someone adds a comment or, as with this one, you’ll only get an email when someone replies to your actual comment.

      As to Thesis, which I use on my Load Of Bullshit blog, whilst that plugin works it does have a few hiccups as to displaying the comments correctly. This can be resolved by refreshing the page but that sort of defeats the purpose.
      Sire recently posted…An Aussie Husband Shows His Wife He CaresMy Profile

  2. We do not have the WP Threaded plugin, but we do have the Subscribe To Comments plugin. I wonder if it’s the same, or we need to change things after reading your post Sire.

  3. Thanks for sharing.WP threaded comments is new to me.Surely I’ll give a try.

  4. Hi Sire
    I use the comments in my dashboard and all the features on that with my WordPress blog so from this post, I figure I won’t need this one. Phew, just saved from a techie job – you know how I love them!
    I have stopped saying want reply to lots of blogs I comment on cos I have found that I am getting emails of everyone’s replies rather than only reply to my comment. Glad you said why this happens.
    BTW I comment on Linda and Belinda’s blogs now and saw you had commented on Linda’s blog. The blogging community sure is connecting well. I joined Bloggerluv and meeting some great people.
    Doing as you suggested and when someone comments on my blog I go visit theirs. Even some of the bigger bloggers don’t seem to have heaps of comments on all their posts even though heaps of people visit their site. Good to spread the luv
    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. It’s good to see that there are a few bloggers who are taking my advice Patricia. I think it will give them a little advantage over some of the other bloggers.

      As to those bigger bloggers, most of them believe that replying to comments isn’t worth their while and that there time is better spent writing great content. Seems a waste if they’re not willing to spend some time communicating with their commentators.
      Sire recently posted…How To Change Your WordPress Theme HeaderMy Profile

      1. I wondered why they write and don’t get many comments! I think you can write content-rich articles and still take time for visitors to the blog. You do it and you have heaps of visitors. I have also started RT articles I like too. Every little bit of luv helps.
        It’s interesting to see those of us who are part of the blogging community that have dofollow/commentluv/keywordlug seem to have the same ethos.
        Patricia Perth Australia

        1. Yep, we are of like mind that’s for sure, and I think that ethos will help us to succeed in the long run. Perhaps we won’t be making six figures like some of the big boys but we’ll make an income that we’ll be happy with.

          Personally, while the money would be an added bonus, I’m happy enough to provide my readers with a blog that is content rich, whether it’s instructional or purely of entertainment value.

          1. Had a pleasant surprise when checked my stats last night. A few ppl had stumbled me and I had a spike in visitors to my site. Don’t even know how that works but it does :-)Will have to learn about that soon.
            Patricia Perth Australia

            1. Cool, nothing like a little stumble to get the ball on the road, or in your case the lavender blowing in the wind :thumbup_tb:

            2. Sire do you have stumble on your blog. I reckon there are lots more who would enjoy your blog and I am more than happy to stumble you….soon as I understand what it is about!
              Patricia Perth Australia

            3. Sure do Patricia, at the end of the post, just after Related Post, there’s a bookmark and share icon, you’ll find it there.

              Basically, a stumble is just like a Tweet, but it only works if your a member.
              Sire recently posted…An Aussie Husband Shows His Wife He CaresMy Profile

        2. Patricia~
          It’s exciting to see you jump right in and learn and practice! It was just a short time ago when you commented on my blog, and here we are learning together!

          1. That’s right it isn’t very long ago that I was just being introduced to the blogging community. I love how everyone helps one another and encourages this newbie on her journey. I love visiting other blogs and learning more. Also great to be meeting heaps of others in the blogosphere.
            Patricia Perth Australia

            1. Sire
              I will go read about it and join cos ppl in the blogging community are stumbling me and driving traffic to my site.
              Want to be able to return the luv
              Patricia Perth Australia

  5. I use it Sire and I am very happy with it. Not that I have anywhere near the traffic that you generate, but it is a useful little plug in.

  6. I haven’t had an issue with time when it comes to responding to comments … I don’t get that many. ;-) However, I am expecting them and I’d rather be proactive.

