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How To Deal With Rude And Obnoxious Commentators

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It’s unfortunate, but every now and again we, as bloggers, will have some moron visit our blog that may take exception to what we wrote and then think that he has the right to abuse the crap out of us. There are some bloggers who may retaliate in kind but I think that this is the wrong approach as it merely brings us down to their level.

Take for example this particular post, that I did on one of my other blogs. It was obvious that this bloke was a racist pig and that I could have easily have retaliated, but if I did I would have merely added fuel to the fire. There was no way I was going to sway his opinions and it would have been a wast of time trying. If anything I reckon that being diplomatic about it actually infuriated him even more.

So, how do we treat these poor misbegotten slime balls that choose to flame our posts?

  1. Analyze the comment.  Does it deserve to see the light of day? You may decide that it doesn’t add anything to your post and that it is so obnoxious your only recourse is to delete it. I actually deleted a whole heap of that particular commentator’s comments.
  2. Do not respond in kind. That is one advantage of being a blogger, you can actually take the time to take a few breaths and calm down before responding to their comment.
  3. Be polite, civil and respectful. They may not deserve it, but it shows that you are bigger than they are. Perhaps they will calm down and put their argument, although I doubt it, in a more reasonable manner in which case you’ve shown that your course of action was the right one.
  4. Get Support. See if you can drum up some bloggers who support your view. Their comments may show the obnoxious commentator that he is actually in a minority causing them to rethink their views.
  5. Ban The Ass Hole. If all else fails and they continue to be a virtual pain in the ass, ban his IP address.

I reckon that some of you guys may have come up with some pretty cool ways of dealing with flaming jerks, and if this is so I would really appreciate some comments as others may find them very helpful.


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  1. Twitter:
    I remember that moron, and it didn’t seem to matter who went after him because he just didn’t get it.

    Mitchs last blog post..Emoticon Suicide

  2. Yeah,unfortunately there are people like him that try to bring the whole human race down to their gutter level. Imagine if an alien race visited us and he was the first human they met, they would probably nuke us to cleanse the planet.

    1. Twitter:
      Racists never deserve our time, no matter who they are. It’s still odd that he found you to begin with, then kept coming back. Glad he’s gone, though.

      Mitchs last blog post..R.I.P. Paul Newman

      1. And think he actually subscribed to the post as a new comment seems to trigger him off. Out of all the subscribers I had to end up with him. :wallbash_tb:

  3. Rude and obnoxious commentators are interesting. They can add a little something to your blog or take away from it.

    I have been told that the best comments that receive the most traffic are the ones that are negative and rude..

    Webmasters Worlds last blog post..The Link Building Challenge

  4. While that may be true, there are occasions when they cross the line and then the only option is to hit the delete key.

  5. Sire.. This is completely true. Obviously it is up to the owner to decided what is accepted vs what is not..

    FYI how was the PR update for you?

    Webmasters Worlds last blog post..Page Rank Update

  6. I just had a look and I’ve got a PR2. :clap_tb: I’m going to check my other blogs.

  7. Very good points, and yes, “passive aggressive” will make you look bigger and really get under the skin more ;)

    Dennis Edells last blog post..New Feature! Link Love For Your Thoughts

    1. Yeah, I found out when I was very young that my brother loved to taunt me because he got a reaction. When I stopped reacting the fun went out of it and the taunts stopped.

  8. Luckily so far I had no troubles with such commenters, but I doubt that they will stay away forever. Your post is a good preparation for this case.

    Marcels last blog post..Christian Pareidolia Study (Part II): The List

  9. I hope that you may never have to deal with them Marcel. We would all be better off without these sorts of people.

    1. Agreed.. if the comment is really bad its just a simple click of the mouse and delete. If I think it will add something to the post I will accept it. I dont mind having a debate via my comments.

      Webmasters Worlds last blog post..Page Rank Update

      1. There is certainly nothing wrong with a debate as long as it’s constructive. You have to be careful though as it can tend to get one sided.

  10. Yes a good debate can be good.. but once it gets out of hand it will look poorly on your site.

  11. I suppose deciding when it gets out of hand can be a fine line and depending when the line is crossed will depend on the individual blogger.

    1. It is definately a fine line. I would love to see a good debate on my blog just for the spice factor.. but then again I dont want to moderate a bunch of childish comments.

      Webmasters Worlds last blog post..Page Rank Update

      1. All you need for a good debate is the topic to reel them in. Get that and you’re good to go.

        1. That is very true Sire..

          Webmasters Worlds last blog post..Good Domain Names

  12. Diplomacy wins the day. Moderation aside, there is little we can do to control what the commenter has got to say. I guess he felt very strongly of his own opinion and was super egotistical about it.

    I think you handled it pretty well as a matured blogger…


    Blog for Bloggerss last blog post..Win 42 Premium WordPress Themes

  13. I actually grew up with people who had this sort of attitude and am not really surprised they still exist. It just goes to show that some people never change, and unfortunately, have probably infected their children.

  14. best thing is as you say, calm down a bit. I try to wait until the next morning before dealing with rudesters, when I’ve been the ‘bigger’ person and left a calm response politely pointing out why the person is talking utter crap it’s got other commenters joining in the defence.

    btw… change your commentluv settings for the url field to ‘url’ (no quotes) I think you have a # in there somewhere that shouldn’t be.

    andy baileys last blog post..Beta testers contest winner

  15. Hi Andy……just had a look and there is no # in front of url at all, only author and commentform.
    Oh, and I bet I didn’t win, but I will come over and have a look, just in case ;)

  16. I have so far not had any rude comments. I don’t mind so much someone going against my opinion. The only thing I would be really worried about is if the comment would personally offend any of my other readers. In that case, i would not want to put it on the blog. Otherwise, it might be a draw for other people to put up their own defense, which would be interesting reading. But I’d still prefer nice comments. :)

    Kristis last blog post..Our New Miniature Schnauzer Puppy’s First Day Home

  17. That’s the only sort of comments you will get from me Kristi, although I may test your tolerance once in awhile. Who knew that comment on those two monkeys possibly doing the dirty deed would draw such a response? :cool2_tb:

  18. great post and I like no.5 !!

    Sherrys last blog post..Win $200 plus worth of Prizes

  19. I reckon as a last resort No.5 is pretty good.

  20. It was a bit of an eye opener wasn’t it? This guy would come back every now and again to leave another retort which I would delete if I found it inappropriate. If you thought those comments were hateful, you can just imagine the ones that I deleted.

    I can’t understand people like that. My only hope is that he doesn’t have any kids to corrupt.

  21. First, I’ve never heard of the term wog before.

    I can’t believe what happened in that comment thread. I don’t understand people like that – so ugly and hateful. I don’t really understand excessive negativity in comments. I might politely disagree with someone but I try not to make an attack.

    I recently had a commenter who disagreed with my article – thought I was blowing things out of proportion. Instead of criticizing the article he attacked me and the other commenters – called the others sycophants and implied that I was a racist and mentally ill. It was bizarre too – he swooped out of nowhere – commented on two articles, argued and then disappeared.

    Kim Woodbridge´s Last blog post..5 New(ish) WordPress Themes

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