When first starting this blog I wanted a medium that covered many topics. I wanted to be able to share my poems and short stories with people. I wanted to show others my blogging tips and tricks. I also want to share with others different ways that I have found of making money on the net.

When trialling these money making ideas there’s always one thing that I try to keep constant, and that is it has to be free to join. I figure that at least that way all that you can lose is a little time, and I don’t mind being the guinea pig as long as it helps my readers.

As you can probably tell this post is leading to another money making venture and while I would like to take the honor for discovering it, that honor belongs to John Sullivan of PotPolitics fame where you will learn so many things including how to really master blogging.

So, thanks to a Tweet from John I joined mylikes under him as a publisher, as you can also join as an advertiser.  One of the things that I like about this site is that it lets you pick the sponsors that you like. This means that you can choose only those sponsors that you like and are relevant to your audience.

I also like the fact that they protect their advertisers in that they can disapprove any ‘likes’ if for the following reason;

  • The advertiser feels that the Like is not relevant to your audience.
  • The advertiser feels that the Like is mispresenting the product or service.
  • The advertiser feels that the Like is too generic and is not descriptive of the product or service.
  • You have used hate speech / abuse / full capital letters to write your Sponsored Like.

This helps to keep publishers honest meaning the advertiser gets the most value for their dollar.

What I love most about this site is that they pay per click. If you’re like me and you’ve been promoting many affiliates for years you have to admit that the most disappointing thing is that while you may generate up to a hundred clicks on a particular ad, unless someone actually purchases something you don’t earn a damn thing. That’s not so with mylikes as they will pay you 30c per click. So where the other campaign netted you a big fat zero, if an ad through mylikes generates 100 clicks you will have earned $30! That’s so much better than earning nothing at all.

For my first ‘like’ I chose a site called Prova and I picked Twitter as my medium for advertising it. Another reason to be very careful which sites you ‘like’ is that it will be displayed on your MyLikes Page so that everyone can see the sites that you like and promote. Another way to keep publishers honest. This page allows you to embed a code on your site promoting your likes even further increasing your money making potential. The following shows you my first ever like.

The reason for picking Prova is because I found them to be quite unique. If you need someone to design anything including banners, car door magnets, billboards and even your own commercial. In their own words;

Getting a powerful ad designed at Prova is easy. We help you launch a contest to get the best design that meets your needs. Experienced designers from around the world will submit their unique designs to your contest to compete for the best possible design. Simply tell us what you want & pick the price you’re willing to pay.

The last point is very important as it means that you can never blow your budget. You pick how much you want to spend and that’s the maximum it will cost you.

As you know you can expect an update at a later date to see how mylikes is performing, but I honestly feel it is such a great deal that you should join me on this money making journey now rather than losing out on some earnings while waiting for my next update.

To those of you who have been emailing me for an update on my Sponsored Tweet post, where I show you how your Tweets can earn you money, I’m saving that for my next post :wink_ee:

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