    Thanks for making the “how” available to me.

  7. Hi Sire, I do like the colors and the idea of only subscribing to direct replies but I’m in that boat of people with too many plugins. I just changed my theme to speed loading time and I’m avoiding plugins where possible. I do use and like the threaded reply feature for WP now.

    I don’t get nearly the amount of comments that you do but if I did I think the idea of less page loads alone would be worth the added plugin.

  8. Hey Pete!

    I can’t say exactly when threaded comments became a standard feature of core WordPress, but I can say it was more than a year ago. Probably several. :-)

    Like most sensible people, I too hate that “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” thing. I hate it because it is misleading. The naive commenter thinks: “oh good, I’ll get notified if someone replies to _my_ comment”. Instead they get spammed every single time _anyone_ makes a comment on the post, regardless of whether or not it was a reply to their comment.

    OK, maybe some people like that behaviour. I don’t. And I’m fairly certain that this “WP Threaded Comments” plugin you are writing about does not alter this behaviour either. What it does is give you an additional feature of being able to send notification emails on a per-thread basis instead of a per-post basis. Hope you get what I mean there, was beginning to confuse myself. :-P

    This is a BIG step forward. But it is not new, I’m afraid. I’ve been using a plugin called “ReplyMe” since I began using WordPress that takes care of the email notifications. And yeah, like “WP Threaded Comments”, you can customise how that email is formatted.

    Now I wanna take a quick look at the time-saving benefits of this plugin. Your replies show up without the whole page reloading? OK, that’s cool. But that is how it works by default in your dashboard anyway. Don’t know about you, mate, but I nearly always do my comment replying in my dashboard. Alright, you are the only one who gets to use your dashboard, so everyone else has to comment via the blog’s “public” page. But everyone else doesn’t care if the page reloads after they submit their one comment. So is there any real benefit? CPU time? Bah! Negligible at best, a couple of milliseconds at absolute worst. Don’t forget that for all but a few milliseconds of a page load, the server’s CPU is completely idle (not entirely true, the CPU is doing something, just nothing to do with the web server software).

    This isn’t necessarily a bad plugin, but it does seem to do bad things. Half of this plugin rewrites core functionality without altering or improving that functionality. The wheel’s already been invented, and “because I can” is no reason (or excuse) to write a plugin.

    The second half of the plugin, the email notification part, is a good feature. But does it make up for the first half’s blunders? In my opinion, no. Not when there are plugins available that do the same thing without encroaching on the core WordPress code.

    Just one more thing before I finish my novel here, Pete, can you please explain this inconsistency…

    At the top of your comments entry form there is:

    Please use a name and not a keyword as keywords will be removed

    And at the bottom there is:

    I generously use the Key Word Love plugin. Enter YourName@Your Keywords in the Name field to take advantage

    Kind regards, and thank you so very much for reading my long-winded comment. :-)


    1. I don’t mind long winded comments Steve, so feel free to let loose anytime you feel like it.

      I don’t like using the Dashboard for replying to comments because I can’t refer to the actual post which can make replying a little difficult.

      I’m sure there are other plugins that do the same job but I reckon they don’t have all the features.

      From the feedback I’ve been getting from other commentators it seems that they only get notified when someone replies to their actual comment. That being the case I think it’s a big positive.

      As to the Keywords in the comments, the first one is to warn people not to use keywords instead of their name. The second allows them to use a keyword as long as they use the correct format, that being Name@Keyword.

      Even with those warnings I still get comments with just keywords. Naturally these get delinked, deleted or spammed, depending on the comment and the mood I’m in.
      Sire recently posted…An Aussie Husband Shows His Wife He CaresMy Profile

  9. Hi Sire
    Another great piece to fit into my WordPress puzzle.
    I’m always reluctant to add new plugins so I might try out the WordPress dashboard solution first.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Two way trafficMy Profile

    1. No worries Keith, as long as you’re happy, I’m happy. :clap_tb:

  10. If you remember Sire there was a time I sent you a mail too asking how you do this. And I think you then introduced me to WordPress Threaded comment.

