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How The People Search Craze Could Put Money In Your Pocket

This blog is not all about making money. In my post, The Honest Truth About Making Money, I outlined exactly what I believed you can expect from blogging for money. What I have discovered is that you can utilize the Internet to add to your blogging income stream.

I’ve showed you how you can use Twitter to put money into your PayPal account. My Final Update On Snap Dollars also showed you proof, via a photo of the check I received, how it can be used to bring in a little extra cash. The Honest Truth About The SFI Affiliate showed how although I failed to make it work I believed it was more to do with me being an Aussie than a failure in the program itself.If you wish to view all my money related posts you just need to click on the Making Money Category which has over 50 posts in it.

While most of these schemes only add a little money in your wallet, if you combine enough of them it can add up to quite a bit at the end of the year. One thing that all these money making schemes have in common is that they are all FREE!  After being burned once I made a pact to myself that it will not happen again.

In the Twitter post mentioned above I told you how I was trialling a new scheme. That trial has almost ended and I hope to do a post soon. In one of the comments I’ve had with Dennis I mentioned how I have come upon a brand new one and he asked me to shoot him an email which I’ve done. The particular money making opportunity is a little more involved than most and so rather than wait until it’s culmination I thought I would share it with you guys as I go through it on a step by step basis.

When I signed up I didn’t even have access to this ‘Presell Page’ where Tissa Godavitarne provides a lot of proof, including his IRS Form 1099, to substantiate his claims. He also provides his office address on Herndon Valley so people can call in personally to see him.  If any of you guys live near there perhaps you can call in to validate that it does actually exist. It’s a little hard from Australia.

As of yet I have not signed up for the GVO portion of the plan as that costs money but I am seriously considering it. The whole plan revolves around the ACME People Search Engine and while they have a free version I’ve opted to take it further so that I could have one hosted on my own domain, and I called it Sires People Search, as I believe like owning your own blog domain it will have it’s own distinct advantages.

If I was to use the free version Sires People Search would give me access to 5 income streams including ClickBank, Adsense, HD Publishing, MyLife and Commission Junction. So basically when people log onto my search engine, which unlike other sites that charge them, is free for them use, those other links that appear on the page are linked to the above affiliates. As the traffic that come to this site are targeted traffic they are more likely to convert.

I opted for the paid version, just under a $1 a day which gives me access to another four income streams,  just to see if it actually does increase my income stream. Naturally I will tell you the results in the next update.

I hope you will subscribe so as to be kept up to date with this, my latest money making project, as I don’t want you to miss out 0n any of the updates.

Honestly I wish there was a search for people option available in Australia as it would have come in really handy the last couple of months. One of my customers defaulted on a $2000 account and I had to resort to debt collecting agency to find where he was so I could take him to court. If we had a service similar to this I could have bypassed all that added expense.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. Although I am new at this they have a very active forum that I can utilize to try and find any answers. Also, do not be scared to click on the links as they will make things a lot clearer. I noticed by the stats that no-one as even clicked on the search engine? Honestly, it won’t bit and if you don’t check it out how can you possibly know what I am referring to.

Just remember that there is no compulsion for you to buy anything at all.

I know there are some out there who may be a little confused about the whole thing and perhaps this complete Beginners Guide will provide some useful information.

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  1. How much does a debt collecting agency charge out of interest, Sire?
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Lessons From Customer Services For Life. =-.

    1. All up about $280 including court fees.

      1. Seems worth it then. :)

        1. Yeah, there was no problem with their fees at all. They found the guy and got him to court but I’m still waiting for my money.

  2. I’m waiting for your next update Sire.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Valentine’s Day Theme For Windows 7 =-.

  3. I’ll be checking back to see how this one works out Sire.
    .-= Karl Foxley´s last blog ..Google Page Rank Score Too Low? Keep Your Links Thank You =-.

  4. This is pretty cool Sire. I will watch for the update. Thanks
    .-= Jonathan @ Free PLR Products´s last blog ..Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking =-.

  5. Hi Sire,

    I’m still not fully sure on how you are going to profit from this. I’m assuming you will be getting a portion of the commissions earn if people sign up for an account or something like that. Possibly some of the adsense earnings?

    Anyway, I wish you luck and I’m waiting for the update post.

    .-= Steve@Bissell Carpet Cleaner´s last blog ..Bissell Cleaning Products =-.

    1. Steve, as that search engine belongs to me I get all the adsense earnings. I also get all the earnings from the related affiliates, for example if someone clicks on the on one of the ClickBank or Commission Junction products then I get all the commission from those products just as if it was place on this blog.

