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How To Make The Best Use Of Google

I don’t think anyone would argue about how important Google is to most people, whether they’re an advertiser, blogger or the multitude of users who rely on the accuracy of Google’s search engines. As far as bloggers or web masters are concerned there’s basically only two of Googles services we’re interested in and strangely enough they are interrelated. As you’ve probably guessed I’m talking about traffic and the income generated from their Adsense account. Even if you don’t use Adsense on you’re site I’m sure you’re very dependant on the traffic Google sends you, otherwise you wouldn’t be spending so much time with SEO, now would you?  :smoke_tb:

Which brings me to what this post is all about, how not to piss Google off because doing so can hurt you, like it did me some time ago when Google stripped my PR4 blogs of all their ranking, which just happened to inspire me to write this poem about Google :devil_tb: . Anyway, as most of you know I’ve been blogging for several years and in that time I’ve come to learn a bit about Google and what the big boy wants from us and I’m about to share that with you.

Google, Seo And Keywords

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I have to admit I never used to bother too much about keywords because it was all to hard and it ruined the whole blogging experience. That was before I bought Market Samurai which now does all the hard work for me. I’m sure most of you know a lot about keywords and how they relate to SEO but I’m not sure that you’re actually doing it the right way. Sure it may have been the right way once but what with all those changing algorithms it’s not a big stretch of the imagination to realize things have probably changed.

By some of the emails I’ve been receiving I reckon others have come to realize that Google is a pretty smart cookie. Luckily I haven’t been making the same mistakes as some of my readers, especially those taking advantage of CommentLuv Premium’s Keyword Luv facility. Even though no-one can possible know how Google really thinks, sorry to all those SEO guru guys out there  :tongue_laugh_ee: it’s not too hard to make a few assumptions.

  • Assumption #1: Google’s not dumb enough not to realize that there’s something fishy about too many links pointing to one particular site appearing in a short time span. If this is an accurate assumption to make then the logical solution is to not go crazy on creating too many backlinks all at the same time.
  • Assumtion #2: Knowing that Google wants to deliver a search engine to it’s users that is both accurate and reliable it’s not unreasonable to assume that Google is more interested in natural links than those created by SEO minded bloggers and web masters which is why Google introduced it’s Panda and Penquin updates and who knows what other animalized future updates it has in mind.The common mistake that I’ve seen a lot of commentators, on this and other blogs, doing is using the same keywords over and over again. I reckon it’s pretty safe to say that noticing all these sites using the exact same keywords would set alarm bells ringing when the GoogleBots come to spider those sites.  :thumbs_down: I mean honestly, do you really think that everybody linking to a particular site would use the exact keywords?  :hey_you:

How I’m Utilising The 2 Assumptions

In promoting my post on how not to lose money in the stock market I’m ensuring that I take the above two assumptions into consideration. This is because that particular post is using one of the WordPress plugins that  I spoke of in my post about Turning Your Blog Into A Cash Machine.

I know it’s going to take more time if I’m going to do things properly but I’m fine about that because that post will only produce an income if I get targeted traffic and that won’t happen if I rush things. This means not using my other blogs to link to that post all at once as I would normally do. Instead I am spacing those posts apart so as to look more natural to the GoogleBots.

The same applies to my commenting regime. Rather than hitting a huge amount of blogs on a daily basis I’m scaling back a lot which allows me to spend more time on some of those comments allowing for better comments which has the added advantage of building my reputations as a good commentator.

Also when commenting on those blogs that use KeyWord Luv or CommentLuv Premium, I make sure that I don’t always use the same keywords, taking note of assumption #2. Having said that I am making sure that although I am using different keywords they are still all related to the topic in question, saving money by not making mistakes on the stock market. I’m hoping that building these types of backlinks will appear more natural resulting in a better SEO result leading to a more targeted traffic resulting in more money in my pocket.  :drunk_tb:

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  1. Have to agree things have changed quite a lot this year in terms of Googles remeasurement from a website and I don’t think we have seen the last of the changes yet.

    1. I totally agree, Google is always playing around with it’s algorithm and we will never see the end of them messing with it.

  2. It’s so hard to second guess google! I find the best practice to not rely on it, but if you’re making niche sites this isn’t always possible! Guess we just have to keep our finger on the pulse…

    1. That’s true of any business Ben if you want to remain profitable.

  3. I like the way you made it clear early that these are assumptions, Sire. I used to wonder how the gurus in some forums declare confidently that they know the secret to conquering Google as if they are Google insiders.

    I think Google is making it clear now that they don’t like being manipulated. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing we can do that is not manipulative is to post ‘useful and great content’ and let others who were impressed by your content spread the word about your site.

    Thus, my own assumption is that there are 2 things that would make a site rank high:
    1 – Great Content.
    2 – Link building – the kind that is not initiated by the the site owner/author himself, but by readers who share it, by other webmasters who embed its links because they were impressed by the content.

    1. Hi James, I agree but the problem is that even when you do post good content people may tweet it or something but will rarely link to it. That leaves blog commenting as probably the best source of backlinks and if Google ever includes that in their algorithm the amount of comments we’re getting will probably drop dramatically.

  4. never really understand google. they keep changing from time to time. i’m just happy to blog and be part of online community.

