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How To Fix A Caroma Toilet That Won’t Stop Flushing

On February the 12th I produced a video about how to fix a Caroma toilet that won’t stop flushing. Since then that particular video has received 789 views and has 4 likes. Not a huge lot but then it probably doesn’t apply to a huge amount of people. I’m not even sure if Caroma toilets are sold outside of Australia.

On the same day I wrote a post that featured that video. That post was called YouTube Success Depends on Traffic. That particular posts also linked to other posts I’ve written about YouTube explaining how I use them to make money.

So, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing another post about “How To Fix A Caroma Toilet?” Well, as it turns out that fix was only a temporary fix. The problem was with the springs I used. Before making that video I actually applied the fix to my ensuite loo. I wanted to wait awhile to make sure it worked. That plus the other toilet wasn’t leaking yet. 

Last week the ensuite toilet started leaking again. I thought WTF!  :wallbash_tb: After pulling it apart I found that those springs had rusted out and had virtually fallen apart. I needed a spring that was impervious to rust. It took me ages to locate someone that could help me. The company was

RCA Springs.

After explaining to David that I was looking for a spring that was impervious to rust, David told me what I needed was “…a compression spring made with 316 marine grade spring stainless.” I just had to tell him the size. I ordered 4 so I could fix the two toilets. See image below. I made the springs into a man using some coins so you can use them as a size reference.

How To Fix A Caroma Toilet

how to fix a caroma toilet

The actual size of the springs are 16mmOD, 27mm long, 1mm wire. I think the OD is something to do with the circumference:ponder:   

Once the springs came in I fixed the ensuite toilet and then replaced the ones in the toilet I repaired in the video. I noticed that those springs had not started to corrode yet. 

The reason for this post is so that I can direct those who watch my video to this latest update so they do not install the wrong springs when repairing their toilet. The way I did that was by adding annotations to the video. You can see these in action below.

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  1. I really like the coin that looks like superman, lol

  2. Twitter:
    Heck, you made me have to go look up “ensuite”, as it’s not a term I’ve ever heard used here. I have no technical skills so even watching the video wouldn’t help me, if we had those types of toilets here; you’re right in thinking we might not. Still, showing folks how annotations work with videos is a good thing, so all is right with the world… and your toilet. Course, I could point out the errors in the post, but… :-) :lol_ee: :loser:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…When Free Speech/Privacy Advocates Lose Their MindMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      So what do they call Ensuites over in the States?

      Of course you know I had to find those errors. Hopefully I got them all. :smoke_tb:
      Peter recently posted…World Cup Fever Is Upon UsMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Yes, never saw that type of system before. Good vid just the same mate. BTW- You have some other videos there on your YOUTUBE that I am gonna have to watch when I get back from holiday.

    1. Twitter:
      You’re going on holiday? You lucky bastard. :drunk_tb:

      As for the videos, which ones do you find interesting. Whichever they are don’t forget to give them the thumbs up :thumbup_tb: :pretty_please: :homage:
      Peter recently posted…The Irish Cop Friday Funnies #118My Profile

  4. Nice. You are really creative and now that i know You have other videos too, lemme first watch them on youtube.

  5. No doubt Caroma toilet have that problem and that is what contributed to many views. It is very obvious there are people who are using such toilets and have experience the leaking problem which need to be solved. I had not actually seen it until after I have read this possible.

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