    I like that you blogged about it because it’s really annoying when I ask to be notified when someone replies to my comment only to start getting all comments left on that post in my email.

    So this is a good one. I already use the plugin on my work at home blog and it’s great.

    1. Nice to know Karo, that it’s working well for you I mean. I like you hate getting all those emails, when all I really want to know is when someone replies to my comment. Unfortunately one never knows what plugin a blogger uses.
      Sire recently posted…The Results Are In! Disqus Does Cost You CommentsMy Profile

  11. Hello Sire,

    I’ve been using this WordPress Plugin for a few weeks, and I really love it. I like it a lot better than the one included with WordPress. I might be wrong, but I think threaded comments were added with WordPress 3.0.

    Re: Some of the big-name bloggers not commenting. Honestly, I never understood that, yah know? Some don’t bother to comment at all? Makes me think, they forgot how they got popular or started making money? Imagine if companies turned a blind eye to their reader feedback?

    Even with some of my heavily commented sites, I do take the time to respond since I value the interaction. I don’t want to take that for granted.

    I’ll keep following your site; it’s one of the many things I do like about you. You do take the comment to respond and pop by your visitor’s sites too! :)

    1. I think they think they don’t need to reply to comments because people comment regardless, and the only reason they comment is because they want to be noticed.

      I sometimes wonder if they even check their comments because some of the stuff they let through I would have deleted.
      Sire recently posted…An Aussie Husband Shows His Wife He CaresMy Profile

      1. I think they think they don’t need to reply to comments because people comment regardless, and the only reason they comment is because they want to be noticed.

        Yeah you’re right, for the most part I’ve noticed that too. When I first started blogging, about five (perhaps six years ago) I did follow some of the top bloggers, I dropped the ones that didn’t interact with their community. As a business owner, that’s something that I’ve always done, that carries over into my personal blogs too.

        I did notice your post on why you don’t link to some of the top bloggers. It’s one of the first posts I saw when I discovered your site. :)

        Anyway, back on topic (sorry for going off in another direction with my first comment.) I had no idea that it had the subscribe to comment feature, I like that since it’s one less Plug-in I have to use. I’ve been using this plugin for a few months. I was so focused on the threaded part I ignored other features. Yeah women do that too…

        I’m like you; I reply to comments on my site. I’ve done it via the dashboard, but it’s not my preference. Besides the plug-in updates, spam deletion. The majority of my blogging is offline, since I use an offline editor.

        1. Hey, I always knew you women weren’t perfect, it’s nice to find one that will admit it. :innocent1_tb:

    1. It’s only fair that I linked to you Linda because if it wasn’t for you this post may never had eventuated. Besides, what sort of Knight in shining armor would I be if I ignored the ladies? :lol_ee:
      Sire recently posted…How To Change Your WordPress Theme HeaderMy Profile

      1. And you are one of my knights! Of course my first and greatest Knight is my husband! :king_tb:

        1. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s drink t your knights. :drunk_tb:

          1. I knew you knew~ just wanted to remove all doubt for all readers!!

  12. Twitter:
    Now I have to say I’m really confused. I have this plugin; been using it for years. And you’ve told me a bunch of stuff I’ve never thought about before. Now I’m going to have to take the time to go look at it some more to see if I want to use any of this stuff. Work, work, work… :wallbash_tb:

    1. And, if you’re not too busy … maybe you can do a follow up to help me make a decision about using it. ;-)

      1. If I know Mitch he’s not going to pass up an opportunity for a post Kissie, especially when approached by a member of the opposite sex :cheese1_ee:
        Sire recently posted…How A Woman Made Me Change My Evil WaysMy Profile