    1. Don’t worry, most people don’t and a lot that say they do are don’t know what they’re talking about.

  5. You are absolutely right about both assumptions: do not create too many links at the same time and then sit and chill and no links for a while. This strategy is not going to work with Google that wants to see steady growth and consistency. Using the same keywords is a big mistake as well. Thanks for posting!

    1. They seemed like logical assumptions Elena, especially if you’re wanting to ensure good results for people wanting to use your search engines.

  6. Thanks you so much for this helpful article, I’m a newbie to the blogging scene and I’ve just started my first blog, but I want to learn all the SEO and online marketing strategies. Thanks for sharing the useful information!
    Kristine recently posted…Make-Up Trends für den SommerMy Profile

    1. Glad you found it useful Kristine

  7. Twitter:
    Getting massive backlinks within few days can only be a problem when you get it on a main domain. If you keep changing the anchor text as u mentioned and get links to inner pages, then there won’t be any problem.

    1. wouldn’t be so sure about that. As far as I’m concerned you just never know with Google.

  8. Since the penguin update, I stopped doing my SEO and focus more on content and social media. Until I can see some changes on rankings I will get back to my SEO. Btw, I’ve read on SEOmoz that building links in a fast pace will not affect your SEO.

    1. I’ve always focused on content first sanjay, SEO always came second.

  9. Just when you thought you really know google, it comes and bites you in the behind. I have a feeling that they are sometimes getting too paranoid. With their regulations they may be even ruining the Search options. Nothing personal against google. I just thought about it as I read through your post.

    1. As far as the search engine algorithm goes I believe they have their customers best interest in mind as that’s the only way they can ensure their continued business.

  10. They are not just playing around with google algorithm they are also playing with SEO They are making SEO work difficult day by day.

    1. So, you reckon they just playing around with those SEO guys minds Arjun :devil_tb:

  11. Google is so powerful now we may as well tow the line. It is not just the obvious grey/black hat techniques that are frowned upon. Web masters will have to be very careful in other aspects of site promotion and maintenance. In particular, dead links should be monitored on a regular basis. I have been guilty of neglecting this myself so it is safe to assume plenty of others have gone down the same road.

    1. Dead links can be a problem but I’m sure there is a plugin out there that can take care of it for you.

  12. Twitter:
    Good stuff here Sire. I knew you’d slowed down your general commenting, but hadn’t realized Google was a part of the reason. For me, I’ve decided I could care less about them and will work on other ways of driving traffic to my site, although you know I’ve never spent all that much time trying to work on SEO for my blogs anyway.

    1. I don’t go crazy on SEO Mitch but I do enough to get me by. You know me mate, I’m the potential lazy blogger :wink_ee:

  13. Sire i think that Google will always playing around with it’s algorithm and we will never see the end of them and only produce quality content and forget these updates.

    1. That is true and I don’t blame them one minute as long as the only reason they’re doing it is to give their customers a better experience.

  14. Google is considered as a notorious friend because it is constantly changing its algorithm.This is the statement of most of the webmasters but I always welcomed Google Panda Update and Google Penguin update as these both demands quality.
    Google adsense is not reliable, some times they disable your account without any reason.

    1. Actually, they usually do have a reason, people just don’t happen to agree with them.

  15. according to me first comes the content quality. Because if content quality will be poor and seo will be ok then user will come to the website, see the content and go to another website, but if their will be good content quality and less seo. A user will come and read the post. He loved the post. Then he will like it, tweet it and share it with friends, i think this will be the best seo for that post.

    1. Content is very important but unless you utilise a bit of SEO then there may not be much chance of anyone landing on your site.

      1. Ya a little bit of seo is necessary with the good quality of content to get visitors and thanks for the reply, can u help in decreasing the bounce rate of my website?

        1. Again, concentrate on good content and try to engage the reader and to entice them to leave a comment. Also link to other related posts in your blog which decreases bounce rate as well as improving your SEO.

  16. Sure, Google SEO is important to promote your blogs, but – in my honest opinion – original, quality content is what’s the most important of all. You can’t really expect SEO to do wonders if your blog is simply uninteresting. Of course, if you have a steady stream of quality content, then SEO helps immensely.

    1. True Christian, but then unless you do some SEO no-one will find your blog, no matter how good your content is.

  17. Nicely written article! I wonder, how people manage to get their sites high rankings withing a couple of weeks. Considering your assumptions, which are most probably true, there must be additional criteria rather than rate of backlink generation.

    1. That is true and it’s a lot harder to get a particular page to rank than it is a whole site, but it can be done and I’m sure that at the moment backlinks are a major factor. ANother factor would be using the right keyword so that you get targeted traffic.

  18. I agree with you. It’s a necessity to make your backlinks seem as natural as possible. However it’s a really slow journey.

  19. good stuff sire, Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and performance in organic search results.


    1. I’m glad you liked the post samarth. I think the most important thing about SEO is that you have to be continually updating your site in order to keep Google interested.
      Sire recently posted…Christmas Joke For Friday Funnies #93My Profile

      1. Thanks sire,
        I totally agree with you, Most search engines recommend updating your website on a fairly regularly basis, but many site owners fail to realize the simple power of these updates.

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