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I admit that blogging has become part of my life and I feel that I am pretty good at it, but this has not always been the case. If you were to read my initial posts on Well Blog Me you will see that the quality there falls far short of what I’m able to put out today. In those days I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and the only reason for even writing the posts was to get Google’s attention to increase the PR of my site. Yep, I had absolutely no idea of SEO and mistakenly thought that as long as I continually updated that blog Google would fall in love with me and give me and start sending heaps and heaps of traffic.  :wallbash_tb:

Still, I’ve come a long way since then and the main reason for that is I never gave up and I learned a very important lesson. It’s far better to write for people than it is to write for the Googlebots. This is because they’re the ones you’re wanting to attract with you brilliance and if you can do that Google will start to notice you. I made a lot of mistakes but I kept at it and I now consider myself a proficient blogger. It’s kind of like riding a bike, you may fall off a few times but once you get the hang of it you never forget. However, even when it comes to bike riding there are those who excel and the reason they do this is because they push themselves to extremes. Take these freestyle motorbike stunt riders for an example.

I took that video last year during the Royal Adelaide Show and I was amazed at what these guys could do. Can you imagine how many times they must have fallen and how many bones or fractures they must have endured in their efforts to perfect these stunts? Would they be here today if they had given up? Of course not! But it’s not just their perseverance to succeed that got them to where they are today, it’s also their willingness to invest in their business which enables them to tour the world amazing the crowds with their skill.

This also applies to bloggers and so many are not realising their full potential because they refuse to invest in what could be their online business. This is especially true of those who use free blogging platforms because they’re missing out on so many opportunities. Sure they can try to sell WordPress plugins or recommend themes and hosting solutions but it’s only when people actually see you using the products that they’ll even consider buying from you.

How You Can Make Money From Blogging

What I’m going share with you now is the different ways that I have made money from blogging.

  • Adsense: Yep, I made my first dollar blogging using Adsense and that took me months to earn. Even today Adsense is not a big earner for me but I continue to use it because it pays for my hosting and offers visitors other options.
  • Hosting Packages: All my sites have a Proudly Hosted On…. link prominently displayed somewhere above the fold and every time I get a sale I make around a hundred dollars. Try doing that on a free site  :tongue_laugh_ee:
  • Themes: The FlexSqueeze theme has probably been my biggest earner. This is because I’ve been able to show people how versatile it is and because I truly believe it to be the best theme out. People can see how much I love it and this helps to convince them to purchase it for themselves. To date I have not received one negative comment about it and a lot have thanked me for recommending it to them.
  • WordPress Plugins: They say that to make money online you need to be able to offer products for sale. Most, like me don’t have the ability to come up with products of their own and so we sell other peoples products. WordPress plugins have proven to be a great sales item, probably because of the ever growing amount of WordPress bloggers. Since switching from ClickBank to JVZoo, you can read about it here, in July last year I’ve made close to $288. I intend to grow that as I find new plugins to promote.JVZoo sales
  • SkimLinks: These guys allow me to sell products from some of the biggest department stores including Macey’s, Sears, Barnes&Noble, Target and even eBay. OK, eBay technically isn’t a department store but you have to admit it offers a huge potential for sales. That and WP Zon Builder was the reason for starting The Gifts Guru blog.

I also do the occasional paid post and get some steady revenue from advertising on my blogs but they’re my main revenue earners. I hope to grow them this year, especially as I continue to invest in my blogs. How are you planning to increase your earning potential in 2013?


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