        1. Ah, didn’t know that about him. Thanks for the revelation – will store that for future use.

          1. Not much of a revelation, I reckon most blokes are a sucker for a pretty lady.

            1. I live in Atlanta, commonly known as “manlanta” … the blokes here care about the blokes only. ;-)

            2. Good to know, I’ll be on my guard if I ever visit. Still must be a good place to pick up women. :smoke_tb:

  13. Seem to me that this plugin is indeed a time saver. I have two plugins that does the work of this one and I will try it on my other site just to give it a test run. Just out of curiousity, will this plugin override the default on WP?
    DiTesco recently posted…Bing SEO And Webmaster ToolsMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Okay, I’ve had some time to digest all of this, and I now know what some of the issues are. Sire, you usually comment directly on the post you’ve written so you can get some CommentLuv out of it. You’ve always had the ability to reply to comments in the dashboard, or go to the comment section, and both will do like you said, show up without reloading the page. It also turns out that’s an option one could use WP Threaded Comments for as well if it wasn’t coming up in the dashboard, which I figure someone would have to be using an older version of WordPress for it not to be there.

    And you’re right, the plugin does offer other options such as quoting the entire message or setting it up so people can just get responses to their own comments. Personally I like seeing them all until I get sick of them and then decide to unsubscribe, but that’s what choice is all about, right? :drunk_tb:

    1. I like seeing them all too. Keeps me in the loop and also other people will likely show me something I missed or will elaborate on a point and make it clearer for me.

      I’m like Denzel in the movie, Philadelphia (my birth home), explain it to me like I’m a 6-year-old.

      1. Twitter:
        Yup, that plus sometimes someone says something that you just have to jump on. lol

        1. More importantly.

    2. I wasn’t sure if it was always there Mitch, I only noticed it the other day. Just goes to show one shouldn’t make assumptions, which I will probably keep doing anyway. :doh_tb: :lol_ee:

      Nothing wrong with having choices Mitch, unless you’re a woman and you can’t make up your mind which one to make. :devil_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Sharing Something Unique About Where You LiveMy Profile

  15. Hi Sire,

    I Found your blog from Patricia from

    I’m delighted you are using Flexsqueeze theme, I’m still on Flexibility 2 and waiting for version 3. And I think we almost have the same interests, by what we blog about.

    I’m trying and testing several plugins myself: like finding which ones are really good or essential.

    I’ve already implemented the WP Threaded Comments on my blog, and when I look at your blog, I just ask myself, “which plugins is he using?”, or “how do he do that?”

    Are you ok with sharing those informations?


    1. Ben, always willing to share information mate, that’s what this blog is all about. I’ve already done several posts on plugins that I use, it even has it’s own category :wink_ee:

      Flexsqueeze is the best. I reckon the latest version will be really cool.

      If you ever want to know something specific, just ask.
      Sire recently posted…The Results Are In! Disqus Does Cost You CommentsMy Profile

  16. Hi,

    I was also having problems moderating and replying to comments on my personal blog. WordPress has so many plugins to choose from, I’m glad I bumped to this post and give me an idea how to reply to comments the easy way.

    Wonderful post Sire :)

    1. Glad to be of help Paul.

  17. Initially I thought about adding that plugin. But while searching around for ways through which you can reply to comments I realized that WordPress had already integrated this function. The reason why I didn’t add the plugin is because it would have messed up my comment section because the comments would be styled differently.
    It is pretty cool that you can send email notifications to people when you reply to their comments. But there is also a plugin out there that will just do that for you. It’s called Comment Reply Notification. I have actually installed it on my blog. Nice post btw.

    1. Thanks Julius, naturally I’m not telling people that they have to install this plugin, I’m just telling them of all it’s features so they can make an informed decision.

      1. Yeah I know. I didn’t mean to criticize you. I just wanted to mention that there are other ways you can get this to work too ;) I hope this clarifies it :P

  18. I also like the comments to be threaded this way. Being able to delete comments without going to the dashboard could be a great feature for me. I hate to go to the dashboard just to delete comments so I usually just leave them there which increases over

    1. Yep, it’s all about making it easier for the blogger. Thanks for commenting.

  19. When the threaded comments feature was included in the new WP versions, I decided to not to use this plugin. However, I found a similar plugin that sends emails when someone replied to a comment – “replyto” WP plugin.