      As people know you are more likely to get conversions from targeted traffic and as all the people landing on that page will be 100% targeted traffic I’m hoping that the conversion rate will be higher.

  6. I’ll have to give this all another good look. Right now, I’m not sure I’m getting it.
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Here We Go! Theme Construction Part 1 – Your Participation Is Wanted-Needed! =-.

    1. Perhaps this link may explain things a little better, and this apparently shows proof that the system works.

      I’ve been checking out the forum and they’re all out to help everyone, it’s all about putting it forward. This post shows a step by step beginners guide on how it all works.

  7. Even though I have been checking your site for almost a month, I was oblivious to your catalogue of information about moneymaking. Fifty posts, eh? I have never been opposed to making money but without any readers to speak of it seemed academic. I guess it is time to take a look. Fifty posts? It might take me all weekend.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..The offensive ‘HE’ =-.

    1. Some of those Ralph would be the monthly updates I was doing last year to show others what I was actually making via the blogs.

      1. Still that’s a lot of information.
        .-= Ralph´s last blog ..The offensive ‘HE’ =-.

  8. I’ll also be waiting for updates on this Sire. I do see that when I check for hot keywords in trends, it always returns people’s names. People are interested in people. :)

    BTW, I did check your categories and the top 2 are ‘Blogging Tips’ and ‘Making Money’ – honestly, two of my most favorite topics.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..USB Switch Box: Multi-tasking Aid =-.

  9. Read through the whole thing and I’m still not very clear on how people searching will bring in money. Why would people use your own search engine? What will make them use it?

    1. They will use mine over others because it’s free. If you check out my search engine you’ll notice that there are links on the page that are search related, such as running a background check, great if you’re going to be dealing with someone your not sure about, and finding email addresses etc. These and all the other links are connected to my affiliates. Also once you use the engine the resulting page gives the customer more choices, once again increasing the possibility to make money.

  10. I’ll be looking forward to your updates. I’m curious as to how you will promote your search site and how well it does. We can all use a little something extra in our wallets.
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..What Do You Mean, Exactly? =-.

  11. @ Arafat, Karl, Johnathon and Anne, I will certainly be doing an update.

  12. Okay, I quit after the first confirmation. Now I have to create a free account at something called “”? And another confirmation? That raises all kinds of red flags for me – that’s where I quit.
    .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..Wordy Wednesday =-.

  13. Seems like an interesting way to make a little extra cash. Can’t wait to see how it works out for you.
    .-= Matt@Atlanta Homes´s last blog ..Act NOW if you are a FHA Buyer!! =-.

  14. Good information here brother, are you planning on doing another monthly earnings post you have done in the past soon?
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..Cease Fire, Cease Fire – Leave Your Ego At The Door For This One =-.

    1. Not anytime soon. I think I mentioned in my December update that I would be discontinuing it this year. I found those posts a little tedious.

  15. I think you are right I think its good to have multiple streams of potential income for your blog. Sure maybe one may not give you a lot of income but combined with others then maybe you can make a little something.

    Sires People Search let me see what happens when I click

    Thanks for the info Sire!
    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Pineapple Upside Down Nofun Post Cake =-.

    1. No worries Jim, but this income stream is separate from your blog income, although it’s still a good idea to use your blog as one of the sources for promoting it.

  16. You certainly are a go-getter, Sire. I clicked your Alexa Rank widget, and see that even tho whassup blog’s only been around for not much over a year, you have quite a good reach. And rank of course. You must be doing a lot right.

    I like that Twitter advertising deal. I guess you need tons of followers to make that pan out?

    So people search for people who owe people money? Kind of like debt collecting on this? Or am I clueless here ?

    1. Hi Jannie, I reckon I’m where I am because I put a fair bit of work into it.

      I reckon for sure that people who have a lot of Twitter followers would get more tasks offered to them.

      As to the people search, that was just an example I used. There would be many uses including wanting to find old friends and relatives or perhaps the old childhood sweetheart. :wink_ee:

      1. I love when people say “reckon”

        But don’t you think FaceBook wouldn’t let you get a search in edgewise, so to speak, that being the big social searching machine these days? Just wondering. And causing trouble. :)

        Well, I reckon I’ll mosey on up to your newest post now again, about the Two Heathers.

        1. Honestly I think FaceBook would be fairly limited. Not everyone uses their real name and not everyone is on FaceBook.

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