On February the 12th I produced a video about how to fix a Caroma toilet that won’t stop flushing. Since then that particular video has received 789 views and has 4 likes. Not a huge lot but then it probably doesn’t apply to a huge amount of people. I’m not even sure if Caroma toilets are sold outside of Australia.

On the same day I wrote a post that featured that video. That post was called YouTube Success Depends on Traffic. That particular posts also linked to other posts I’ve written about YouTube explaining how I use them to make money.

So, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing another post about “How To Fix A Caroma Toilet?” Well, as it turns out that fix was only a temporary fix. The problem was with the springs I used. Before making that video I actually applied the fix to my ensuite loo. I wanted to wait awhile to make sure it worked. That plus the other toilet wasn’t leaking yet. 

Last week the ensuite toilet started leaking again. I thought WTF!  :wallbash_tb: After pulling it apart I found that those springs had rusted out and had virtually fallen apart. I needed a spring that was impervious to rust. It took me ages to locate someone that could help me. The company was

RCA Springs.

After explaining to David that I was looking for a spring that was impervious to rust, David told me what I needed was “…a compression spring made with 316 marine grade spring stainless.” I just had to tell him the size. I ordered 4 so I could fix the two toilets. See image below. I made the springs into a man using some coins so you can use them as a size reference.

How To Fix A Caroma Toilet

how to fix a caroma toilet

The actual size of the springs are 16mmOD, 27mm long, 1mm wire. I think the OD is something to do with the circumference:ponder:   

Once the springs came in I fixed the ensuite toilet and then replaced the ones in the toilet I repaired in the video. I noticed that those springs had not started to corrode yet. 

The reason for this post is so that I can direct those who watch my video to this latest update so they do not install the wrong springs when repairing their toilet. The way I did that was by adding annotations to the video. You can see these in action below.

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