    1. Hey Gem, I reckon that’s one of the things that make WP unique, the fact that there’s a plugin that can suit almost anyone’s needs no matter how varied they may be.
      Sire recently posted…An Aussie Husband Shows His Wife He CaresMy Profile

  20. Thanks, Sire. I was using Subscribe To Comments, but I just switched over to WP Threaded Comments instead. I really like the flexibility of configuration it offers.

  21. Hi Sire

    This is a great idea and thank you for sharing this. I have been spending a it of time lately replying to blogs but to be able to personalize then that is the best thing. I hated automated an reply that sounds like a robot wrote it.

  22. the comment thread of this post actually looked cleaner Sire. I will definitely try this one out, but have you ever experienced any scripting problems with this plugin? just curious. I was having a technical problem with my other blog the other day because of W3 total cache, it actually crashed and override my htaccess, (I guess that event taught me a good lesson).

    1. Nope., it seems to be running fine, although sometimes the comment doesn’t appear unless you refresh the page.

  23. Seems like a very helpful tool. I’m kinda new to WordPress so, I’m not sure how long its been around. Saving time is one thing we all need. Sometimes it just feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day. Great post!

  24. I write blogs and I know how difficult it is to reply to every comment. But WP thread comment plugin has made my life a lot more easier.It helps me interacting with my readers, exchange ideas and much more. The best feature of this plugin i think is email notification that one can receive when reply is available.

    1. I think you manage the interacting on your own Michael, but it sure does allow you to do it in a lot shorter time span.

  25. Twitter:
    Your awesome dude, I just added wp-threaded comments on my blog. I was wondering how that was done. Thanks for sharing that

    1. Talk about good timing hey Larry?

  26. I am all about saving time, however I still try to provide meaningful replys as the content left I want to also be meaningful.

    1. Of course, otherwise it would be a waste of time.

  27. I use this plugin on my blog & I love it. If memory serves me right I think you were the one who told me what plugin it was. Then maybe not. lol

    1. Heck, that could well be true Rose, I know I’ve mentioned it to a fair few bloggers in passing.

  28. Well it does not sound like it has too many features. I would recommend this plugin only to users who answer to many comments a day, because it seems that is has Ajax, and this could make some things faster. But for others I will say: it is always better to have less plugins.

    1. That is true, especially as many plugins can slow down a site, but this one doesn’t seem to do that.

    1. And that just has to be a positive that’s over and above the time saving feature.

  29. Well if it was you I appreciate it. lol

  30. Very cool. The biggest benefit here I see is in the page loading time and usage. That alone is enough of a benefit, and if it also does with Subscribe to comments does, it might be worth switching to it.


  31. Thanks for your post.WP threaded comments is new to me. I will try it with my blog.

  32. This plugin hasn’t been updated for years and it doesn’t work well on my new theme. That’s the reason why I had to remove it.
    Anyways, thanks for the post.

  33. The feature of posting comments without reloading the page is great. You do reply to a lot of comments. So it would waste a lot of time waiting for the page to load again each time. I’m sure many other bloggers would have that same very problem. So good recommendation.

  34. I would love to be able to use this plugin as I’ve been wanting my replies to be emailed and I haven’t found a plugin that works for that. I also love the idea of the comments being threaded.

    The plugin needs me to edit a Comment Form ID, telling me to go to comments.php to do that. Do you happen to know anything about that? I couldn’t find anything on the plugin site about it.

  35. I just noticed this post after the comment you left me today.

    i will note that down as possibly something to look at using later, just got so much on at the moment, trying to fit everything in….

  36. I didn’t know abou this. Indeed it’s a good technique to gain some time, which is very important nowadays, especially when you are a webmaster. I don’t receive so many comments at the moment, but it’s good to know.

  37. On some of my higher traffic blogs I finally just got to the point where I turned the commenting feature off. I really didn’t want to, but I just couldn’t keep up with the volume of comments that were being received, it made it pretty difficult.

    1. What a shame. Couldn’t you just let people know that you are unable to respond to every comment, and just reply to one every now and again. Perhaps even do a post with a poll asking for your reader’s opinion.
      Sire recently posted…Procrastination And How It Can Cost You MoneyMy Profile

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